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abdicar {v} to abdicate
accider {v} to happen, befall
accopular {v} 1. to couple (to unite, bring together in pairs); 2. to mate (to bring together for breeding)
accular {v} to back up (a horse, cart, etc. against a wall, etc.)
accumular {v} to accumulate, heap up
acidular {v} to acidulate, flavor with an acid
adjudicar {v} to adjudge (to award judicially, as a prize, etc.);
adocular {v} to fix one's eyes upon, glue one's eyes to
adular {v} to adulate
afficer [-fic-/-fect-] {v} to affect (to have an effect on)
ambular {v} to walk (to go on foot)
amicar {v} to make friends of;
applicar {v} to apply (1. to put on; 2. to put to use);
articular (2) {v} to articulate (1. to form, move in, a joint; 2. to speak distinctly)
assider [-sid-/-sess-] {v} to sit (by or near)
authenticar {v} to authenticate (1. to render authentic; 2. to prove authentic)
bascular {v} to move or be moving leverwise (over a fixed point)
benedicer (bene·dicer) [-dic-/-dict-] {v} to bless (1. to consecrate; 2. to invoke blessings upon)
calcular {v} to calculate;
capitular {v} to capitulate
capsular (2) {v} to seal or cap (a bottle)
centuplicar (centu·plicar) {v} to centuplicate
cingular {v} to girt, girth, cinch up
circular (3) {v} to circulate (1. to go around; 2. to send around from one person or place to another);
circumcider [-cid-/-cis-] {v} to circumcise
claudicar {v} to limp
coagular {v} to coagulate (to cause to coagulate)
coincider {v} to coincide
collider [-lid-/-lis-] {v} to collide
communicar {v} to communicate (1. to impart, transmit; 2. to interchange thoughts, ideas, etc. by speech or writing; 3. to receive Holy Communion)
complicar {v} to complicate
confabular {v} to confabulate, chat
confider {v} to confide; confider un cosa a un persona to confide something to someone (1. to entrust something to someone; to impart something in confidence to someone; 2. to entrust someone with something); confider in un persona to confide, have faith, in someone
congratular {v} to rejolce with (someone at good fortune), congratulate
conjicer [-jic-/ject-] {v} to conjecture, make conjectures
contradicer [-dic-/-dict-] {v} to contradict
copular {v} 1. to join, unite (to bring or put together); 2. to mate (to bring together for breeding);
criticar {v} to criticize
curnular {v} 1. to heap or pile up, cumulate; 2. to fill (up, to overflowing, etc.); cumular (un persona) de (honores, etc.) to heap (honors, etc.) on (someone)
deambular {v} to ambulate; to stroll about, saunter
decider [-cid-/-cis-] {v} to decide (1. to determine, settle; 2. to cause to reach a decision); decider se to decide, make up one's mind; decider de un cosa to decide, determine something
decorticar {v} to strip the bark from
decuplicar (decu·plicar) {v} to decuple
dedicar {v} to dedicate (1. to set apart for a sacred or solemn purpose; 2. to inscribe, address as a mark of gratitude, esteem, etc.); dedicar se a to dedicate or devote oneself to
depopular {v} to depopulate
derider [-rid-/-ris-] {v} to deride
despicer [-spic-/-spect-] {v} to despise
diagnosticar {v} to diagnose
dicer [dic-/dict-] {v} to say; {also:} to tell; dicer le missa to say mass; dicer le bon ventura to tell fortunes; pro si dicer so to say; voler dicer 1. to mean, signify; 2. to mean (to say)
diffider {v} to be distrustful; diffider de un persona to distrust, mistrust someone
disaccopular {v} to separate (a couple)
disarticular {v} to disarticulate
disdicer {v} to deny, contradict; disdicer se to retract, recant
dismacular {v} to remove the stains from, clean
dismanicar {v} to remove the handle of
displicar {v} 1. to unfold, open (something); {also:} to unfurl (a flag, etc.); 2. to deploy (troops, etc.); displicar se to unfold (as in "buds unfold in the sun"); displicar zelo to display zeal
dispopular {v} to depopulate
disprovider {v} to deprive of what is necessary
disregular {v} to upset, put out of order; disregular se to engage in dissipation
dissider {v} to dissent, hold a dissident view
dissimular {v} to dissemble, dissimulate
divider [-vid-/-vis-] {v} to divide (1. to separate into parts; 2. [Arith.])
domesticar {v} to domesticate, tame
duplicar {v} to double, make double
ejacular {v} to ejaculate, eject
elider [-lid-/-lis-] {v} to elide
emascular {v} to emasculate, castrate
eradicar {v} to eradicate
excider [-cid-/-cis-] {v} to cut out or off, excide
excommunicar {v} to excommunicate
expedicular {v} to delouse
explicar {v} to explain
expulicar {v} to clean of fleas
fabricar {v} 1. to manufacture, make; 2. to fabricate (as in "to fabricate a bridge, book, etc.; also: a story, lie, etc."); 3. to forge (to form by heating and hammering)
fabular {v} to fable, fabulate
fider {v} to entrust; fider un cosa a un persona to entrust something to someone; fider se a un persona to trust, have faith in, someone
formicar {v} 1. to formicate, swarm (like ants); 2. to itch (to have an itching sensation)
formular {v} to formulate
fricar [fric-/frict-] {v} to rub
garrular {v} babble, prattle, chatter
genicular {v} to bend the knee, kneel (down)
gesticular {v} to gesticulate
gratular {v} to express joy at (someone's good fortune), congratulate
hirpicar {v} [Agr.] to harrow
immanicar {v} to fix a handle to
impericular {v} to imperil
implicar {v} to implicate (to involve)
incider (1) [-cid-/-cis-] {v} to cut into
incider (2) {v} to fall upon
incircular {v} to encircle (to surround with a circle)
indicar {v} to indicate, be indicative of
indicer [-dic-/-dict-] {v} to announce
inimicar {v} to make enemies of; inimicar se to become an enemy (of)
injicer [-jic-/-ject-] {v} to inject
inocular {v} 1. [Hort.] to graft; 2. to inoculate; inocular (un virus, etc.) a un persona to inoculate (a virus, etc.) into someone, inoculate someone with (a virus, etc.)
inspicer [-spic-/-spect-] {v} to inspect, superintend
insular {v} 1. to isolate, insulate; 2. [Elec., etc.] to insulate
intabular {v} to board up
interdicer [-dic-/-dict-] {v} to interdict (1. to forbid; 2. [Eccl.])
intervider [-vid-/-vist-] {v} to catch sight of, catch a glimpse of
intitular {v} to entitle (as in "to entitle a book, etc.")
intoxicar {v} to poison
intricar {v} I. to entangle, confuse, intricate; II. to intrigue (1. to excite the curiosity or interest of; 2. to carry on underhand plotting or scheming); intricar se to get entangled
introspicer [-spic-/-spect-] {v} to introspect (1. to look within; 2. to practice introspection)
irrider [-rid-/-ris-] {v} to deride
jacular {v} to throw, cast, hurl; to jaculate
judicar {v} to judge
jugular {v} to cut the throat of (someone), jugulate
lubricar {v} to lubricate
macular {v} to stain, spot
maledicer (male·dicer) [-dic-/-dict-] {v} to curse (to utter a curse or curses against)
manipular {v} to manipulate
masticar (1) {v} to chew, masticate
masticar (2) {v} to cement, putty, etc.
medicar {v} to medicate; to treat (medically)
mendicar {v} to beg; to go begging
miaular {v} to miaow, meow, mew
micar {v} to crumble (to cause to crumble)
modular {v} I. to mold, mould (a statue, etc.); II. to cast (a statue, etc.); III. to modulate (1. as in "to modulate one's voice"; 2. [Mus] to pass from one key into another)
multiplicar {v} to multiply (1. to make more numerous; 2. [Math]); multiplicar se 1. to multiply (to become more numerous); 2. to be half a dozen places at once
musicar {v} to play, make music
occider [-cid-/-cis-] {v} to kill
octuplicar (octu·plicar) {v} to octuple
ocular {v} to eye, glance at; {also:} to ogle ocular {adj} ocular; nervo ocular optic nerve
oscular {v} 1. to kiss, give a kiss to; 2. [Geom.] to osculate
pecular {v} to defraud (the public); to embezzle, peculate
perspicer [-spic-/-spect-] {v} 1. to look through; 2. to look at, examine
plicar {v} 1. to fold, pleat; 2. to bend (to cause to bend); plicar se to bend, yield
practicar {v} to practice
preambular {v} to preamble (to make a preamble to)
precider [-cid-/-cis-] {v} to cut off, remove
predicar {v} 1. to announce, proclaim; 2. to preach
predicer [-dic-/-dict-] {v} to predict
prejudicar {v} 1. to prejudge; 2. to prejudice (to affect injuriously)
presider {v} to preside (to act as chairman, president, etc)
prevaricar {v} to prevaricate
previder [-vid-/-vis-/-vist-] {v} to foresee
prognosticar {v} to prognosticate
projicer [-jic-/-ject-] {v} [Geom, etc] to project
prospicer [-spic-/-spect-] {v} 1. to look forward, to look ahead; 2. to exercise foresight
provider [-vid-/-vis-/-vist-] {v} I. to see beforehand, foresee; II. to provide (1. "to provide for a future contingency"; 2. "to provide what is needed"); provider de to provide with; provider a to provide for
publicar {v} to publish (1. to make public; 2. as in "to publish a book")
pullular {v} to pullulate (1. to sprout out, bud; 2. to swarm)
pustular {v} to pustulate (to form pustules)
quadruplicar (quadru·plicar) {v} to quadruple
quintuplicar (quintu·plicar) {v} to quintuplicate
radicar {v} to take root; {also:} to grow roots
recapitular {v} to recapitulate
recular {v} I. to back (to move or draw back); II. to recoil (1. to retreat; 2. to shrink back; 3. to rebound after impact or discharge)
reduplicar {v} to reduplicate (1. to redouble; 2. [Gram.])
regular {v} I. to rule (to mark with parallel straight lines drawn with a ruler, etc.); II. to regulate (1. to control or direct by rule or regulations; 2. to adjust to a particular standard, purpose, etc.); III. to settle (a question, quarrel, account, etc.)
remasticar {v} to chew again; to ruminate
replicar {v} 1. to fold up (to make smaller by folding); 2. to reply, answer; replicar se [Mil.] to fall back
resider {v} to reside, dwell
respicer [-spic-/-spect-] {v} 1. to look back; 2. to look after, take care of; 3. to examine carefully, verify, check
reticular {v} to reticulate reticular {adj} netlike, reticular, reticulated; structura reticular [Atomic Phys.] lattice structure
revider [-vid-/-vis-/-vist-] {v} 1. to see (someone or something) again; 2. to review (to inspect or examine again); {also:} to revise
revindicar {v} to reclaim, vindicate
rider [rid-/ris-] {v} to laugh; rider (se) de to laugh at, make fun of
rusticar {v} to rusticate (1. to reside in the country; 2. [Masonry])
sarcular {v} to hoe (to clear of weeds with a hoe)
septuplicar (septu·plicar) {v} to septuple
sextuplicar (sextu·plicar) {v} to sextuple (to multply by six)
simular {v} to simulate (to feign)
sophisticar {v} to sophisticate (to falsify, pervert, adulterate etc.)
spicar {v} to ear (to form, be formed, into ears or spikes)
stabular {v} to stable
stimular {v} 1. to stimulate; 2. to goad
stipular {v} to stipulate
strangular {v} 1. to strangle; 2. [Med.] to strangulate
strider {v} to make a harsh, shrill, noise; to creak, grate, shrill, whir, etc.
stridular {v} to stridulate; specif.: [Zool.]; {also:} to squeak
subdivider [-vid-/-vis-] {v} to subdivide
subsider {v} to abate, settle down, subside
sufficer {v} to suffice, be sufficient
supplicar {v} to entreat, supplicate
surrider [-rid-/-ris-] {v} to smile (to be smiling)
syndicar {v} 1. to syndicate (to organize into a syndicate); 2. to organize (a union); syndicar se 1. to combine or be combined into a syndicate; 2. to form or be formed into a trade-union
tegular {v} to tile
trafficar {v} to traffic
tremular {v} to tremble
tribular {v} 1. to thresh; 2. to tribulate
triplicar {v} to triplicate
ubicar {v} to have one's location, be (somewhere)
ulular {v} to howl, ululate
undular {v} to wave, undulate (1. to move in, or like, waves; 2. to impart a wavy appearance to)
urticar {v} to nettle, urticate
vesicar {v} [Med.] to blister, vesicate
vider [vid-/vis-/vist-] {v} to see; vidite que seeing that, considering that
vindicar {v} 1. to revenge, avenge; 2. [Law] to vindicate; vindicar se de to take vengeance for
virgular {v} to (put a) comma