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acetificar {v} to acetify
acidificar {v} to acidify (to make acid, convert into an acid)
aerificar {v} to aerify (to change to an aeriform state)
ammonificar {v} to ammonify
amplificar {v} to amplify (1. as in "to amplify a story, etc."; 2. [Elec.]; 3. to exaggerate)
aurificar {v} [Dent.] to fill with gold
beatificar {v} to beatify
bonificar {v} to ameliorate
calcificar {v} to calcify
calorificar {v} [Phys.] to calorify
certificar {v} to certify (to guarantee as true or correct)
clarificar {v} to clarify (to purify)
classificar {v} to classify
codificar {v} to codify
damnificar {v} to damage, damnify
deificar {v} to deify
dignificar {v} to dignify, make worthy
disnazificar {v} denazify
disqualificar {v} to disqualify
diversificar {v} to diversify (to make diverse)
dulcificar {v} to dulcify
edificar (ediĀ·ficar) {v} 1. to build (to erect a building); 2. to edify
electrificar {v} to electrify (to equip for the use of electricity)
etherificar {v} to etherify
exemplificar {v} to exemplify (to show by example)
falsificar {v} to falsify (as in "to falsify a record")
fluidificar {v} to render fluid, fluidify
fortificar {v} to fortify
frigorificar {v} to chill, refrigerate
fructificar {v} to bear fruit, fructify
gasificar {v} to gasify (to make gascous)
glorificar {v} to glorify; glorificar se de to glory in
gratificar {v} 1. to give a gratuity to; 2. to gratify
heroificar {v} to heroize (to raise to the rank of hero)
horrificar {v} to horrify
humidificar {v} to humidify
identificar {v} to identify (1. to make identical, to treat as identical; 2. to establish the identity of)
intensificar {v} to intensify (to increase the intensity of)
justificar {v} to justify (1. to show the justice or rightness of; 2. [Print.])
lapidificar {v} to petrify, lapidify
lignificar {v} to lignify
lubrificar {v} to lubricate
ludificar {v} to ridicule, make game of
magnificar {v} to exalt, extol, magnify
mellificar {v} to make honey (as in "bees making honey")
modificar {v} to modify; {also:} [Gram]
mollificar {v} to mollify
mortificar {v} I. to mortify (1. [Eccl]; 2. to cause to feel humiliated); II. [Pathol] to cause to mortify
mumificar {v} to mummify (to embalm as a mummy)
mundificar {v} to cleanse, purify
mystificar {v} to mystify, hoax
nidificar {v} to build a nest
nitrificar {v} to nitrify
notificar {v} to notify
nullificar {v} to nullify
ossificar {v} [Physiol.] to ossify
pacificar {v} to pacify (1. to reduce a country, etc., to a state of peace; 2. to appease)
panificar {v} to make into bread
personificar {v} to personify
petrificar {v} to petrify
pontificar {v} to pontificate (1. to officiate as a pontiff; 2. to act, speak, with pomposity)
prolificar {v} to breed (to produce offspring)
purificar {v} to purify
qualificar {v} 1. to characterize as (to term); 2. to qualify (to fit for a place, office, privilege, etc)
ramificar {v} to cause to branch out, ramify; ramificar se to branch out, ramify
ratificar {v} to ratify
rectificar {v} to rectify (1. to set right by adjustment or calculation; 2. [Chem.])
reedificar {v} to rebuild
resinificar {v} to resinify
revivificar {v} to revivify
rubificar {v} to redden, make red
russificar {v} to Russify
saccharificar {v} to saccharify
sacrificar {v} to sacrifice
salificar {v} to salify
sanctificar {v} to hallow, sanctify; sanctificar (un die de festa) to keep or observe (a holiday)
sanguificar {v} to produce blood (from)
saponificar {v} to saponify
scorificar {v} to scorify
significar {v} to signify (1. to make known, intimate; 2. to mean); iste significa nihii that does not mean anything
silicificar {v} to silicify (to convert into silica)
simplificar {v} to simplify
solidificar {v} to solidify (to make solid)
specificar {v} to specify
stratificar {v} [Geol.] to stratify (to deposit in strata)
terrificar {v} to terrify
testificar {v} to testify, bear witness
unificar (uniĀ·ficar) {v} to unify
verificar {v} to verify (1. to confirm the truth of; 2. to test or check the correctness of); verificar un conto to check, audit an account
versificar {v} to versify (1. to write verse; 2. to relate in verse)
vilificar {v} to vilify
vinificar {v} to (cause to) turn into wine
vitrificar {v} to vitrify
vivificar {v} to vivify