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[ia-en] IED :{Hence:} [apena] etc.
[ia-en] IED :[a-] {prefixo verbal} [used with verbs and, in combination with verbal suffixes, with nouns and adjectives] to, toward, into (expressing motion to, change into, increase of intensity, etc.)
[ia-en] IED :a- {prefixo} [`an-' before `-h-' and vowels; used with nouns and adjectives] a-, an- (not ...; without, lacking ...)
[ia-en] IED :Aachen [G] {npr} Aachen, Aix-la-Chapelle
[ia-en] IED :`abassamento de un equation' [Math.] reduction of an equation
[ia-en] IED :`abassar un perpendicular' [Geom.] to drop a perpendicular
[ia-en] IED :abbordage (-aje) {n} [Naut.] (act of) boarding (a ship)
[ia-en] IED :abbordar {v} 1. to land (to go ashore from a ship or boat); 2. [Navy] to board (to come alongside in order to attack); 3. to accost, address
[ia-en] IED :abbordo {n} 1. [Naut.] (act of) landing; 2. [Navy] (act of) boarding (a ship)
[ia-en] IED :abbreviator {n} 1. abridger, abbreviator; 2. [R.C.Ch.] abbreviator
[ia-en] IED :abducer [-duc-/-duct-] {v} to lead away, abduce; 2. [Physiol.] to abduct
[ia-en] IED :abduction {n} [Physiol.] abduction
[ia-en] IED :abductor {n} [Physiol.] abductor
[ia-en] IED :-abile {suffixo adjective} [used with verbbs in `-ar'] -able (that can be ...ed; that is worthy to be ...ed)
[ia-en] IED :abjic- [-jic-/-ject-] {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :abluer [-lu-/-lut-] {v} to wash, cleanse
[ia-en] IED :abor- [-bor-/-bort-] {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :abortar {v} I. to miscarry (1. to have a miscarriage; 2. to come to nought); II. [Biol.] to abort (to remain undeveloped or shrink away)
[ia-en] IED :ab ovo [L] ab ovo, from the beginning
[ia-en] IED :abrader [-rad-/-ras-] {v} to abrade
[ia-en] IED :abrumper [-rump-/-rupt-] {v} to break off, rend
[ia-en] IED :Abruzzi [I] {nprpl} Abruzzi
[ia-en] IED :absceder [-ced-/-cess-] {v} to form (turn into) an abscess
[ia-en] IED :abscinder [-scind-/-sciss-] {v} to cut off, abscind
[ia-en] IED :abscissa {n} [Math.] abscissa
[ia-en] IED :absinthina {n} [Chem.] absinthin
[ia-en] IED :absinthio {n} absinthe (1. [Bot.] Absinthium; 2. "alcoholic liquor absinthe")
[ia-en] IED :absinthismo {n} [Med.] absinthism
[ia-en] IED :absolver [-solv-/-solut-] {v} to absolve, acquit
[ia-en] IED :absorber [-sorb-/-sorpt-] {v} to absorb;
[ia-en] IED :abstiner [-tin-/-tent-] {v} -;
[ia-en] IED :abstraction {n} abstraction (1. [Logic]; 2. state of being lost in thought); `facer abstraction de' to disregard, leave out of consideration
[ia-en] IED :abstraher [-trah-/-tract-] {v} [Logic] to abstract
[ia-en] IED :abstruder [-trud-/-trus-] {v} 1. to thrust away; 2. to conceal
[ia-en] IED :abut- [-ut-/-us-] {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :acacia {n} [Bot.] acacia
[ia-en] IED :Academo {npr} [Gr. Mythol.] Academus
[ia-en] IED :acaju [-jú] {n} 1. cashew; 2. mahogany;
[ia-en] IED :acantha {n} [Bot.] prickle, thorn
[ia-en] IED :acanthaceas {n} [Bot.] Acanthaceae
[ia-en] IED :acanthacee {adj} [Bot.] acanthaceous
[ia-en] IED :acantho {n} acanthus (1. [Bot.]; 2. [Arch.])
[ia-en] IED :acanthophore (acantho·phore) [-óphore] {adj} spine-bearing, acanthophorous
[ia-en] IED :acceder [-ced-/-cess-] {v} 1. to approach; 2. to accede (to assent)
[ia-en] IED :accelerando [I] {n} [Mus.] accelerando
[ia-en] IED :accender [-cend-/-cens-] {v} to light, kindle
[ia-en] IED :accidente {n} I. accident (1. nonessential quality; 2. contingency; 3. mishap); II. [Gram.] accidence
[ia-en] IED :accip- [-cip-/-cept-] {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :accompaniamento {n} I. (action of) accompanying; II. retinue, attendance; III. accompaniment (1. concomitant; 2. [Mus.])
[ia-en] IED :accompaniator {n} [Mus.] accompanist
[ia-en] IED :accopulamento {n} coupling (1. act of coupling; 2. [Techn.]); {specif.:} [R.R.]
[ia-en] IED :accordante I. ppr of accordar; II. {adj} accordant (1. conformable; 2. [Mus.] harmonious)
[ia-en] IED :accordo {n} 1. accord, agreement; 2. [Mus.] chord;
[ia-en] IED :accusativo {n} [Gram.] accusative
[ia-en] IED :acetabulo {n} [Rom. Antiq.] acetabulum; {also:} [Anat.]
[ia-en] IED :acetamido (acet·amido) (-ámido) {n} [Chem.] acetamide
[ia-en] IED :acetato {n} [Chem.] acetate
[ia-en] IED :acetona {n} [Chem.] acetone
[ia-en] IED :acetylen {n} [Chem.] acetylene
[ia-en] IED :achillea (-éa) {n} [Bot.] Achillea
[ia-en] IED :Achilles (-ílles) {npr} [Gr. Mythol.] Achilles;
[ia-en] IED :achromatic {adj} [Opt.] achromatic
[ia-en] IED :achromatisar {v} [Opt.] to achromatize
[ia-en] IED :achromatisation {n} [Opt.] achromatization
[ia-en] IED :achromatismo {n} [Opt.] achromatism
[ia-en] IED :acicula {n} [Bot., etc.] acicula (needle, prickle etc.)
[ia-en] IED :aco- {n} [occurring in compounds] aco-, -ac- (remedy)
[ia-en] IED :acologia (aco·logia) (-ía) {n} [Med.] acology
[ia-en] IED :acologic {adj} [Med.] acologic
[ia-en] IED :acquirer [-quir-/-quest-/-quisit-] {v} to acquire
[ia-en] IED :acr- {adj} [occurring in compounds] acro- (terminal, topmost)
[ia-en] IED :acre (1) [A] {n} acre
[ia-en] IED :acrostichio (acro·stichio) {n} [Pros.] acrostic
[ia-en] IED :action {n} I. action (1. act, acting; 2. lawsuit); II. [Fin.] share;
[ia-en] IED :actionar {v} 1. to actuate (to set in action or motion); 2. [Law] to sue
[ia-en] IED :activo {n} [Com.] assets
[ia-en] IED :acto {n} I. act (1. action, deed; 2. "act of a play"); II. [Law] instrument, deed, record, etc.
[ia-en] IED :aculeate {adj} [Zool., Bot.] aculeate
[ia-en] IED :aculeo {n} 1. [Zool.] sting; 2. [Bot.] thorn
[ia-en] IED :acumine {n} 1. [Bot.] a tapering point; 2. acumen
[ia-en] IED :acutangule (acut·angule) {adj} [Geom.] acute-angled, acutangular
[ia-en] IED :`angulo acute' [Geom.] acute angle;
[ia-en] IED :`accento acute' [Gram.] acute accent, ´
[ia-en] IED :[ad] {prep} 1. to; 2. at (`a')
[ia-en] IED :ad- {prefixo verbal} [subject to assimilation before single consonant; used with verbs and, in combination with verbal suffixes, with nouns and adjectives] ad- (to, toward, into [expressing motion to, change into, increase of intensity, etc.])
[ia-en] IED :-ada {suffixo substantive} [used with nounns and verbs] -ade I. [used with nouns] (1. product made from ...; 2. series of ...); II. [used with verbs] (action of
[ia-en] IED :adagio [I] {n} [Mus.] adagio
[ia-en] IED :adagio [I] {adv} [Mus.] adagio
[ia-en] IED :adamitas {npl} [Eccl. Hist.] Adamites
[ia-en] IED :addendum (pl addenda) [NL] {n} addendum
[ia-en] IED :additionar {v} [Math.] to add up
[ia-en] IED :adducer [-duc-/-duct-] {v} to adduce
[ia-en] IED :adduction {n} adduction (1. act of adducing; 2. [Physiol.])
[ia-en] IED :adductor {n} 1. adducer; 2. [Physiol.] adductor
[ia-en] IED :adelpho- {n} [occurring in compounds] adelpho-, adelph- (1. brother; 2. twin)
[ia-en] IED :aden [Gr.] {n} [Physiol.] gland
[ia-en] IED :adenitis (-ítis) {n} [Pathol.] adenitis
[ia-en] IED :adenoma {n} [Pathol.] adenoma
[ia-en] IED :adherer [-her-/-hes-] {v} to adhere (1. to stick fast; 2. as in "to adhere to an opinion, party, etc.")
[ia-en] IED :ad hoc [L] ad hoc (for the sake of this particular case, well-suited for this matter)
[ia-en] IED :ad hominem [L] ad hominem;
[ia-en] IED :[adhuc] {adv} to this place, thus far, hitherto, as yet, until now, so far, yet, still
[ia-en] IED :adieu [F] {n} farewell, adieu
[ia-en] IED :adir {v} 1. to approach; go to; 2. to attain, enter upon; {also:} [Law] to enter on (an inheritance, etc.)
[ia-en] IED :adition {n} [Law] entering upon (an inheritance)
[ia-en] IED :adjectival {adj} [Gram.] adjectival, adjective
[ia-en] IED :adjective {adj} [Gram.] adjective, adjectival
[ia-en] IED :adjectivo {n} [Gram.] adjective
[ia-en] IED :adjic- [-jic-/-ject-] {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :adjuncto {n} 1. assistant, deputy; 2. [Gram.] adjunct
[ia-en] IED :adjunger [-jung-/junct-] {v} to join, unite (one thing to another)
[ia-en] IED :adjustage (-aje) {n} [Mach.] assembly (of the parts of a machine)
[ia-en] IED :adjustar {v} 1. to adjust; 2. [Mach.] to fit together, set up
[ia-en] IED :adjustator {n} adjuster; [Mach.] fitter, setter, etc.
[ia-en] IED :adjutante {n} 1. helper, assistant; 2. [Mil.] adjutant
[ia-en] IED :adjuvar [-juv-/-jut-] {v} to aid, help
[ia-en] IED :ad libitum, ad lib. [L] ad libitum, ad lib.
[ia-en] IED :admiscer [-misc-/-mixt-] {v} to admix
[ia-en] IED :admitter [-mitt-/-miss-] {v} to admit (1. to allow to enter; 2. to acknowledge as valid or true)
[ia-en] IED :adonico {n} [Pros.] Adonic
[ia-en] IED :adonio {n} [Pros.] Adonic
[ia-en] IED :Adonis (-dó-) {npr} [Gr. Mythol.] Adonis; adonis 1. [Bot.] Adonis, pheasant's eye; 2. fop, dandy
[ia-en] IED :ad rem [L] ad rem, to the point
[ia-en] IED :adrenal {adj} [Anat.] adrenal;
[ia-en] IED :adresse [F] {n} address (1. formal communication; 2. as in "address of a letter, package, etc.")
[ia-en] IED :adurer [-ur-/-ust-] {v} 1. to burn, scorch; 2. [Med.] to cauterize
[ia-en] IED :adustion {n} 1. (act of) burning, scorching; 2. [Med.] cauterization
[ia-en] IED :ad valorem [L] [Com.] ad valorem
[ia-en] IED :advenir [-ven-/-vent-] {v} to happen, come to pass
[ia-en] IED :Advento {n} [Eccl.] Advent
[ia-en] IED :adversative {adj} [Gram.] adversative
[ia-en] IED :[adverso] {adv/prep} 1. towards; 2. against; 3. opposite
[ia-en] IED :adverter [-vert-/-vers-] {v} to advert, have reference (to)
[ia-en] IED :advocato {n} advocate (1. [Law]; 2. champion, supporter)
[ia-en] IED :adynamia (-ía) {n} [Med.] adynamia
[ia-en] IED :adynamic {adj} [Med.] adynamic
[ia-en] IED :aeration {n} aeration, airing; {also:} [Chem.]
[ia-en] IED :`via aeree' [Aeronaut.] airway;
[ia-en] IED :`vias aeree' [Anat.] air-passages
[ia-en] IED :aerobie (aero·bie) {adj} [Biol.] aerobic
[ia-en] IED :aerobio {n} [Biol.] aerobe
[ia-en] IED :aerostato (aero·stato) (-óstato) {n} [Aeronaut.] aerostat
[ia-en] IED :affaire [F] {n} affair (1. concern; 2. event);
[ia-en] IED :affection {n} affection (1. the fact or state of being affected or acted upon); 2. fondness; 3. [Pathol.])
[ia-en] IED :afficer [-fic-/-fect-] {v} to affect (to have an effect on)
[ia-en] IED :affiger [-fig-/-fix-] {v} to affix, fasten
[ia-en] IED :affinamento {n} (act of) refining, improving; {also:} [Metal.]
[ia-en] IED :affinar {v} 1. to refine, improve; {also:} [Metal.]
[ia-en] IED :affixo {n} [Gram.] affix
[ia-en] IED :affliger [-flig-/-flict-] {v} to afflict;
[ia-en] IED :affloramento {n} [Geol.] outcrop
[ia-en] IED :afflorar {v} [Geol.] to outcrop
[ia-en] IED :affluer [-flu-/-flux-] {v} 1. to flow (into); 2. to crowd, flock, throng (to a place)
[ia-en] IED :agar-agar [Mal.] {n} agar-agar
[ia-en] IED :-age (-aje) {suffixo substantive} [used wiith nouns and verbs; `-agi-' before `-a-' and `-o-' of additional suffix] -age (1. collection of ...; 2. action or process of -ing)
[ia-en] IED :ager [ag-/act-; -ig-/-act-] {v} to act (to be doing)
[ia-en] IED :aggreder [-gred-/-gress-] {v} to assail, attack
[ia-en] IED :agio (ajo) {n} [Com.] agio, exchange premium
[ia-en] IED :agitator {n} agitator (1. [Pol.]; 2. apparatus for shaking or mixing; {also:} stirring rod, mixer)
[ia-en] IED :-agog- {adj} [occurring in compounds] -agoogue (1. ]eading; 2. drawing forth)
[ia-en] IED :agon {n} [Gr. Antiq.] agon
[ia-en] IED :agonista {n} [Gr. Antiq.] agonist
[ia-en] IED :agonistic {adj} [Gr. Antiq.] agonistic
[ia-en] IED :agora (ágora) {n} [Gr. Hist.] agora
[ia-en] IED :agoraphobia (-ía) {n} [Psychopathol.] agoraphobia
[ia-en] IED :agoraphobo (-áphobo) {n} [Pychopathol.] agoraphobe
[ia-en] IED :-agra [occurring in compounds]
[ia-en] IED :agrimensura (agri·mensura) {n} 1. surveying; 2. [Topog.] survey
[ia-en] IED :aigrette [F] {n} aigrette
[ia-en] IED :-al {suffixo adjective} [used with nouns]  -al (pertaining to ..., characteristic of ..., etc.)
[ia-en] IED :al- {v} [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
[ia-en] IED :-al-' [occurring in compounds]
[ia-en] IED :à la [F] à la (as in "à la Newburgh")
[ia-en] IED :à la carte [F] à la carte
[ia-en] IED :alba {n} 1. dawn, break of day; 2. [Eccl.] alb
[ia-en] IED :albatros {n} [Ornith.] albatross
[ia-en] IED :albumina (-úmina) {n} [Biochem.] albumin
[ia-en] IED :albumine {n} albumen (1. white of an egg; 2. [Bot.])
[ia-en] IED :albuminoide {n} [Biochem.] albuminoid
[ia-en] IED :albuminuria (albumin·uria) {n} [Pathol.] albuminuria
[ia-en] IED :[al(c)-] [occurring in compounds] some-, any- (`ali(c)-')
[ia-en] IED :alca {n} [Ornith.] auk
[ia-en] IED :alcalde [H] {n} alcalde (mayor of a Spanish town, etc.)
[ia-en] IED :alcali (ál-) [Chem.] alkali;
[ia-en] IED :alce {n} [Zool.] elk
[ia-en] IED :[alco] {pron} something, anything; adv somewhat (alique)
[ia-en] IED :alcohol [NL] {n} alcohol
[ia-en] IED :[alcun] (alc·un) {adj} some, any; {also:} a few (alicun)
[ia-en] IED :[alcuno] (alc·uno) {indef pron} someone, anyone (alicuno)
[ia-en] IED :ale [A] {n} ale
[ia-en] IED :alerta {n} [Mil.] alert
[ia-en] IED :alexandrin {adj} I. Alexandrian (1. of Alexandria; 2. of Alexander the Great); II. [Pros.] Alexandrine
[ia-en] IED :alexandrino {n} [Pros.] Alexandrine
[ia-en] IED :algesia (-ía) {n} [Med.] algesia (sensitivity to pain)
[ia-en] IED :-algia (-ía) [occurring in compounds] -alggia (pain)
[ia-en] IED :algo {n} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] algo-, alg- (pain)
[ia-en] IED :algometria (-ía) {n} [Psychol.] algometry (measurement of sensitivity to pain)
[ia-en] IED :algometric {adj} [Psychol.] algometric
[ia-en] IED :algometro (algo·metro) (-ónetro) {n} [Psychol.] algometer
[ia-en] IED :[alia] [L] {npl} other things;
[ia-en] IED :-alia {suffixo substantive} [used with nouuns] (worthless collection of ...s)
[ia-en] IED :ali(c)-' [occurring in compounds] any-, some-
[ia-en] IED :{Hence:} alique etc.; aliquando etc.; alicubi etc.; alicun etc.; [aliquid] etc.; [aliqua] etc.
[ia-en] IED :[alie] {adj} other
[ia-en] IED :alienismo {n} [Med.] alienism
[ia-en] IED :[aliqua] (ali·qua) (ál-) {adv} 1. somewhere; 2. somehow
[ia-en] IED :[aliquid] (ali·quid) (ál-) {pron} something
[ia-en] IED :[aliquot] (ál-) {adj/indef pron} some, several, a few
[ia-en] IED :all- {adj} [occurring in compounds] allo-, all- (other)
[ia-en] IED :allée [F] {n} avenue, walk, alley
[ia-en] IED :allegation {n} [Law] allegation
[ia-en] IED :allegretto {n} [Mus.] allegretto
[ia-en] IED :allegro {n} [Mus.] allegro
[ia-en] IED :allergia (-ía) {n} [Pathol.] allergy
[ia-en] IED :allergic {adj} [Pathol.] allergic
[ia-en] IED :alligator [A] {n} alligator
[ia-en] IED :alloquer [-loqu-/-locut-] {v} to pronounce an allocution
[ia-en] IED :allotrope (allo·trope) (-ótrope) {adj} 1. [Chem.] allotropic; 2. [Zool.] allotropous
[ia-en] IED :allotropia (-ía) {n} [Chem.] allotropy
[ia-en] IED :allotropic {adj} [Chem.] allotropic
[ia-en] IED :allotropo (-ótropo) {n} [Chem.] allotrope
[ia-en] IED :all right [A] all right
[ia-en] IED :allu- {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :alluder [-lud-/-lus-] {v} to allude
[ia-en] IED :alma mater [L] alma mater
[ia-en] IED :[alora] {adv} then (1. at that time; 2. in that case, consequently)
[ia-en] IED :alpin {adj} Alpine, alpine; {also:} [Ethnol.]
[ia-en] IED :[alquando] (al·quando) {adv} at some time or other; at any time; sometime; in future time (aliquando)
[ia-en] IED :[alquanto] (al·quanto) {adv} somewhat, to some degree (aliquanto)
[ia-en] IED :[alsi] (-í) {adv} 1. also, too; 2. likewise, moreover, furthermore
[ia-en] IED :{Hence:} alterne &; alterar-alterabile-inalterabile-inalterabilitate, alteration; altruismo; altruista; [alterubi] etc.; [unaltere] etc.; sesquialtere etc.
[ia-en] IED :alterne {adj} [Math., Bot.] alternate;
[ia-en] IED :[alterubi] (alter·ubi) (-érubi) {adv} elsewhere
[ia-en] IED :alto {n} I. top, upper part; II. [Mus.] alto (1. contralto voice; 2. tenor violin);
[ia-en] IED :alveolari {adj} 1. cell-like; honeycomb (as in "honeycomb pattern"); 2. [Anat.] alveolar
[ia-en] IED :amalgamar {v} to amalgamate (1. [Metal.]; 2. to combine, consolidate)
[ia-en] IED :amalgamation {n} amalgamation (1. union, consolidation; 2. [Metal.])
[ia-en] IED :amarage (-aje) {n} [Aeronaut.] action of alighting on water
[ia-en] IED :amarar {v} [Aeronaut.] to alight on water
[ia-en] IED :amateur [F] {n} amateur
[ia-en] IED :Amazon {npr} Amazon (1. Gr. Mythol.]; 2. [Geog.]);
[ia-en] IED :ambass- {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :ambivert- {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :ambivertito {n} [Psychol.] ambivert
[ia-en] IED :ambly- {adj} [occurring in compounds] ambly- (dull; dim; blunt; obtuse, etc.)
[ia-en] IED :amblyopia (ambly·opia) (-ía) {n} [Med.] amblyopia
[ia-en] IED :ambrosia {n} ambrosia (1. food intended or fit for the gods; 2. [Bot.] wormseed)
[ia-en] IED :ameba {n} [Zool.] amoeba
[ia-en] IED :`movimentos ameboide' [Zool., Physiol.] amoeboid movements
[ia-en] IED :amen [L] {interj} amen
[ia-en] IED :-amento {suffixo substantive} [used with verbs in `-ar'] -ament, -ement, -ment (action or result of
[ia-en] IED :amido (á-) {n} [Chem.] amide
[ia-en] IED :amidogeno (amido·geno) (-ógeno) {n} [Chem.] amidogen
[ia-en] IED :amino {n} [Chem.] amine
[ia-en] IED :amino-acido (-ácido) {n} [Chem.] amino acid
[ia-en] IED :aminophenol (amino·phenol) {n} [Chem.] aminophenol
[ia-en] IED :Ammon {npr} Ammon (1. [Egypt. Relig.]; 2. [Gr., Rom. Relig.]);
[ia-en] IED :ammonal (ammon·al) {n} [Technol.] ammonal
[ia-en] IED :ammoniaco {n} 1. ammonia ([Chem.] NH3); 2. ammoniac, gum ammoniac;
[ia-en] IED :ammonite {n} [Paleontol.] ammonite
[ia-en] IED :amorphe {adj} amorphous; {specif.:} [Chem.; Geol.; Biol.; etc.]
[ia-en] IED :Ampère, André Marie {npr} [1775-1836; physicist after whom the "ampere" is named];
[ia-en] IED :amphi- {prefixo} [used chiefly to form technical terms] amphi- (1. both; 2. around, about)
[ia-en] IED :amphibio {n} amphibian (1. [Zool.]; 2. amphibian airplane)
[ia-en] IED :amplificar {v} to amplify (1. as in "to amplify a story, etc."; 2. [Elec.]; 3. to exaggerate)
[ia-en] IED :amplificator {n} amplifier; {also:} [Photog.] enlarger
[ia-en] IED :ampulla {n} 1. [Pathol.] blister; 2. [Eccl.] ampulla; 3. phial, flask; {also:} ampoule; 4. (electric) bulb
[ia-en] IED :[an] 1. {interr part} -; `an il habe le libro?' has he the book?; 2. {conj} whether
[ia-en] IED :-an {suffixo adjective} [used with names oof places and persons] -an (1. pertaining to ...; 2. native to, citizen of, or inhabiting ...)
[ia-en] IED :an- {prefixo} [`a-' in positions other than before `-h-' and vowels; used with nouns and adjectives] a-, an-, (not ...; without or lacking ...)
[ia-en] IED :anacardiaceas {npl} [Bot.] Anacardiaceae
[ia-en] IED :anacardiacee {n} [Bot.] anacardiaceous
[ia-en] IED :anacardio {n} [Bot.] anacardium
[ia-en] IED :Anacreonte {npr} [Gr. Lit.] Anacreon
[ia-en] IED :anaerobie {adj} [Biol.] anaerobic
[ia-en] IED :anaerobio {n} [Biol.] anaerobe
[ia-en] IED :anal {adj} [Anat.] anal
[ia-en] IED :analgesia (-ía) {n} [Med.] analgesia (insensitivity to pain)
[ia-en] IED :analgesic {adj} [Med.] analgesic
[ia-en] IED :analgia (-ía) {n} [Med.] analgia, analgesia (insensitivity to pain)
[ia-en] IED :analgic {adj} [Med.] analgic, analgesic
[ia-en] IED :analphabetic {adj} 1. illiterate; 2. [Phonet.] analphabetic; 3. unwritten, without an alphabet
[ia-en] IED :analphabetismo {n} 1. illiteracy; 2. [Phonet.] analphabetism, analphabetic notation
[ia-en] IED :ananas (-ás) {n} [Bot.] pineapple
[ia-en] IED :anarch- {adj} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] anarch-, anarcho- (anarchic, anarchical)
[ia-en] IED :anate (á-) {n} [Zool.] duck
[ia-en] IED :anathema [-ma/-mat-] (-átema) {n} [Eccl.] anathema
[ia-en] IED :anathematisar {v} [Eccl.] to anathematize
[ia-en] IED :anatom- {n} [occurring in derivatives] anatom- (anatomy)
[ia-en] IED :[ancora] 1. {adv} still, yet; 2. {interj} encore!
[ia-en] IED :andante [I] {adj/adv/n} [Mus.] andante
[ia-en] IED :andantino [I] {adj/n} [Mus.] andantino
[ia-en] IED :andr- {n} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] andr-, andro- (man, male, husband)
[ia-en] IED :androgyne (andro·gyne) {adj} androgynous (1. hermaphroditic; 2. [Bot.])
[ia-en] IED :androgyno (-ró-) {n} androgyne (1. hermaphrodite; 2. [Bot.])
[ia-en] IED :anellides (-él-) {npl} [Zool.] Annelides
[ia-en] IED :anemia (-ía) {n} [Med.] anemia, anaemia
[ia-en] IED :anemo- {n} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] anemo- (wind)
[ia-en] IED :anemographia (-ía) {n} [Meterol.] anemography
[ia-en] IED :angelica {n} [Bot.] angelica
[ia-en] IED :angelus (á-) {n} [R.C.Ch.] Angelus; {also:} Angelus bell
[ia-en] IED :angina {n} [Pathol.] quinsy, angina;
[ia-en] IED :angio- {n} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] angio- (vessel)
[ia-en] IED :angiosperma {n} [Bot.] angiosperm;
[ia-en] IED :angiosperme (angio·sperme) {adj} [Bot.] angiospermous
[ia-en] IED :Anglia {npr} [Hist.] Anglia
[ia-en] IED :anglican {adj} [Eccl.] Anglican;
[ia-en] IED :anglicanismo {n} [Eccl.] Anglicanism
[ia-en] IED :anglicano {n} [Eccl.] Anglican
[ia-en] IED :anglocatholic (anglo·catholic) {adj} [Eccl.] Anglo-Catholic, High-Church
[ia-en] IED :anglocatholico {n} [Eccl.] Anglo-Catholic, High-churchman
[ia-en] IED :anglos {npl} [Hist.] Angles
[ia-en] IED :angustia {n} anguish (1. [Pathol.]; 2. agony, distress)
[ia-en] IED :anhydrido {n} [Chem.] anhydride;
[ia-en] IED :anhydrite {n} [Mineral.] anhydrite
[ia-en] IED :anilina {n} [Chem.] aniline; {attrib.:} aniline
[ia-en] IED :animadverter (anim·adverter) [-vert-/-vers-] {v} to animadvert (to express adverse criticism)
[ia-en] IED :anion (á-) {n} [Phys.] anion
[ia-en] IED :anis [F] {n} anise
[ia-en] IED :annecter [-nect-/-nex-] {v} to annex (to join as an addition to existing possessions)
[ia-en] IED :`anno de lumine' [Astron.] light-year
[ia-en] IED :anno Domini [L] anno Domini, in the year of Our Lord
[ia-en] IED :[annon] (an·non) (án-) {conj} or not
[ia-en] IED :ano {n} [Anat.] anus
[ia-en] IED :-ano {suffixo substantive} [used with namees of places and persons] -an (1. native, citizen, or inhabitant of ...; 2. language of ...; 3. adherent of ...)
[ia-en] IED :anodic {adj} anodic; {also:} [Med., Bot.]
[ia-en] IED :anodo (á-) {n} [Elec.] anode
[ia-en] IED :[anque] (anke) {adv} also, too;
[ia-en] IED :ansa {n} handle (of a cup, jug, basket, etc.); {also:} [Anat.] ansa
[ia-en] IED :antagonista {n} antagonist (1. opponent; 2. [Physiol.]); {attrib.:} antagonistic
[ia-en] IED :{Hence:} ante-heri etc.; [antea] etc.
[ia-en] IED :-ante {suffixo adjective} [used with verbss in `-ar'; forming verbal adjectives] -ing, -ant (as in "abounding," "abundant")
[ia-en] IED :-ante {suffixo substantive} [used with verrbs in `-ar'] -ant (1. one who or that which is ...ant; 2. one who or that which ...s)
[ia-en] IED :ante- {prefixo} [used with nouns, adjectives; also in combination with adjectival suffixes] ante- (before in time or position)
[ia-en] IED :[antea] (ant·ea) {adv} before, formerly, previously
[ia-en] IED :antecedente {n} antecedent (1. [Logic, Math.]; 2. [Gram.]);
[ia-en] IED :anteceder [-ced-/-cess-] {v} to antecede, be the antecedent
[ia-en] IED :antefixa {n} [Arch.] antefix
[ia-en] IED :antemural {n} [Fortif.] barbican
[ia-en] IED :antenna {n} I. [Naut.] lateen yard; II. antenna (1. [Zool.]; 2. [Radio] aerial)
[ia-en] IED :anteponer [-pon-/-posit-] {v} to prepose, place before or in front
[ia-en] IED :anthemo- (á-) {n} [occurring in compounds] -anthemum (flower)
[ia-en] IED :antho- {n} [occurring in compounds] antho-, anth- (flower)
[ia-en] IED :anthocyanina (antho·cyanina) {n} [Chem.] anthocyanin
[ia-en] IED :anthographia (antho·graphia) (-ía) {n} [Bot.] anthography
[ia-en] IED :anthrace (á-) {n} [Med., Veter.] anthrax
[ia-en] IED :anthracen {n} [Chem.] anthracene
[ia-en] IED :anthraquinon (anthra·quinon) {n} [Chem.] anthraquinone
[ia-en] IED :anthropo- {n} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] anthropo- (man)
[ia-en] IED :anti-' preffixo [used with nouns and adjectives; {also:} in combination with substantival and adjectival suffixes] anti-
[ia-en] IED :-antia {suffixo substantive} [used with veerbs in `-ar'] -ance, -ancy (state or quality of or being ...ant)
[ia-en] IED :antiaeree {adj} [Mil.] antiaircraft
[ia-en] IED :anticipation {n} 1. anticipation (act of doing or using in advance); 2. [Rhet.] prolepsis
[ia-en] IED :anticyclon {n} [Meteorol.] anticyclone
[ia-en] IED :antinomio {n} [Eccl. Hist.] antinomian
[ia-en] IED :antinomismo {n} [Eccl. Hist.] antinomianism
[ia-en] IED :antipath- {adj} [occurring in derivatives] antipath- (antipathetic)
[ia-en] IED :antiphona (-tí-) {n} [Eccl.] antiphon, antiphony
[ia-en] IED :antiphras- {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :antispasmodic {adj} [Med.] antispasmodic
[ia-en] IED :antithese (-ítese) {n} antithesis (1. [Rhet.]; 2. opposition)
[ia-en] IED :Antwerpen [Flem.] {npr} Antwerp
[ia-en] IED :anulose {adj} [Zool.] annulose
[ia-en] IED :à outrance [F] à outrance, in the extreme
[ia-en] IED :apath- {adj} [occurring in derivatives] apath- (apathetic)
[ia-en] IED :[apena] (a·pena) {adv} hardly, scarcely (`a pena')
[ia-en] IED :apepsia (-ía) {n} [Pathol.] apepsy
[ia-en] IED :aperir [-per-/-pert-] {v} to open (1. to unclose; 2. to begin)
[ia-en] IED :apetale {adj} [Bot.] apetalous
[ia-en] IED :aphasia (-ía) {n} [Pathol.] aphasia
[ia-en] IED :Aphrodite {npr} [Gr. Mythol.] Aphrodite
[ia-en] IED :apo- {prefixo} [`ap-' before `-h-' and vowels; used chiefly to form technical terms] apo-, ap- (1. off, away; 2. separate)
[ia-en] IED :apocryphe (-ócryphe) {adj} apocryphal; {specif.:} [Eccl.]; also: spurious, unauthenticated
[ia-en] IED :apogeo (-éo) {n} apogee (1. [Astron.]; 2. highest point, culmination)
[ia-en] IED :Apolline {npr} [Gr.Myth.] Apollo
[ia-en] IED :Apollon {npr} [Gr. Mythol.] Apollo
[ia-en] IED :apophysis (-ó-) {n} [Anat., Zool., etc.] apophysis
[ia-en] IED :a posteriori [L] {adv} a posteriori
[ia-en] IED :apostrophar {v} [Rhet.] to apostrophize (to address in an apostrophe)
[ia-en] IED :apostrophe (-pós-) {n} [Rhet.] apostrophe
[ia-en] IED :apotheosis (-ósis) {n} apotheosis (1. [Class. Hist.] deification; 2. glorification)
[ia-en] IED :`apparato photographic' [Photog.] camera
[ia-en] IED :appellante {n} [Law] appellant
[ia-en] IED :appellar {v} 1. [Law] to appeal; 2. to call, name;
[ia-en] IED :appellation {n} I. appeal (1. [Law]; 2. as in "the appeal to reason"); II. appellation
[ia-en] IED :appellativo {n} [Gram.] appellative (common or class name)
[ia-en] IED :appello {n} appeal (1. [Law]; 2. earnest request);
[ia-en] IED :appendice (-én-) {n} appendix (1. appendage; 2. "appendix to a book, etc."; 3. [Anat.])
[ia-en] IED :appendicectomia (appendic·ectomia) (-ía) {n} [Surg.] appendectomy
[ia-en] IED :appendicular {adj} [Pathol.] appendicular
[ia-en] IED :apperception {n} [Psychol.] apperception
[ia-en] IED :apperciper [-cip-/-cept-] {v} to perceive, apprehend (mentally)
[ia-en] IED :appertinentia {n} [Law] appurtenance
[ia-en] IED :applauder [-plaud-/-plaus-] {v} to applaud
[ia-en] IED :apponer [-pon-/-posit-] {v} to appose (as in "to appose one's seal to")
[ia-en] IED :apposition {n} apposition (1. act of placing near; 2. [Gram.]);
[ia-en] IED :appositive {adj} [Gram.] appositive
[ia-en] IED :apprehender [-hend-/-hens-] {v} to apprehend (1. to seize, arrest; 2. to grasp mentally, understand; 3. to dread)
[ia-en] IED :`approches' [Mil.] approaches
[ia-en] IED :a priori [L] {adv} a priori
[ia-en] IED :apsidal {adj} apsidal (1. [Astron.]; 2. [Arch.])
[ia-en] IED :apside (ápside) {n} apse (1. [Astron.] apsis; 2. [Arch.])
[ia-en] IED :aptere {adj} [Entom.] apterous
[ia-en] IED :apteros (áp-) {npl} [Entom.] Aptera
[ia-en] IED :`via de aqua' [Naut.] leak;
[ia-en] IED :`facer aqua' [Naut.] to leak
[ia-en] IED :`Aquario' [Astron.] Aquarius, Water Bearer
[ia-en] IED :aqueducto (aque·ducto) {n} [Arch.] aqueduct
[ia-en] IED :aquilegia {n} [Bot.] columbine
[ia-en] IED :-ar {suffixo adjective} [used instead of ``-al' with nouns containing `-l-'] -ar (pertaining to ..., characteristic of ..., etc.)
[ia-en] IED :-ar {suffixo verbal} [used with nouns and  adjectives] -ate or zero (as in "to catenate; to chain, etc.") (1. [with nouns] to make use of ..., to apply ..., etc.; 2. [with adjectives] to render ..., to +'. ., etc.)
[ia-en] IED :arabesc {adj} [Art] arabesque
[ia-en] IED :arabesco {n} [Art] arabesque
[ia-en] IED :arachide (-rá-) {n} 1. [Bot.] Arachis; 2. peanut;
[ia-en] IED :arbitrage (-aje) {n} 1. arbitration, arbitrament; 2. [Bank. etc.] arbitrage
[ia-en] IED :arbore {n} [Bot.] tree;
[ia-en] IED :arborescente 1. {ppr} of `arborescer'; 2. {adj} [Bot.] arborescent (of treelike growth)
[ia-en] IED :arborescentia {n} [Bot.] arborescence
[ia-en] IED :arborescer {v} [Bot.] to arboresce, grow into a tree
[ia-en] IED :arborisate 1. {pp} of `arborisar'; 2. {adj} [Mineral.] dendritic
[ia-en] IED :arborisation {n} arborization; {also:} [Mineral.; Anat.; etc.]
[ia-en] IED :arch-' [occurring in compounds] I. -arch-, -arch (rule, ruling, ruler, etc.); II. archi-, arche-, arch- (1. chief, principal, leading; 2. primitive, original, archetypal)
[ia-en] IED :arche- {adj} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] archaeo-, archae- (old)
[ia-en] IED :architecton (archi·tecton)- {n} [occurring in derivatives] architecton- (architect)
[ia-en] IED :architrave (archi·trave) {n} [Arch.] architrave
[ia-en] IED :archonte {n} [Gr. Hist.] archon
[ia-en] IED :arct- {n} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] arct- (bear)
[ia-en] IED :Arcturo {npr} [Astron.] Arcturus
[ia-en] IED :ardesia {n} slate (1. [Mineral.]; 2. roofing slate; 3. writing slate)
[ia-en] IED :arena {n} I. sand; II. arena (1. place of combat; 2. [Med.] gravel)
[ia-en] IED :areopagita {n} [Gr. Hist.] Areopagite
[ia-en] IED :Areopago (-ó-) [Gr. Hist.] Areopagus
[ia-en] IED :Ares (á-) {npr} [Gr. Mythol.] Ares
[ia-en] IED :argentina (2) {n} [Zool.] argentine
[ia-en] IED :Argo {npr} [Gr. Mythol.] Argo
[ia-en] IED :argon (ár-) {n} [(Chem.] argon
[ia-en] IED :Argonauta (Argo·nauta) {npr} [Gr. Mythol.] Argonaut;
[ia-en] IED :`argonauta' 1. pioneer, explorer etc.; 2. [Zool.] argonaut
[ia-en] IED :argot [F] {n} argot; {also:} slang
[ia-en] IED :argumentative {adj} 1. [Lit.] expository, giving the argument of; 2. argumentative (containing a process of reasoning)
[ia-en] IED :argyrite {n} [Mineral.] argyrite
[ia-en] IED :argyro- {n} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] argyro-, argyr- (silver)
[ia-en] IED :argyroneta (argyro·neta) {n} [Zool.] Argyroneta, water spider
[ia-en] IED :-ari {suffixo adjective} [used with nouns]] -ary (pertaining to ..., consisting of ..., etc.)
[ia-en] IED :aria [I] {n} [Mus.] aria
[ia-en] IED :Ariadna {nprf} [Gr. Mythol.] Ariadne;
[ia-en] IED :Aries (á-) {npr} [Astron.] Aries, Ram
[ia-en] IED :ariete {n} 1. ram; 2. battering ram; {also:} [Rom. Antiq.] aries;
[ia-en] IED :`Ariete' [Astron.] Aries, Ram
[ia-en] IED :arietta {n} [Mus.] arietta
[ia-en] IED :-ario (1) {suffixo substantive} [used withh nouns] -ary, -arian, -aire (person concerned with ... or characterized by ...)
[ia-en] IED :-ario (2) {suffixo substantive} [used withh nouns] -ary, -arium (1. collection of ...; 2. place containing ... or place containing a collection of ...)
[ia-en] IED :ariose {adj} [Mus.] ariose, arioso
[ia-en] IED :arioso {n} [Mus.] arioso
[ia-en] IED :arist- {adj} [occurring in compounds] aristo-, arist- (best)
[ia-en] IED :Aristotele {npr} [Gr. Philos.] Aristotle
[ia-en] IED :arithme- {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :arithmo- {n} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] arithmo-, arithm- (number)
[ia-en] IED :`armas' [Her.] arms
[ia-en] IED :armatura {n} 1. armor; 2. [Magnet., Elec.] armature; 3. frame, framework
[ia-en] IED :aroma [-ma/-mat-] {n} aroma
[ia-en] IED :arpeggio [I] {n} [Mus.] arpeggio
[ia-en] IED :`soldo arretrate' [Mil.] back pay
[ia-en] IED :arrha {n} [Law] earnest, earnest money
[ia-en] IED :arrogar {v} to arrogate (1. [Rom. Law] to adrogate; 2. to claim as one's own);
[ia-en] IED :arrogation {n} arrogation (1. act of making exorbitant claims; 2. [Rom. Law])
[ia-en] IED :arsenical {adj} arsenical; [Chem.] arsenic
[ia-en] IED :arsenite {n} [Chem.] arsenite
[ia-en] IED :arthritic {adj} [Pathol.] arthritic
[ia-en] IED :arthritis (-ítis) {n} [Pathol.] arthritis
[ia-en] IED :arthritismo {n} [Pathol.] arthritism
[ia-en] IED :arthro- {n} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] arthro- (joint)
[ia-en] IED :arthropodo (-ró-) {n} arthropod; arthropodos [Zool.] Arthropoda
[ia-en] IED :articulation {n} articulation (1. [Anat.] joint; 2. enunciation)
[ia-en] IED :articulo {n} I. [Anat.] joint; II. article (1. paragraph, section; 2. "article in a magazine, newspapcr, etc.); 3. "article of merchandise"; 4. [Gram]);
[ia-en] IED :Arya [Skr.] {n} Arya, Aryan
[ia-en] IED :ascender [-scend-/-scens-] {v} to ascend
[ia-en] IED :asclepiadaceas {npl} [Bot.] Asclepiadaceae
[ia-en] IED :asclepiades (-í-) {npl} [Bot.] Asclepias
[ia-en] IED :Asclepio {nprm} [Gr. Mythol.] Asclepius
[ia-en] IED :ascriber [-scrib-/-script-] {v} to ascribe, attribute
[ia-en] IED :asiatic {adj} Asiatic (1. pertaining to Asia; 2. [Rhet.] florid, ornate)
[ia-en] IED :aspecto {n} aspect (1. look, appearance; 2. "one of the aspects of a question"; 3. [Astrol.])
[ia-en] IED :asperger [-sperg-/-spers-] {v} to besprinkle
[ia-en] IED :aspersorio {n} [Eccl.] aspergillum
[ia-en] IED :aspic [F] {n} [Cookery] aspic
[ia-en] IED :aspic- [-spic-/-spect-] {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :aspirante {n} 1. aspirant; 2. [Mil., Nav.] midshipman, cadet, etc.
[ia-en] IED :aspirar {v} 1. to aspire (to desire earnestly); 2. [Phonet.] to aspirate; 3. to inhale;
[ia-en] IED :aspiration {n} I. aspiration (1. desire for; 2. [Phonet.] action of aspirating); II. inspiration, inhaling
[ia-en] IED :aspirator {n} 1. [Mech.] aspirator; 2. vacuum cleaner
[ia-en] IED :asplenio {n} [Bot.] Asplenium; {also:} spleenwort
[ia-en] IED :assalir [-sal-/-salt-] {v} to attack, assail
[ia-en] IED :asse {n} I. [Rom. Antiq.] as; II. ace (1. [Cards, Dice, etc.]; 2. highly skilled person; {also:} [Aviation])
[ia-en] IED :assecurantia {n} 1. assurance (positive statement); 2. [Com.] insurance
[ia-en] IED :assecurar {v} I. to secure (to make firm or fast); II. to assure (to state positively); III. [Com.] to insure;
[ia-en] IED :asserer [-ser-/-sert-] {v} to assert, affirm
[ia-en] IED :[assi] (as·si) (-sí) {adv} thus, so;
[ia-en] IED :assider [-sid-/-sess-] {v} to sit (by or near)
[ia-en] IED :assignation {n} assignation, assignment (1. act of allotting; 2. [Law] transfer of property, a right, etc.)
[ia-en] IED :assimilator {n} [Physiol.] assimilator
[ia-en] IED :assonantia {n} assonance; {also:} [Pros.]
[ia-en] IED :assumer [-sum-/-sumpt-] {v} to assume (to take to or upon oneself)
[ia-en] IED :assumption {n} assumption (1. taking to or upon oneself; 2. [Logic]);
[ia-en] IED :`le Assumption' [Eccl.] the Assumption
[ia-en] IED :astere {n} I. star (1. heavenly body; 2. starshaped figure, etc.); II. [Bot.] aster
[ia-en] IED :asterisco {n} [Print.] asterisk
[ia-en] IED :asterismo {n} [Astron.] asterism
[ia-en] IED :asteroide {n} [Astron.] asteroid
[ia-en] IED :asthen- {adj} [occurring in derivatives] asthen- (weak)
[ia-en] IED :asthma [-ma/-mat-] {n} asthma
[ia-en] IED :-astra {suffixo substantive fem} [used witth nouns] step- (as in "stepmother")
[ia-en] IED :astringer [-string-/-strict-] {v} to astringe
[ia-en] IED :-astro {suffixo substantive} [used with noouns] 1. -aster (inferior or worthless ...); 2. step- (as in "stepfather")
[ia-en] IED :-ata {suffixo substantive} [used with nounns] -ful (contents of or quantity contained in one ...)
[ia-en] IED :ataxia (-ía) {n} [Pathol.] ataxia, ataxy;
[ia-en] IED :-ate {suffixo adjective} [used with nouns]] -ate, -ated, -ed (having a ... or ...s)
[ia-en] IED :-atelia (-ía) {n} [occurring in compounds]]
[ia-en] IED :athematic {adj} athematic; {specif.:} [Gram., Mus.]
[ia-en] IED :Athena {npr} [Gr. Mythol.] Athena
[ia-en] IED :Atheneo (-éo) {npr} Athenaeum (1. [Gr. Hist.]; 2. [Rom. Hist.]);
[ia-en] IED :athlo- {n} [occurring in compounds] athlo- (contest)
[ia-en] IED :-ation {suffixo substantive} [used with veerbs in `-ar'; {note:} `-ation' + `-ose' `-atiose'] -ation (action or result of
[ia-en] IED :-ative {suffixo adjective} [used with verbbs in `-ar'] -ative (1. tending to ...; 2. having the function of
[ia-en] IED :Atlante {npr} [Gr. Mythol.] Atlas;
[ia-en] IED :`atlante' atlas (1. [Arch.]; 2. [Anat.])
[ia-en] IED :Atlas (át-) {npr} 1. [Gr. Mythol.] Atlas; 2. [Geog.] Atlas Mountains;
[ia-en] IED :atmo- {n} [occurring in compounds] atmo- (steam, vapor)
[ia-en] IED :-ato {suffixo substantive} [used with titlles, designations of rank, etc.] -ate, -dom (function, status, rank, jurisdiction, period of office, or territory of a ...)
[ia-en] IED :atomismo {n} [Philos.] atomism
[ia-en] IED :atone {adj} 1. [Med.] atonic; 2. unstressed
[ia-en] IED :atonia (-ía) atony (1. [Med.]; 2. [Phonet.])
[ia-en] IED :atonic {adj} atonic (1. [Med.]; 2. [Phonet.])
[ia-en] IED :-ator {suffixo substantive} [used with verrbs in `-ar'] -ator, - er (one who, or that which ...s)
[ia-en] IED :-atori {suffixo adjective} [used with verbbs in `-ar'] -atory (pertaining to, or serving for, the action of
[ia-en] IED :-atoria {suffixo substantive} [used with verbs in `-ar'] -er (instrument for
[ia-en] IED :-atorio {suffixo substantive} [used with verbs in `-ar'] -atory, -atorium (place where is done)
[ia-en] IED :[atque] {conj} and, and also, and even
[ia-en] IED :atr- {adj} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] atro- (black)
[ia-en] IED :atrabile (atra·bile) (-íle) {n} atrabile, melancholy (1. [Anc. Med.] black bile; 2. gloom)
[ia-en] IED :atrabiliari {adj} atrabiliary, melancholic (1. [Med.]; 2. gloomy, depressed in spirit)
[ia-en] IED :attacco {n} attack (1. assault; 2. [Med.])
[ia-en] IED :attaché [F] {n} [Admin.; Dipl., Mil.; etc.] attaché;
[ia-en] IED :attender [-tend-/-tent-] {v} 1. to give attention to, attend to; 2. to await, wait for
[ia-en] IED :atter- [-ter-/-trit-] {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :atterrage (-aje) {n} [Aeronaut.] landing
[ia-en] IED :atterrar {v} [Aeronaut.] to land
[ia-en] IED :attraction {n} attraction; {also:} [Phys.];
[ia-en] IED :attractive {adj} attractive (1. [Phys.]; 2. alluring)
[ia-en] IED :attractivitate {n} 1. [Phys.] (force of) attraction; 2. attractiveness
[ia-en] IED :attraher [-trah-/-tract-] {v} to attract (1. to draw to oneself; 2. to allure)
[ia-en] IED :attribuer [-tribu-/-tribut-] {v} 1. to assign, allot; 2. to attribute, ascribe;
[ia-en] IED :attributive {adj} attributive (1. attributing; 2. [Gram.])
[ia-en] IED :attributo {n} attribute (1. inherent quality; 2. conventional symbol; 3. [Gram.])
[ia-en] IED :attrite {adj} [Theol.] attrite
[ia-en] IED :attrition {n} attrition; {specif.:} [Theol.]
[ia-en] IED :-atura {suffixo substantive} [used with veerbs in `-ar'] -ature (action or result of
[ia-en] IED :audiometro (audio·metro) (-ó-) {n} [Acous.] audiometer
[ia-en] IED :augmentative {adj} [Gram.] augmentative
[ia-en] IED :augmento {n} 1. increase, augmentation; 2. [Gram.] augment
[ia-en] IED :augure (áugure) {n} augur (1. [Rom. Hist.]; 2. soothsayer)
[ia-en] IED :aulo- {n} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] aulo- (flute; pipe)
[ia-en] IED :aura {n} aura; {specif.:} [Pathol.]
[ia-en] IED :`aure de mure' [Bot.] mouse-ear, forget-me-not
[ia-en] IED :au revoir [F] au revoir
[ia-en] IED :auricula {n} I. auricle (1. "auricle of the ear"; 2. "auricle of the heart"); II. [Bot.] auricula, bear's ear;
[ia-en] IED :`auricula de urso' [Bot.] bear's ear, auricula;
[ia-en] IED :`auricula de mure' [Bot.] mouse-ear, forget-me-not
[ia-en] IED :aurificar {v} [Dent.] to fill with gold
[ia-en] IED :aurification {n} [Dent.] (making of a) gold filling
[ia-en] IED :auripigmento (auri·pigmento) {n} [Chem.] orniment
[ia-en] IED :auspice (áu-) {n} [Hist.] auspex
[ia-en] IED :auspicio {n} [Hist.] auspice (sign or token derived from the observation of birds);
[ia-en] IED :[aut] {conj} or;
[ia-en] IED :autodafé [P] {n} auto-da-fé
[ia-en] IED :autopsia (-ía) {n} [Med.] autopsy
[ia-en] IED :aval {n} [Com.] endorsement, backing (of a bill of exchange)
[ia-en] IED :avalanche [F] {n} avalanche
[ia-en] IED :avalisar {v} [Com.] to endorse, back (a bill of exchange)
[ia-en] IED :avalista {n} [Com.] endorser, backer (of a bill of exchange)
[ia-en] IED :avantiata {n} [Mil.] outpost, advance guard
[ia-en] IED :Ave! (3) [L] {interj} ave!, hail!
[ia-en] IED :aveller [-vell-/-vuls-] {v} to tear away, avulse
[ia-en] IED :Ave Maria [L] Ave Maria, Hail Mary
[ia-en] IED :avenue [F] {n} avenue
[ia-en] IED :averter [-vert-/-vers-] {v} to turn away, avert
[ia-en] IED :`littera de aviso' [Com.] notification of dispatch, letter of advice
[ia-en] IED :avoirdupois [A] {n} avoirdupois
[ia-en] IED :axilla {n} 1. armpit, axilla; 2. [Bot.] axil
[ia-en] IED :axillari {adj} axillary (1. pertaining to the axilla; 2. [Bot.])
[ia-en] IED :axioma [-ma/-mat-] {n} axiom
[ia-en] IED :axungia (ax·ungia) {n} [Pharm.] axunge
[ia-en] IED :azalea {n} [Bot.] azalea
[ia-en] IED :azoic {adj} azoic; {also:} [Geol.]
[ia-en] IED :`(festa del) azymos' [Jewish Rel.] Feast of Unleavened Bread
[ia-en] IED :babordo (ba·bordo) {n} [Naut.] port (left side of a ship)
[ia-en] IED :baby [A] {n} baby
[ia-en] IED :baccalaureo {n} [Acad.] bachelor
[ia-en] IED :bacchanalia {npl} [Rom. Relig.] Bacchanalia
[ia-en] IED :Baccho {npr} [Gr. Mythol.] Bacchus
[ia-en] IED :baia (báya) {n} [Geog.] bay
[ia-en] IED :balalaika [R] {n} balalaika
[ia-en] IED :balancia {n} balance (1. pair of scales; 2. equilibrium; 3. [Com.]);
[ia-en] IED :balanciero {n} [Watchmaking] balance, balance-wheel
[ia-en] IED :balancio {n} [Com.] balance, balance-sheet;
[ia-en] IED :balcon {n} balcony (1. [Arch.]; 2. [Theat.])
[ia-en] IED :balla {n} I. ball (1. globular object; 2. cannon ball, bullet, etc.; 3. [Print.]); II. bale; {also:} bolt (of cloth, paper, etc.)
[ia-en] IED :ballast {n} ballast; {also:} [R.R.]
[ia-en] IED :ballet [F] {n} [Theat.] ballet
[ia-en] IED :ballista {n} [Hist.] ballista, ballist
[ia-en] IED :ballon {n} I. balloon (1. [Chem.]; 2. aerostat); II. (large, air-filled) ball
[ia-en] IED :ballottada {n} [Man.] ballotade
[ia-en] IED :balsamina {n} [Bot.] balsamine, garden balsam
[ia-en] IED :balsaminaceas {npl} [Bot.] Balsaminaceae
[ia-en] IED :balsaminacee {adj} [Bot.] balsaminaceous
[ia-en] IED :balsamita {n} [Bot.] tansy (Tanacetum balsamita)
[ia-en] IED :Balthasar {npr} [Bib.] Belshazzar, Balthasar, Balthazar
[ia-en] IED :bambu (-ú) {n} [Bot.] bamboo
[ia-en] IED :banca {n} bank (1. [Fin.]; 2. [Gambling]);
[ia-en] IED :bancar {v} [Fin.] to bank
[ia-en] IED :banda (1) {n} band (1. group of people; 2. [Mus.])
[ia-en] IED :baptista (1) {n} 1. baptizer; 2. [Theol.] Baptist, Anabaptist;
[ia-en] IED :baptista (2) {adj} [Theol.] Baptist, Anabaptist
[ia-en] IED :bar [A] {n} bar (place where liquor is served)
[ia-en] IED :barcarola [I] {n} [Mus.] barcarole, barcarolle
[ia-en] IED :baro- {n} [occurring in compounds] baro- (as in "barometer")
[ia-en] IED :barogramma (baro·gramma) {n} [Meteorol.] barogram
[ia-en] IED :barographo (baro·grapho) (-ó-) {n} [Meteorol.] barograph
[ia-en] IED :barometrographia (-ía) {n} [Meteorol.] barometrography
[ia-en] IED :barometrographo (barometro·grapho) (-ógrapho) {n} [Meteorol.] barometrograph, barograph
[ia-en] IED :barra {n} I. bar (1. as in "bar of iron, bar of wood," etc.; 2. [Her.]; 3. ridge of horse's palate; 4. "sand bar"; 5. [Law] place where prisoner stands; 6. [Mus.] bar, bar line); II. [Naut.] tiller
[ia-en] IED :barrage (-aje) {n} I. barrier, bar, obstacle; II. barrage (1. dam; 2. [Mil.])
[ia-en] IED :barril {n} barrel (1. cask; 2. [Meas.])
[ia-en] IED :bary- {adj} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] bary- (heavy)
[ia-en] IED :baryta {n} [Mineral.] baryta
[ia-en] IED :barytone (bary·tone) {adj} [Phonet.] baritone
[ia-en] IED :basal {adj} basal (1. basic; 2. [Physiol.])
[ia-en] IED :basalto {n} [Mineral.] basalt
[ia-en] IED :basamento {n} 1. basement (lower part of anything); 2. [Arch.] footing (of a column or wall), basement
[ia-en] IED :bascula {n} 1. [Technol.] bascule (as in "bascule escapement"); 2. platform scale, weighbridge
[ia-en] IED :basculation {n} [Surg.] basculation
[ia-en] IED :base {n} I. base (1. bottom, substructure; 2. [Mil.]; 3. [Chem.]); II. basis, foundation;
[ia-en] IED :baseball [A] {n} [Sports] baseball
[ia-en] IED :Basel [G] {npr} Basel, Basle
[ia-en] IED :basic {adj} basic; {also:} [Chem.]
[ia-en] IED :basicitate {n} [Chem.] basicity
[ia-en] IED :basilica {n} basilica (1. [Rom. Hist.]; 2. basilican type of church building)
[ia-en] IED :bassinetto {n} 1. small basin, (shallow) bowl; 2. [Armory] basinet
[ia-en] IED :basso (1) {n} I. bottom, lower part (of a thing); II. [Mus.] bass (1. lowest part of a musical score; 2. instrument for the lowest part of a musical score; 3. lowest male voice);
[ia-en] IED :basson {n} [Mus.] bassoon
[ia-en] IED :bastarde {adj} bastard (1. born out of wedlock; 2. spurious; 3. [Print.] as in "bastard type")
[ia-en] IED :bastille [F] {n} [Fortif.] bastille;
[ia-en] IED :bastion {n} [Fortif.] bastion
[ia-en] IED :batik [Malay] {n} batik; {also:} batiked material
[ia-en] IED :batracho- {n} [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
[ia-en] IED :batteria (-ía) {n} 1. [Mil.] battery; 2. kitchen utensils;
[ia-en] IED :beccafico (becca·fico) {n} [Ornith.] beccafico
[ia-en] IED :beefsteak [A] {n} beefsteak
[ia-en] IED :belladonna {n} [Bot.] deadly nightshade; belladonna
[ia-en] IED :belles-lettres [F] {npl} belles-lettres; {also:} fiction
[ia-en] IED :bemolle {n} [Mus.] flat
[ia-en] IED :benedicer (bene·dicer) [-dic-/-dict-] {v} to bless (1. to consecrate; 2. to invoke blessings upon)
[ia-en] IED :benefacer (bene·facer) [-fac-/-fact-] {v} to do good, be beneficent
[ia-en] IED :benigne {adj} benign (1. kind, gentle; 2. [Med.]
[ia-en] IED :benzoe (-zóe) {n} benzoin (1. gum benzoin, benjamin; 2. [Bot.])
[ia-en] IED :benzoin (-ín) {n} benzoin (1. gum benzoin, benjamin; 2. [Bot.]; 3. [Chem.])
[ia-en] IED :bequadro {n} [Mus;.] natural (sign)
[ia-en] IED :Berlin [G] {npr} Berlin
[ia-en] IED :Bern [G] {npr} Bern
[ia-en] IED :beryllium (-íllium) {n} [Chem.] beryllium
[ia-en] IED :beta (1) {n} [Bot.] beet;
[ia-en] IED :betel (bé-) {n} [Bot.] betel
[ia-en] IED :bi- {adj} [occurring in compounds] bi- (two, twice)
[ia-en] IED :bibasic (bi·basic) {adj} [Chem.] dibasic, bibasic
[ia-en] IED :biberon [F] {n} baby-bottle
[ia-en] IED :biblio- {n} [occurring in compounds] biblio- (as in "bibliography," "bibliomancy")
[ia-en] IED :bichromato (bi·chromato) {n} [Chem.] bichromate
[ia-en] IED :biella {n} [Mach.] connecting rod
[ia-en] IED :bilabial (bi·labial) {adj} [Gram.] bilabial
[ia-en] IED :bile {n} bile (1. [Physiol.]; {also:} gall; 2. choler, irascibility, ill-humor)
[ia-en] IED :biliari {adj} [Physiol.] biliary;
[ia-en] IED :biliose {adj} bilious (1. [Med.]; 2. choleric, ill-tempered)
[ia-en] IED :biliverdina (bili·verdina) {n} [Biochem.] biliverdin
[ia-en] IED :bill [A] {n} bill (proposed law)
[ia-en] IED :bimane (bi·mane) {adj} [Zool.] bimanous
[ia-en] IED :binomie (bi·nomie) {adj} [Alg.] binomial
[ia-en] IED :binomio {n} [Alg.] binomial
[ia-en] IED :bio- {n} [occurring in compounds] bio- (as in "biology"
[ia-en] IED :bipenne (bi·penne) {n} [Hist.] (two-edged) battle-axe
[ia-en] IED :biscuit {n} biscuit (1. cracker, cooky, etc.; 2. [Pottery] bisque)
[ia-en] IED :bismuth (bíz-) {n} [Chem.] bismuth
[ia-en] IED :bistorta (bis·torta) {n} [Bot.] bistort, snakeweed
[ia-en] IED :bivalve (bi·valve) {adj} [Bot., Zool.] bivalve
[ia-en] IED :bivalvo {n} [Zool.] bivalve
[ia-en] IED :blanchimento {n} 1. (act of) whitening, blanching; 2. [Metal.] (act of) blanching; 3. (act of) bleaching
[ia-en] IED :blanchir {v} 1. to whiten, blanch (to make white); 2. [Metal.] to blanch; 3. to bleach
[ia-en] IED :blasto- {n} [occurring in compounds] blasto-, blast- (bud, sprout; specif.: germ, embryo)
[ia-en] IED :blastoderma (blasto·derma) {n} [Embryol.] blastoderm
[ia-en] IED :blocada {n} [Mil.] blockade
[ia-en] IED :blocar {v} 1. to block, obstruct; 2. [Mil.] to blockade
[ia-en] IED :bloco {n} 1. block (solid mass of wood, stone, etc.); {also:} log; 2. [Pol.] bloc; 3. pad (as in "writing pad");
[ia-en] IED :`bloco erratic' [Geol.] erratic block or boulder
[ia-en] IED :bluff [A] {n} bluff (act of bluffing)
[ia-en] IED :boa {n} boa (1. [Zool.]; 2. scarf of fur or feathers);
[ia-en] IED :bobsleigh [A] {n} bobsled, bobsleigh
[ia-en] IED :boia {n} [Naut.] buoy (floating object moored to the bottom)
[ia-en] IED :Bolivar, Simon (-lí-) {npr} [1783-1830; Venezuelan patriot, "liberator of South America"]
[ia-en] IED :bombarda {n} I. bombard (1. [Hist.] type of cannon; 2. bombard vessel); II. [Mus.] bombardon (brass reed stop on the organ)
[ia-en] IED :bombardero {n} [Hist.] bombardier
[ia-en] IED :bombardon {n} [Mus.] bombardon (bass tuba)
[ia-en] IED :bombides {npl} [Zool.] Bombidae
[ia-en] IED :bombo {n} 1. booming, humming buzzing; 2. [Zool.] Bombus; {also:} bumblebee
[ia-en] IED :bona fide [L] bona fide, in good faith
[ia-en] IED :bonnette [F] {n} [Naut.] bonnet
[ia-en] IED :bonus [NL] {n} bonus
[ia-en] IED :book-maker [A] {n} [Horse racing] book-maker
[ia-en] IED :boomerang [A] {n} boomerang
[ia-en] IED :borace {n} [Chem.] borax
[ia-en] IED :borato {n} [Chem.] borate
[ia-en] IED :borax (bó-) {n} [Chem.] borax
[ia-en] IED :bordada {n} 1. [Naut.] broadside (simultaneous discharge of a broadside); 2. [Naut.] board, tack (the stretch which a ship makes on one tack in beating to windward)
[ia-en] IED :bordo {n} 1. [Naut.] board (side of a ship); 2. border, edge;
[ia-en] IED :boro {n} [Chem.] boron
[ia-en] IED :botan- {n} [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
[ia-en] IED :bouillon [F] {n} bouillon
[ia-en] IED :bouquet [F] {n} bouquet (1. nosegay; 2. perfume exhaled from wine)
[ia-en] IED :Boycott, Charles Cunningham {npr} [estate agent in Ireland, the original victim of boycotting in 1880]
[ia-en] IED :boy scout [A] {n} boy scout
[ia-en] IED :brachio {n} [Anat.] arm
[ia-en] IED :brachiopode (brachio·pode) (-ópode) {adj} [Zool.] brachiopod
[ia-en] IED :brachiopodo (-ópodo) {n} [Zool.] brachiopod
[ia-en] IED :brachycephale (brachy·cephale) {adj} [Anthropometry] brachycephalic
[ia-en] IED :braciar {v} [Naut.] to brace
[ia-en] IED :bracio {n} 1. [Anat.] arm; 2. brace (robe attached to yard for trimming sail);
[ia-en] IED :Brahma {npr} [Hindu Relig.] Brahma
[ia-en] IED :branchia {n} [Zool.] gill, branchia
[ia-en] IED :branchiate {adj} [Zool.] branchiate
[ia-en] IED :branchiopodo (branchio·podo) (-ópodo) {n} [Zool.] branchiopod
[ia-en] IED :brandy [A] {n} brandy
[ia-en] IED :brasiletto {n} [Bot.] brasiletto
[ia-en] IED :brasilina {n} [Chem.] brazilin
[ia-en] IED :bravo! (2) [I] {interj} bravo!
[ia-en] IED :`aria de bravura' [Mus.] bravura
[ia-en] IED :brecha (-sh-) {n} [Mil.] breach;
[ia-en] IED :breve {n} 1. [Eccl.] brief; 2. [Mus.] breve
[ia-en] IED :bric-à-brac [F] {n} bric-a-brac
[ia-en] IED :brida {n} bridle; {also:} [Anat.] frenum, bridle
[ia-en] IED :bridge [A] {n} [Cards] bridge
[ia-en] IED :brigada {n} [Mil.] brigade
[ia-en] IED :brigadero {n} [Mil.] brigadier
[ia-en] IED :brio [I] {n} brio;
[ia-en] IED :briquette [F] {n} briquette, briquet
[ia-en] IED :broca {n} 1. [Locksmithing] broach; 2. raised thread in brocaded design
[ia-en] IED :brochar (-sh-) {v} [Bookbinding] to stitch
[ia-en] IED :broche [F] {n} brooch
[ia-en] IED :brochure [F] {n} pamphlet, brochure; {also:} paper-bound booklet
[ia-en] IED :bromato {n} [Chem.] bromate
[ia-en] IED :bromic {adj} [Chem.] bromic
[ia-en] IED :bromo {n} [Chem.] bromine
[ia-en] IED :bromuro {n} [Chem.] bromide
[ia-en] IED :bronchio {n} [Anat.] one of the bronchia;
[ia-en] IED :`bronchios' [Anat.] bronchia
[ia-en] IED :bronchiolo (-í-) {n} [Anat.] bronchiole
[ia-en] IED :bronchitis (-ítis) {n} [Pathol.] bronchitis
[ia-en] IED :broncho {n} [Anat.] bronchus;
[ia-en] IED :`bronchos' [Anat.] bronchi
[ia-en] IED :bronchopneumonia (broncho·pneumonia) (-ía) {n} [Pathol.] bronchopneumonia
[ia-en] IED :bronchotomia (broncho·tomia) (-ía) {n} [Surg.] bronchotomy
[ia-en] IED :bronchotomo (broncho·tomo) (-ótomo) {n} [Surg.] bronchotome
[ia-en] IED :brougham [A] {n} Brougham (carriage)
[ia-en] IED :brumario {n} [Fr. Hist.] Brumaire
[ia-en] IED :brute {adj} 1. brute; {also:} brutish; 2. [Com.] gross;
[ia-en] IED :Bruxelles [F] {npr} Brussels
[ia-en] IED :buccal {adj} [Anat.] buccal
[ia-en] IED :budget [A] {n} budget
[ia-en] IED :buffet [F] {n} 1. buffet, sideboard; 2. [R.R.] refreshment room
[ia-en] IED :buffetero {n} [R.R.] refreshment-room manager
[ia-en] IED :bulbillo {n} [Bot.] bulbil, bulblet
[ia-en] IED :bulbo {n} bulb (1. [Bot.]; 2. [Anat.] a rounded enlargement at one end of a hair, tooth, etc.);
[ia-en] IED :bulla {n} 1. [Eccl.] bull; 2. bubble; 3. [Med.] blister
[ia-en] IED :bull-dog [A] {n} bulldog
[ia-en] IED :bureau [F] {n} 1. bureau, desk writing table; 2. office (as in "office to let")
[ia-en] IED :burnus [Ar.] {n} burnoose
[ia-en] IED :`bursa de pastor' [Bot.] shepherd's purse
[ia-en] IED :busto {n} bust (1. upper front part of the body; 2. [Art])
[ia-en] IED :button {n} 1. [Bot.] bud; 2. pimple, pustule; 3. button; 4. knob (as in "door knob");
[ia-en] IED :`button de auro' [Bot.] buttercup
[ia-en] IED :butyrato {n} [Chem.] butyrate
[ia-en] IED :butyric {adj} [Chem.] butyric
[ia-en] IED :butyrina {n} [Chem.] butyrine
[ia-en] IED :cabaret [F] {n} cabaret (1. cabaret shop; café chantant; 2. tea, coffee, etc., set)
[ia-en] IED :cabina {n} 1. [Naut.] cabin, stateroom; 2. car (of an elevator)
[ia-en] IED :cabinetto {n} cabinet (1. small room; {also:} closet; 2. [Gov.]);
[ia-en] IED :cabriolet [F] {n} cabriolet (1. cab.; 2. [Motoring] convertible coupé or roadster)
[ia-en] IED :cac- {adj} [occurring in compounds] caco (bad, evil)
[ia-en] IED :cacodemone (caco·demone)' cacodemon (1. evil spirit; 2. [Astrol.])
[ia-en] IED :cacoethe (caco·ethe) {n} cacoëthes (1. bad habit; 2. [Med.])
[ia-en] IED :cactaceas {n} [Bot.] Cactaceae
[ia-en] IED :cactacee {adj} [Bot.] cactaceous
[ia-en] IED :caddie [A] {n} [Golfing] caddie
[ia-en] IED :cadentia {n} cadence (1. rhythmical flow or movement; 2. [Mus.] concluding strain)
[ia-en] IED :cader [cad-/cas-; -cid-] {v} to fall, drop, tumble, etc.;
[ia-en] IED :café [F] {n} coffeehouse, café
[ia-en] IED :caisson [F] {n} caisson (1. [Mil.]; 2. [Engin.]; 3. [Arch.])
[ia-en] IED :-calar {v} [occurring in compounds]
[ia-en] IED :calceiforme {adj} [Bot.] calceiform
[ia-en] IED :calceo {n} shoe slipper; {also:} [Technol.]
[ia-en] IED :calceolaria {n} [Bot.] calceolaria
[ia-en] IED :calceolate {adj} [Bot.] calceolate
[ia-en] IED :calcic {adj} [Chem.] calcic
[ia-en] IED :calcium (cál-) {n} [Chem.] calcium
[ia-en] IED :calculo (1) {n} 1. small stone; {also:} pebble; 2. [Med.] calculus
[ia-en] IED :calculose {adj} [Med.] calculous
[ia-en] IED :calefacer (cale·facer) [-fac-/-fact-] {v} to warm, heat
[ia-en] IED :calefaciente {adj} [Med.] calefacient, calefactive
[ia-en] IED :calendula {n} [Bot.] calendula
[ia-en] IED :calice (cá-) {n} 1. chalice (cup, goblet; {also:} calix); also: [Eccl.]; 2. [Bot.] cup, calyx
[ia-en] IED :call- {n} [occurring in compounds] calli- (beauty)
[ia-en] IED :calorificar {v} [Phys.] to calorify
[ia-en] IED :Calvin, Jean {npr} [1509-1564; French theologian]
[ia-en] IED :cambio {n} I. change (1. substitution of one thing for another; 2. money returned as balance of that tendered for an article); II. [Fin.] exchange (1. as in "foreign or domestic exchange"; 2. rate of exchange) III. [R.R.] switch;
[ia-en] IED :Camellus, George Joseph {npr} [Latinized form of George Joseph Kamel, Jesuit priest who traveled in Asia and wrote an account of plants of the Philippine Islands]
[ia-en] IED :`camera obscur' 1. [Optics] camera obscura; 2. [Photog.] darkroom;
[ia-en] IED :`camera (photographic)' [Photog.] camera
[ia-en] IED :camion [F] {n} truck (as in "automobile truck")
[ia-en] IED :camisa {n} 1. shirt; 2. chemise; 3. [Fortif.] revetment; 4. cover, envelope, jacket, etc.;
[ia-en] IED :camouflage [F] {n} camouflage
[ia-en] IED :campaniol {n} [Zool.] vole, fieldmouse
[ia-en] IED :campanulate {adj} [Bot.] campanulate
[ia-en] IED :camphorato {n} [Chem.] camphorate (salt of camphoric acid)
[ia-en] IED :camphoriero {n} [Bot.] camphor tree
[ia-en] IED :campion {n} champion (1. defender, supporter; 2. [Sports])
[ia-en] IED :campionato {n} [Sports, Games, etc.] championship
[ia-en] IED :campo {n} I. field (1. piece of land put to a particular use; 2. range of opportunity or interest; 3. [Her., Paint., etc.]); II. [Mil.] camp;
[ia-en] IED :campo- {n} [occurring in compounds]
[ia-en] IED :can {n} 1. dog; 2. [Firearms] trigger;
[ia-en] IED :can- [can-/cant-] {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :Canaan (cá-) {npr} [Bib.] Canaan
[ia-en] IED :canaanita {n} [Bib.] Canaanite
[ia-en] IED :canal {n} I. canal (1. artificial watercourse; 2. [Anat.]); II. channel (1. [Geog.]; 2. deeper part of a waterway; 3. tube or tubular passage; 4. means, medium); III. [Arch.] fluting
[ia-en] IED :cancan [F] {n} cancan
[ia-en] IED :cancellero {n} chancellor [title of various officials of locally or nationally varying functions]
[ia-en] IED :cancere {n} 1. [Zool.] crab; 2. cancer;
[ia-en] IED :`Cancere' [Astron.] Cancer, Crab
[ia-en] IED :cand- {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :-cand- [-cand-/-;-cend-/-cens-] {v} [occurring in compounds]
[ia-en] IED :candela {n} 1. candle; 2. [Techn.] spark plug
[ia-en] IED :candesc- {v} [occurring in compounds]
[ia-en] IED :canicula {n} 1. [Astron.] canicula, Dog Star; 2. dog days
[ia-en] IED :canicular {adj} canicular (1. [Astron.]; 2. as in "canicular days")
[ia-en] IED :canna {n} cane (1. [Bot.] reed; 2. walking stick);
[ia-en] IED :cannellatura {n} 1. groove, channel; {also:} cannelure; 2. [Arch.] flute, fluting (of a column)
[ia-en] IED :cannula {n} [Surg.] cannula
[ia-en] IED :cañon [H] {n} canyon, cañon
[ia-en] IED :canone {n} canon (1. law of a church; 2. standard; 3. part of the Mass; 4. list of saints; 5. canonical books of the Bible; 6. [Mus.]; 7. [Print.])
[ia-en] IED :cantabile (1) {adj} singable; {also:} [Mus.] cantabile
[ia-en] IED :cantabile (2) {n} [Mus.] cantabile
[ia-en] IED :cantata {n} [Mus.] cantata
[ia-en] IED :cantilena {n} [Mus.] cantilena
[ia-en] IED :cantina {n} [Mil.] canteen, Post Exchange
[ia-en] IED :canto {n} 1. singing, art of singing; 2. [Mus.,Poet.] song; 3. canto;
[ia-en] IED :canton {n} [Admin.] canton
[ia-en] IED :caper [cap-/capt-;-cip-/-cept-] {v} 1. to grasp, seize; 2. to hold, contain
[ia-en] IED :capernaita (-íta) {n} Capernaite (1. native or inhabitant of Capernaum; 2. [Eccl., Hist.])
[ia-en] IED :Capet {npr} [surname of Hugh, King of the Franks, in the 10th Century]
[ia-en] IED :capital (2) {n} capital (1. capital city of a state or country; 2. [Fortif.]; 3. [Econ.])
[ia-en] IED :capitano {n} [Army, Navy] captain
[ia-en] IED :capitate {adj} [Bot.] capitate
[ia-en] IED :capitello {n} [Arch.] capital
[ia-en] IED :capo {n} [Geog.] cape, headland
[ia-en] IED :caponiera {n} 1. caponcote; 2. [Fortif.] caponier
[ia-en] IED :caporal {n} [Mil.] corporal
[ia-en] IED :cappa {n} [Clothing] cape
[ia-en] IED :cappella {n} 1. [Arch.] chapel; 2. chapel choir of singers;
[ia-en] IED :cappelletto {n} [Veter. Surg.] capelet
[ia-en] IED :cappellina {n} 1. hood (coiflike headdress for women); 2. [Med.] capeline
[ia-en] IED :cappucina {n} [Bot.] nasturtium
[ia-en] IED :cappucino {n} [Eccl.] Capuchin
[ia-en] IED :cappucio {n} [Clothing] hood (on a robe or mantle; {also:} cowl
[ia-en] IED :capricio {n} caprice (1. sudden change of mind; 2. [Mus., Art] capriccio)
[ia-en] IED :Capricorno (Capri·corno) {n} [Astron.] Capricorn;
[ia-en] IED :capsula {n} I. capsule (1. [Anat., Zool.]; 2. [Bot.]; 3. [Pharm.]; 4. [Chem.] shallow dish for evaporating, etc.); II. cap (1. metal cover that seals a bottle; 2. "percussion cap")
[ia-en] IED :-car [A] {n} [occurring in compounds] -carr
[ia-en] IED :carambola {n} 1. [Billiards] carom ball; 2. [Billiards] carom, cannon
[ia-en] IED :carambolar {v} [Billiards] to carom, cannon
[ia-en] IED :carat {n} carat (1. one 24th part; 2. [Weight])
[ia-en] IED :carbon {n} 1. coal; 2. [Chem.] carbon;
[ia-en] IED :carbonatar {v} [Chem.] to carbonate
[ia-en] IED :carbonato {n} [Chem.] carbonate
[ia-en] IED :carbonose {adj} [Chem.] carbonous
[ia-en] IED :carbunculo {n} carbuncle (1. smooth, round garnet or other deep-red jewel; 2. [Med.])
[ia-en] IED :carbunculose {adj} [Med.] carbuncular
[ia-en] IED :carburar {v} [Chem.] to carburet
[ia-en] IED :carburation {n} [Chem.] carburetion
[ia-en] IED :carburo {n} [Chem.] carburet, carbide
[ia-en] IED :carcinoma {n} [Pathol.] carcinoma
[ia-en] IED :cardia {n} [Anat.] cardia (cardiac orifice of the stomach); cardi- [occurring in derivatives and compounds] cardi-, cardio- (heart)
[ia-en] IED :cardialgia (cardi·algia) (-ía) {n} [Pathol.] cardialgia, heartburn
[ia-en] IED :cardinal (2) {n} cardinal (1. [Eccl.]; 2. cardinal bird)
[ia-en] IED :cardiosclerosis (cardio·sclerosis) (-ósis) {n} [Pathol.] cardiosclerosis
[ia-en] IED :cardo {n} 1. thistle; 2. [Bot.] cardoon; 3. teasel; card, carding-brush
[ia-en] IED :cariar {v} [Med.] to rot, affect with caries
[ia-en] IED :carillon [F] {n} carillon, chimes
[ia-en] IED :carinar {v} [Nant.] to careen (to cause to heel over)
[ia-en] IED :carnation {n} 1. complexion, skin coloring; 2. [Art] carnation
[ia-en] IED :carosello {n} carrousel (1. [Man.]; 2. merry-go-round)
[ia-en] IED :carotina {n} [Chem.] carotene, carotin
[ia-en] IED :carpa {n} [Ichthyol.] carp
[ia-en] IED :carpal {adj} [Anat.] carpal
[ia-en] IED :carpo {n} [Anat.] wrist, carpus
[ia-en] IED :carpo- {n} [occurring in compounds] carpo-, carp- (fruit)
[ia-en] IED :`carro triumphal' [Antiq.] triumphal car or chariot
[ia-en] IED :cartel {n} cartel (1. written challenge; 2. written agreement as to the exchange or ransom of prisoners; 3. [Com.])
[ia-en] IED :cartonage (-aje) {n} 1. pasteboard work; 2. [Bookbinding] boarding, (binding in) paper boards
[ia-en] IED :cartonar {v} [Bookbinding] to board, bind in boards
[ia-en] IED :cartucha (-sh-) {n} [Mil.] cartridge
[ia-en] IED :Caryas (cá-) {npr} [Anc. Geog.] Caryae
[ia-en] IED :caryatide (-átide) {n} [Arch.] caryatid
[ia-en] IED :caryo- {n} [occurring in compounds] 1. caryo-, cary- (nut); 2. [Biol.] karyo- (nucleus)
[ia-en] IED :caryocinese (caryo·cinese) {n} [Biol.] karyokinesis, cell division
[ia-en] IED :caryocinetic (caryo·cinetic) {adj} [Biol.] karyokinetic
[ia-en] IED :caryopse (cary·opse) {n} [Bot.] caryopsis
[ia-en] IED :caserna {n} [Mil.] barracks
[ia-en] IED :caso {n} case (1. special condition; 2. [Gram.]);
[ia-en] IED :cassa {n} 1. box, case; 2. cashbox, till ({also:} place, office, establishment, etc. where money is kept, received or paid, as "cashier's desk," "savings bank," "sick fund," etc.); 3. [Mus.] (side-)drum; 4. coffin, casket;
[ia-en] IED :`cassa del tympano' [Anat.] ear-drum
[ia-en] IED :castello {n} castle (1. fortified seigniorial mansion; 2. [Naut.]);
[ia-en] IED :castor (1) {n} beaver (1. [Zool.]; 2. beaver hat)
[ia-en] IED :Castor (2) (cás-) {npr} Castor (1. [Gr. Mythol.]; 2. [Astron.])
[ia-en] IED :cata- {prefixo} [`cat-' before `-h-' and vowels; used chiefly in technical terms] cata-, cat- (1. down, downwards; 2. against; 3. reflected)
[ia-en] IED :catalepsia (-ía) {n} catalepsy (1. [Med.]; 2. [Philos.])
[ia-en] IED :catalyse (-ályse) {n} [Physical Chem.] catalysis
[ia-en] IED :cataplasma {n} [Med.] poultice, cataplasm
[ia-en] IED :catapulta {n} catapult (1. [Gr. and Rom. Antiq.]; 2. [Aeronaut.])
[ia-en] IED :cataracta {n} cataract (1. waterfall; 2. [Med.])
[ia-en] IED :catarrhin {adj} [Zool.] catarrhine
[ia-en] IED :catarrhino {n} [Zool.] catarrhine;
[ia-en] IED :catastrophe (-tás-) {n} catastrophe (1. sudden disaster; 2. [Drama])
[ia-en] IED :catech- {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :catechisar {n} 1. [Eccl.] to catechize; 2. to indoctrinate
[ia-en] IED :catechumeno (-cú-) {n} [Eccl.] catechumen
[ia-en] IED :categoria (-ía) {n} category (1. [Philos.]; 2. group or division in a system of classification)
[ia-en] IED :categoric {adj} categorical, categoric (1. [Philos.] pertaining to a logical category; 2. asserting absolutely)
[ia-en] IED :cathodic {adj} cathodic; {also:} [Bot., Med.] kathodic
[ia-en] IED :cathodo (cát-) {n} [Elec.] cathode
[ia-en] IED :catholic {adj} [Eccl.] Catholic
[ia-en] IED :catholicismo {n} [Eccl.] Catholicism
[ia-en] IED :cation (cá-) {n} [Phys.] cation
[ia-en] IED :catoptric {adj} [Phys.] catoptric (pertaining to a mirror or to reflected light)
[ia-en] IED :catoptro- {n} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] catoptro- , catoptr- (mirror)
[ia-en] IED :caucasian {adj} Caucasian (1. pertaining to the Caucasus; 2. [Anthropol.] white)
[ia-en] IED :caustic {adj} caustic (1. corrotive; 2. sarcastic; 3. [Math.])
[ia-en] IED :caustica {n} [Math.] caustic
[ia-en] IED :cauterio {n} 1. cautery (agent used in cauterizing; 2. [Med.] issue (produced by cauterizlng)
[ia-en] IED :cav- [cav-/caut-] {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :cavallero {n} I. cavalier (1. gallant; 2. [Hist.]; 3. [Fortif.]); II. knight; III. horseman; {also:} cavalryman;
[ia-en] IED :[ce] 1. {adj} this, that; 2. {pron} this, that;
[ia-en] IED :`intestino cec' [Anat.] blind gut, caecum
[ia-en] IED :ced- [ced-/ces-;-cid-/-cis-] {v} [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
[ia-en] IED :ceder [ced-/cess-] {v} to cede, yield
[ia-en] IED :cedilla [H] {n} cedilla
[ia-en] IED :-cele {n} [occurring in compounds] -cele ((tumor; hernia)
[ia-en] IED :celesta {n} [Mus.] celesta
[ia-en] IED :cell- [cell-/cels-] {v} [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
[ia-en] IED :[celle] {dem adj} 1. that; those; 2. (the) former (first of two) (ille)
[ia-en] IED :[celles] {dem pron} those (illes)
[ia-en] IED :[cello] {dem pron} 1. that (one); 2. the former (ille)
[ia-en] IED :cellula {n} [Biol.] cell
[ia-en] IED :celtibero (celt·ibero) {n} [Anc. Hist.] Celtiberian
[ia-en] IED :cementar {v} to cement (1. to unite by means of a cement; 2. [Metal.] to subject to cementation)
[ia-en] IED :cementation {n} cementation (1. [Constr.]; 2. [Metal.])
[ia-en] IED :cemento {n} cement (1. [Constr.]; 2. [Anat.] cementum; 3. [Metal.] powder used in cementation);
[ia-en] IED :cen- (1) {adj} [occurring in compounds] ceno-; -cene (recent)
[ia-en] IED :cen- (2) {adj} [occurring in compounds] ceno- (empty)
[ia-en] IED :cen- (3) {adj} [occurring in compounds] ceno-, coeno-, cen-, coen- (common)
[ia-en] IED :cenozoic (ceno·zoic) (-zóic) {adj} [Geol.] Cenozoic
[ia-en] IED :cenozoico (-zóico) {n} [Geol.] Cenozoic
[ia-en] IED :censer [cens-/cens-] {v} 1. to take a census; 2. to censor
[ia-en] IED :censor {n} I. censor (1. [Rom. Antiq.]; 2. official in charge of censorship); II. critic, faultfinder; III. [School] monitor, censor, proctor, etc.; IV. census taker
[ia-en] IED :cent (pl cents) [A] {n} [Monet.] cent
[ia-en] IED :centaurea {n} 1. [Bot.] Centaurea; 2. [Bot.] centaury
[ia-en] IED :centauro {n} [Mythol.] centaur;
[ia-en] IED :`Centauro' [Astron.] Centaurus
[ia-en] IED :centavo [H,P] {n} [Monet.] centavo
[ia-en] IED :centesimo (-ésimo) (pl centesimi) [I] {n} [Monet.] centesimo
[ia-en] IED :centime [F] {n} [Monet.] centime
[ia-en] IED :centimo (cén-) [H] {n} [Monet.] centimo
[ia-en] IED :centistereo (centi·stereo) {n} [Metric System] centistere
[ia-en] IED :central (2) {n} center, central office or plant, etc.; specif.: (telephone) exchange; [Elec.] power station
[ia-en] IED :centumviro (centum·viro) (-túm-) {n} [Rom. Antiq.] centumvir
[ia-en] IED :cenuro (cen·uro) {n} [Zool.] coenurus
[ia-en] IED :cephal- {n} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] cephalo- (head)
[ia-en] IED :cephalalgia (cephal·algia) (-ía) {n} [Pathol.] cephalalgia
[ia-en] IED :cephalopodo (cephalo·podo) (-ópodo) {n} [Zool.] cephalopod;
[ia-en] IED :`cephalopodos' [Zool.] Cephalopoda
[ia-en] IED :cer- [cer-/cerat-] {n} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] cer-, cerat-, cerato-, cerot- (horn)
[ia-en] IED :cerato {n} [Pharm.] cerate
[ia-en] IED :Cerbero (cér-) {npr} [Mythol.] Cerberus
[ia-en] IED :cere-' [occurring in compounds]
[ia-en] IED :cerefolio (cere·folio) {n} [Bot.] chervil
[ia-en] IED :ceremoniero {n} [Hist.; R.C.Ch., etc.] master of ceremonies
[ia-en] IED :cereo {n} 1. [Eccl.] (large) wax candle, cierge; 2. [Bot.] cereus;
[ia-en] IED :Ceres (cé-) {npr} [Rom. Relig.] Ceres
[ia-en] IED :cerner [cern-/-cret-] {v} to separate, sift
[ia-en] IED :cerussite {n} [Mineral.] cerussite
[ia-en] IED :Cesare {npr} [Rom. Hist.] Caesar
[ia-en] IED :cession {n} [Law] cession, assignment
[ia-en] IED :cessionario {n} [Law] assignee
[ia-en] IED :cesura {n} [Pros.] caesura
[ia-en] IED :[cetere] (cé-) {adj} 1. other; 2. remaining
[ia-en] IED :[cetero (1)] (cé-) {adv} 1. otherwise, in other respects; 2. besides, for the rest
[ia-en] IED :[cetero (2), ceterum] (cé-) {n} remainder, rest
[ia-en] IED :chaco (sh-) {n} [Chess] check;
[ia-en] IED :chaise [F] {n} chair (seat for one person);
[ia-en] IED :`chaise longue [F] chaise longue;
[ia-en] IED :chalet [F] {n} chalet
[ia-en] IED :Cham {npr} [Bib.] Ham
[ia-en] IED :chame- {adv} [occurring in compounds] chame-, chamae- (on the ground)
[ia-en] IED :Champagne [F] {npr} Champagne;
[ia-en] IED :champignon [F] {n} champignon; (common or fied) mushroom
[ia-en] IED :champion [A] {n} [Sports] champion
[ia-en] IED :chaperon [F] {n} chaperon
[ia-en] IED :char à bancs [F] {n} char-à-banc
[ia-en] IED :characteristica {n} characteristic (1. characteristic trait; 2. [Math.])
[ia-en] IED :charade [F] {n} (word) charade
[ia-en] IED :charlatan [F] {n} charlatan
[ia-en] IED :charme [F] {n} charm, attractiveness
[ia-en] IED :charpa (sh-) {n} [Clothing] sash
[ia-en] IED :chartreuse [F] {n} chartreuse (liqueur made by Carthusian monks)
[ia-en] IED :chassator (sh-) {n} I. hunter, huntsman; II. chaser (1. [Navy]; 2. [Naut.] chase-gun); III. [Mil.] chasseur
[ia-en] IED :chassis [F] {n} chassis (body-frame of an automobile)
[ia-en] IED :chauffeur [F] {n} chauffeur
[ia-en] IED :Chauvin, Nicolas {npr} [excessively patriotic soldier of the Napoleonic army]
[ia-en] IED :chef [F] {n} 1. chief, leader; 2. head (of an organization, firm, etc.);
[ia-en] IED :Cheka [R] {n} Cheka
[ia-en] IED :chenille [F] {n} chenille
[ia-en] IED :cheque [A] {n} [Bank.] check, cheque
[ia-en] IED :cheta {n} [Zool.] chaeta (spine, bristle)
[ia-en] IED :chetopode (cheto·pode) (-tó-) {adj} [Zool.] chaetopod, chaetopodous
[ia-en] IED :chetopodos (-tó-) {npl} [Zool.] Chaetopoda
[ia-en] IED :chic (1) [F] {adj} stylish, chic
[ia-en] IED :chic (2) [F] {n} chic
[ia-en] IED :chiffonier [F] {n} chiffonier
[ia-en] IED :chili- {n/adj} [occurring in derivatives] chili- (thousand)
[ia-en] IED :chimera {n} I. chimera (1. [Mythol.]; 2. fanciful creation, figment of the imagination); II. [Ichthyol.] chimaera
[ia-en] IED :chir- {n} [occurring in compounds] chir-, chiro-, cheir-, cheiro- (hand)
[ia-en] IED :chiroptere (chiro·ptere) {adj} [zool.] chiropterous
[ia-en] IED :chiropteros (-róp-) {npl} [Zool.] Chiroptera
[ia-en] IED :chlor- {adj} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] chlor-, chloro- (green)
[ia-en] IED :chloral (chlor·al) {n} chloral (1. [Chem.]; 2. chloral hydrate);
[ia-en] IED :chlorosis (-ósis) {n} chlorosis (1. [Med.]; 2. [Bot.])
[ia-en] IED :chloruro {n} [Chem.] chloride
[ia-en] IED :choleric {adj} 1. [Med.] choleraic; 2. choleric, irascible
[ia-en] IED :cholerina {n} [Med.] cholerine
[ia-en] IED :chorda {n} I. chord (1. string of a musical instrument; 2. [Geom.]); II. [Anat.] tendon;
[ia-en] IED :chrom- [-ma/-mat-] {n} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] chrom-, chromo-, chromat-, chromato- (color)
[ia-en] IED :chromatic {adj} chromatic (1. of color; 2. [Mus.]);
[ia-en] IED :chromatica {n} [Colorimetry] chromatics
[ia-en] IED :chromatismo {n} chromatism (1. [Bot.]; 2. [Opt.])
[ia-en] IED :chromato {n} [Chem.] chromate
[ia-en] IED :chromatophore (chromato·phore) {adj} [Zool.] chromatophorous, chromatophoric
[ia-en] IED :chromatophoro (-tó-) {n} [Zool.] chromatophore
[ia-en] IED :chromic {adj} [Chem.] chromic
[ia-en] IED :chromophoro (-mó-) {n} [Chem., Phys.] chromophore
[ia-en] IED :chromosoma (chromo·soma) {n} [Biol.] chromosome
[ia-en] IED :chromosphera (chromo·sphera) {n} [Astron.] chromosphere
[ia-en] IED :chronic {adj} [Med.] chronic
[ia-en] IED :chronica {n} 1. chronicle; 2. [Journ.] column (part of newspaper devoted to a special subject);
[ia-en] IED :chrono- {n} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] chrono-, chron- (time)
[ia-en] IED :chronographo (chrono·grapho) (-ógrapho) {n} [Astron., etc.] chronograph
[ia-en] IED :chryso- {n} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] chryso-, chrys- (gold)
[ia-en] IED :chrysoberyllo (chryso·beryllo) {n} [Mineral.] chrysoberyl
[ia-en] IED :chrysolitho (chryso·litho) (-ó-) {n} [Mineral.] chrysolith
[ia-en] IED :chthon- {n} [occurrig in derivatives and compounds] chthon- (earth)
[ia-en] IED :[ci] {adv} here;
[ia-en] IED :Ciceron {npr} [Rom. Hist.] Cicero
[ia-en] IED :cicerone [I] {n} cicerone (Italian guide to Roman antiquities)
[ia-en] IED :cicuta {n} hemlock (1. [Bot.] Cicuta; 2. poisonous drink of hemlock)
[ia-en] IED :cimicaria {n} [Bot.] bugbane
[ia-en] IED :cin- {v} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] kin-, kine- (to move)
[ia-en] IED :cinchonina {n} [Chem.] cinchonine
[ia-en] IED :cinchonismo {n} [Med.] cinchonism, quininism
[ia-en] IED :cincturon {n} [Mil.] waist belt
[ia-en] IED :cinema- [-ma/-mat-] {n} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] cinemato-, cinemat-, cinemo-, kinemato-, kinemat-, kinemo- (motion)
[ia-en] IED :cinet- {adj} [occurring in compounds] kineto- (moving)
[ia-en] IED :cinger [cing-/cinct-] {v} 1. to gird, girdle; 2. to gird on; 3. to surround
[ia-en] IED :cinquefolio (cinque·folio) {n} [Bot.] cinquefoil
[ia-en] IED :-cipe {n} [occurring in compounds]
[ia-en] IED :-cipite (-cí-) {adj} [occurring in compounnds]
[ia-en] IED :circuito (-úito) {n} circuit (1. circuitous route; 2. [Elec.]);
[ia-en] IED :circulo {n} circle (1. [Math.]; 2. group of people held together by the same interests);
[ia-en] IED :[circum] (cír-) {prep} around, around about
[ia-en] IED :circumcider [-cid-/-cis-] {v} to circumcise
[ia-en] IED :circumflecter [-flect-/-flex-] {v} to circumflex (1. to flex or bend round; 2. [Gram.])
[ia-en] IED :circumflexe {adj} [Gram.] circumflex;
[ia-en] IED :circumloquer [-loqu-/-locut-] {v} to use circumlocution
[ia-en] IED :circumscriber [-scrib-/-script-] {v} circumscribe (1. to draw a line around; 2. to limit, restrict)
[ia-en] IED :circumspic- [-spic-/-spect-] {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :`circumstantias aggravante, attenuante' [Law] aggravating, extenuating circumstances
[ia-en] IED :circumvallation {n} [Fortif.] circumvallation
[ia-en] IED :circumvolver [-volv-/-volut-] {v} to circumvolve (to perform a circumvolution)
[ia-en] IED :[cis] {prep} on this side (of)
[ia-en] IED :cisalpin {adj} [Geog.] cisalpine
[ia-en] IED :citar {v} to cite (1. [Law] to summon; {also:} to arraign; 2. to quote)
[ia-en] IED :citation {n} citation (1. [Law] summons; 2. quotation)
[ia-en] IED :[cito] {adv} 1. quickly, speedily; 2. soon
[ia-en] IED :citrato {n} [Chem.] citrate
[ia-en] IED :citro {n} 1. [Bot.] Citrus; 2. citron; {also:} lemon
[ia-en] IED :cive {n} citizen (1. [Hist.] inhahitant of a city or town; 2. "citizen of a country or state")
[ia-en] IED :cla- {v} [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
[ia-en] IED :[clam] 1. {adv} secretly; 2. {prep} without the knowledge of, unknown to
[ia-en] IED :claque [F] {n} [Theat.] claque
[ia-en] IED :clarino {n} [Mus.] clarino, clarion
[ia-en] IED :Clarissa {nprf} Clarissa; clarissa [R.C.Ch.] Clare, Clarist nun
[ia-en] IED :-clase {n} [occurring in compounds] -clasee, -clasia (breaking, breaking up, splitting)
[ia-en] IED :classico {n} 1. classic (writer or work of the first rank and of acknowledged excellence); 2. [Lit., Art] classicist
[ia-en] IED :-clasta {n} [occurring in compounds] -classt (breaker, smasher)
[ia-en] IED :clastic {adj} clastic (1. as in "clastic models"; 2. [Petrography])
[ia-en] IED :clauder [claud-/claus-;-clud-/-clus-] {v} to close (1. to shut, stop up; 2. to bring to an end)
[ia-en] IED :caustrophobia (caustro·phobia) (-ía) {n} [Psychopathol.] claustrophobia
[ia-en] IED :clausula {n} [Law] clause
[ia-en] IED :clausura {n} 1. enclosure (enclosed space); 2. (act of) closing, ending; 3. [Parl.] closure, cloture
[ia-en] IED :clausurar {v} 1. to enclose (a field, etc.); 2. to conclude, terminate; 3. [Parl.] to closure
[ia-en] IED :clave {n} 1. key (instrument that locks and unlocks); 2. [Techn.] wrench; 3. [Mus.] clef; 4. [Mus.] stop (of a wind instrument); 5. key (of a piano, organ, etc.);
[ia-en] IED :`clave (de contacto)' [Elec.] contact plug or pin;
[ia-en] IED :`clave de violino' [Mus.] G or treble or violin clef;
[ia-en] IED :`clave de basso', `clave de fa' [Mus.] F or base clef;
[ia-en] IED :clavicular {adj} [Anat.] clavicular
[ia-en] IED :clavo 1. nail, tack; 2. [Pathol.] boil; 3.[Spices] clove
[ia-en] IED :clearing [A] {n} [Com.] clearing
[ia-en] IED :clearinghouse [A] {n} [Com.] clearinghouse
[ia-en] IED :cliché [F] {n} I. cliché (1. mat, stereotype matrix; 2. trite phrase); II. [Photog.] negative
[ia-en] IED :cliente {n} I. client (1. [Rom. Antiq.]; 2. as in "lawyer's client"); II. customer
[ia-en] IED :clientela {n} 1. [Hist.] patronage (protection given by a patron to his client); 2. clientele (body of clients or customers)
[ia-en] IED :clin- {n} [occurring in compounds and derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :clique [F] {n} clique, coterie
[ia-en] IED :cloaca (-á-) {n} cloaca (1. sewer; 2. [Zool.])
[ia-en] IED :clown [A] {n} clown
[ia-en] IED :club [A] {n} club (as in "tennis club, literary club, etc.")
[ia-en] IED :co- {prefixo} [used with nouns and adjectives] co- (joint, fellow)
[ia-en] IED :coadjutor {n} coadjutor (1. coadjutant; 2. [Eccl.])
[ia-en] IED :coadjuvar [-juv-/-jut-] {v} to assist, aid
[ia-en] IED :coager [-ag-/-act-] {v} to coerce, compel
[ia-en] IED :coal- {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :coaltar [A] {n} coal tar
[ia-en] IED :cobaltite {n} [Mineral.] colbaltite
[ia-en] IED :cobra {n} [Zool.l cobra
[ia-en] IED :coccinella {n} [Zool.l (Coccinella; {also:} ladybird, ladybug
[ia-en] IED :cocco- {n} [occurring in compounds] cocco-, cocc- (grain, seed, berry)
[ia-en] IED :cocer [coc-/coct ] {v} 1. to cook (as in "to cook meat, vegetables, etc."); 2. to bake ("to bake pottery");
[ia-en] IED :cocktail [Al {n} cocktail
[ia-en] IED :coclea, cochlea {n} 1. snail; {also:} snail shell; 2. [Anat.] cochlea
[ia-en] IED :coclearia, cochlearia {n} [Bot.] Cochlearia
[ia-en] IED :cocon [F] {n} cocoon
[ia-en] IED :coda [I] {n} [Mus.] coda
[ia-en] IED :codicillo {n} [Law] codicil
[ia-en] IED :coefficiente {n} [Math.] coefficient
[ia-en] IED :Cognac [F] {npr} Cognac; cognac cognac
[ia-en] IED :cognation {n} 1. blood relationship, kinship; 2. [Law] cognation
[ia-en] IED :cognato {n} [Law] cognate (1. kinsman; 2. relative on the mother's side)
[ia-en] IED :cognition {n} [Philos.] cognition
[ia-en] IED :cognoscer [-gnosc-/-gnit-] {v} to know, be acquainted with; cognoscer un persona de vista or de nomine to know someone by sight or by name; facer cognoscer to make known
[ia-en] IED :coherer [-her-/-hes-] {v} to cohere, be coherent
[ia-en] IED :coheritor {n} [Radio] coherer
[ia-en] IED :cohesor {n} [Radio] coherer
[ia-en] IED :cohorte {n} [Rom. Antiq.] cohort
[ia-en] IED :coke [A] {n} coke
[ia-en] IED :cold-cream [A] {n} [Cosmetics] cold cream
[ia-en] IED :coleo- {n} [occurring in compounds] coleo- (sheath)
[ia-en] IED :coleoptere (coleo·ptere) {adj} [Entom.] coleopterous
[ia-en] IED :coleoptero (-óp-) {n} [Entom.] coleopter, beetle; coleopteros [Entom.] Coleoptera
[ia-en] IED :coler [col-/cult-] {v} 1. to cultivate, till; 2. to abide, dwell; 3. to care for; 4. to honor, reverence, worship
[ia-en] IED :collaber [-lab/-laps-] {v} to collapse, break down
[ia-en] IED :collapso {n} [Med.] collapse, breakdown
[ia-en] IED :collecta {n} 1. collection (act of collecting money for a particular purpose); 2. [Liturg.] collect
[ia-en] IED :collectivo {n} collective (1. collective whole; 2. [Gram.] "collective noun")
[ia-en] IED :collector {n} I. collector (1. one who collects stamps, books, prints, etc.; 2. official who collects taxes, duties, etc.); II. [Elec.] commutator
[ia-en] IED :collider [-lid-/-lis-] {v} to collide
[ia-en] IED :colliger [-lig-/-lect-] {v} I. to gather (1. to pick; 2. to infer); II. to collect (as in "to collect stamps")
[ia-en] IED :collo {n} 1. neck; 2. [Clothing] collar
[ia-en] IED :collodio {n} [Chem.] collodion
[ia-en] IED :colloquer [-loqu-/-locut-] {v} to converse, be engaged in colloquy
[ia-en] IED :colluder [-lud /-lus-] {v} to collude
[ia-en] IED :collusion {n} [Law] collusion
[ia-en] IED :colon {n} [Anat.] colon
[ia-en] IED :colonna {n} column (1. [Arch.]; 2. [Mil.])
[ia-en] IED :colorito {n} [Art] coloring
[ia-en] IED :columbario {n} [Rom. Antiq.] columbarium
[ia-en] IED :Columbina {npr} [Theat.] Columbine
[ia-en] IED :columbite {n} [Mineral.] columbite
[ia-en] IED :columbium (-lúm-) {n} [Chem.l columbium
[ia-en] IED :Columbo, Christophoro {npr} [1446?-1506] Christopher Columbus; le ovo de Columbo the egg of Columbus
[ia-en] IED :columna {n} column (1. [Arch.]; 2. [Print.]; 3. [Mil.]); columna vertebral spinal column, backbone; quinte columna fifth column
[ia-en] IED :com- {n} [occurring in derivatives]; Comus [Mythol.] Comus
[ia-en] IED :coma [-ma/-mat-] {n} coma
[ia-en] IED :combattente {n} 1. combatant; 2. [Ornith.] ruff (Machetes pugnax)
[ia-en] IED :comburente 1. ppr of comburer; 2. {adj} [Chem.] comburent
[ia-en] IED :comburer [-bur-/-bust-] {v} to burn up, consume
[ia-en] IED :combustion {n} combustion (1. process of burning; 2. [Chem.]; 3. violent agitation, tumult); combustion spontanee spontaneous combustion
[ia-en] IED :comma {n} comma (1. [Typog.]; 2. [Mus.])
[ia-en] IED :commandante {n} [Army, Navy] commander; {also:} commandant
[ia-en] IED :commedia dell'arte [I] commedia dell' arte
[ia-en] IED :commensurabile {adj} [Math.] commensurable, commeasurable
[ia-en] IED :commentario {n} 1. commentary (series of annotations on a text); 2. comments (malicious talk); commentarios [Hist.] commentaries, memoirs
[ia-en] IED :commiscer [-misc-/-mixt-] {v} to mix together, intermingle
[ia-en] IED :commissar {n} [U.S.S.R.] commissar
[ia-en] IED :committee [A] {n} committee
[ia-en] IED :committer [-mitt-/-miss-] {v} to commit (1. to entrust; 2. to perpetrate)
[ia-en] IED :commodato {n} [Law] commodatum, commodate
[ia-en] IED :commodore [A] {n} commodore (officer's rank in certain navies, with functions varying from nation to nation)
[ia-en] IED :commover [-mov-/-mot-] {v} to move (to affect with emotion)
[ia-en] IED :communa {n} [Admin., Pol.] commune; Communa (de Paris) Paris Commune
[ia-en] IED :communitate {n} community (1. "community of interest, ideas, etc."; 2. [Sociol., Pol., etc.])
[ia-en] IED :commutar {v} to commute (1. to change, exchange; 2. [Law]; 3. [Elec.] to commutate); commutar in [Law] to commute to
[ia-en] IED :commutation {n} commutation (1. exchange; substitution; 2. [Law]; 3. [Elec.])
[ia-en] IED :commutator {n} [Elec.] commutator, change-over switch
[ia-en] IED :compania (-ía) {n} company (1. companionship; 2. group of people joined together for some purpose; 3. [Mil.]); tener compania a un persona to keep someone company; Smith e Compania Smith and Co.
[ia-en] IED :compartimento {n} compartment (1. division, partition, etc.; 2. [R.R.])
[ia-en] IED :compasso {n} compass (1. pair of compasses; 2. [Naut.])
[ia-en] IED :compatir [-pat-/-pass-] {v} to feel compassion; compatir a to feel compassion for, commiserate with
[ia-en] IED :compeller [-pell-/-puls-] {v} to compel (1. to drive together; 2. to urge with force)
[ia-en] IED :comping- [-ping-/-pact-] {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :complect- [-plect-/-plex-] {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :complemento {n} complement (that which completes); also: [Math., Gram.]; complemento directe, indirecte direct, indirect object; complemento (de loco, de maniera, etc.) adverbial phrase (of place, manner, etc.)
[ia-en] IED :completa {n} [Eccl.] complin
[ia-en] IED :complexo {n} complex (1. complex whole; 2. [Psychol.]); complexo de inferioritate inferiority complex; complexo de superioritate superiority complex; complexo de Edipo Oedipus complex
[ia-en] IED :componer [-pon-/-posit-/-post-] {v} to compose (1. to compound, put together; 2. "to compose music"; 3. to settle, as in "to compose a dispute"); componer se de to consist, be composed, of; componer con (su creditores) to compound or compromise with (one's creditors)
[ia-en] IED :composition {n} composition (1. act of composing; 2. [Mus., Art]; 3. compromise; 4. [Typog.]; 5. [Gram.])
[ia-en] IED :composito (-pó-) {n} 1. compound, composite; 2. [Chem.] compound
[ia-en] IED :comprehender [-hend-/-hens-] {v} to comprehend (1. to understand; 2. to include, comprise)
[ia-en] IED :comprehension {n} comprehension (1. act or faculty of understanding; 2. [Logic] the sum of the attributes comprehended in a concept)
[ia-en] IED :comprender [-prend-/-prens-] {v} to comprehend (1. to understand; 2. to include, comprise)
[ia-en] IED :comprension {n} comprehension (1. act or faculty of understanding; 2. [Logic] the sum of the attributes comprehended in a concept)
[ia-en] IED :compressa {n} [Med.] compress
[ia-en] IED :compression {n} compression; pumpa de compression [Mach.] compressor
[ia-en] IED :compressor {n} compressor (1. [Anat.]; 2. [Mach.]; 3. [Med.])
[ia-en] IED :comprimer [-prim-/-press-] {v} 1. to compress; 2. to repress, check
[ia-en] IED :compromitter [-mitt-/-miss-] {v} to compromise (1. to expose to risk or danger; 2. as in "to compromise someone")
[ia-en] IED :compunger [-pung-/-punct-] {v} to move to remorse; compunger se to repent, feel remorse or compunction
[ia-en] IED :con- {prefixo} [`co-' before `-h-' and vowels; `col-' before `-l-'; `com-' before `-b-', `-m-', `-p-'; `cor-' before `-r-'] con-, co-, col-, cor- (with, together, jointly, mutually)
[ia-en] IED :conceder [-ced-/-cess-] {v} to concede, grant
[ia-en] IED :concentrar {v} to concentrate (1. to focus, center; 2. [(Chem.]; 3. [Mil.])
[ia-en] IED :concentrate I. pp of concentrar; II. {adj} 1. [Chem.] concentrated; 2. close, reticent, reserved
[ia-en] IED :concentration {n} concentration (1. action of concentrating or centering; 2. [Chem.])
[ia-en] IED :conceptaculo {n} [Bot.] conceptacle
[ia-en] IED :conception {n} conception (1. [Physiol.]; 2. "mental conception")
[ia-en] IED :concepto {n} 1. concept; 2. [Lit.] concetto, conceit
[ia-en] IED :conceptualismo {n} [Philos.] conceptualism
[ia-en] IED :conceptualista {n} [Philos.] conceptualist
[ia-en] IED :concertante {adj} [Mus.] concertante (as in "a concertante part")
[ia-en] IED :concertina {n} [Mus.] concertina
[ia-en] IED :concerto {n} I. concert (1. [Mus.]; 2. agreement, harmony); II. concerto; de concerto in concert, in unison
[ia-en] IED :concha {n} I. conch, marine shell; II. concha (1. [Anat.]; 2. [Arch.])
[ia-en] IED :conchoide {n} [Geom.] conchoid
[ia-en] IED :concid- [-cid-/-cis-] {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :conciper [-cip /-cept-] {v} to conceive (1. [Physiol.]; 2. "to conceive mentally")
[ia-en] IED :concipimento {n} [Physiol.] conception
[ia-en] IED :conclave {n} [Eccl.] conclave
[ia-en] IED :conclavista {n} [Eccl.] conclavist
[ia-en] IED :concluder [-clud-/-clus-] {v} to conclude (1. to bring to a close; 2. to reach a final settlement of; 3. to infer)
[ia-en] IED :concordar {v} to agree (to be in agreement); {also:} [Gram.]
[ia-en] IED :concresc- [-cresc-/-cret-] {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :concurrente 1. ppr of concurrer; 2. {adj} [Geom.] concurrent concurrente {n} 1. competitor, rival; 2. contestant (one who takes part in a contest)
[ia-en] IED :concurrer [-curr-/-curs-] {v} I. to run together and meet; II. to concur (1. to agree in opinion; 2. to work jointly); III. to compete
[ia-en] IED :concuter [-cut-/-cuss-] {v} 1. to shake violently; 2. to force by threats
[ia-en] IED :conditional {adj} conditional conditional {n} [Gram.] conditional
[ia-en] IED :condor (cón-) {n} [Ornith.] condor
[ia-en] IED :conducer [-duc-/-duct-] {v} to conduct (1. to guide, lead; 2. to direct; 3. [Phys.] to transmit); conducer se to conduct oneself; {also:} to behave
[ia-en] IED :conduction {n} conduction (1. [Law] conductio; 2. [Physiol.])
[ia-en] IED :conductor {n} conductor (1. one who guides or directs; 2. "railway conductor, bus conductor, etc."; 3. [Phys.])
[ia-en] IED :confection {n} 1. making, compounding, etc.; 2. [Pharm.] confection; 3. readymade apparel, confection
[ia-en] IED :confectionar {v} 1. to make, manufacture, confect; 2. [Pharm.] to confection (to make into a confection)
[ia-en] IED :confederato {n} confederate, ally; le Confederatos [Hist.] the Confederates
[ia-en] IED :confetti [I] {n} confetti; {also:} a piece of confetti
[ia-en] IED :confic- [-fic-/-fect-] {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :confidentia {n} confidence (1. "confidence in someone or something"; 2. thing told in confidence); confidentia in confidence in; voto de confidentia [Parl.] vote of confidence; facer un confidentia a to make a confidence to; in confidentia in confidence; (persona) de confidentia trustworthy (person)
[ia-en] IED :confirmar {v} to confirm (1. to corroborate, establish; 2. [Eccl.])
[ia-en] IED :confirmation {n} confirmation (1. corroboration, establishment; 2. [Eccl.])
[ia-en] IED :confit- [-fit-/-fess-] {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :confliger [-flig-/-flict-] {v} to conflict
[ia-en] IED :confluente {adj} confluent (1. flowing together; 2. [Med.]) confluente {n} 1. confluent; 2. confluence (place where two or more rivers, etc., unite)
[ia-en] IED :Confucio {npr} Confucius [B.C. 551-478, Chinese philosopher]
[ia-en] IED :confunder [-fund-/-fus-] {v} I. to (cause to) merge, intermingle; II. to confuse (to fail to distinguish between); III. to confound, confuse (1. to throw into disorder; 2. to bewilder, perplex; {also:} to baffle)
[ia-en] IED :confusion {n} confusion (1. disorder; 2. embarrassment; also: bafflement; 3. [Law])
[ia-en] IED :congerer [-ger-/-gest-] {v} to congest (to cause an obstructive accumulation); {also:} [Med.]
[ia-en] IED :congestion {n} congestion; {also:} [Med.]
[ia-en] IED :congestionar {v} [Med.] to congest
[ia-en] IED :congred- [-gred-/-gress-] {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :congregational {adj} congregational; {also:} [Eccl.] Congregational
[ia-en] IED :congruente 1. ppr of congruer; 2. {adj} congruent; {also:} [Math.]
[ia-en] IED :congruentia {n} congruence; {also:} [Math.]
[ia-en] IED :conic {adj} conic; section conic [Math.] conic section
[ia-en] IED :conifere {adj} [Bot.] coniferous (bearing cones)
[ia-en] IED :coniferes {npl} [Bot.] Coniferae
[ia-en] IED :conirostre (coni·rostre) {adj} [Zool.] conirostral
[ia-en] IED :conirostro {n} [Zool.] coniroster
[ia-en] IED :conjicer [-jic-/ject-] {v} to conjecture, make conjectures
[ia-en] IED :conjugabile {adj} [Gram.] conjugable
[ia-en] IED :conjugar {v} 1. to yoke together; 2. [Gram.] to conjugate
[ia-en] IED :conjugate 1. pp of conjugar; 2. {adj} [Bot.] conjugate
[ia-en] IED :conjugation {n} [Gram.] conjugation
[ia-en] IED :conjugational {adj} [Gram.] conjugational
[ia-en] IED :conjunction {n} conjunction (1. union; 2. [Astrol., Astron.]; 3. [Gram.])
[ia-en] IED :conjunctiva {n} [Anat.] conjunctiva
[ia-en] IED :conjunctivo {n} [Gram.] subjunctive (mood)
[ia-en] IED :conjunctura {n} 1. [Anat.] articulation, joint; 2. conjuncture, juncture
[ia-en] IED :conjunger [-jung-/junct-] {v} to conjoin, unite, combine
[ia-en] IED :connecter [-nect-/-nex-] {v} to connect
[ia-en] IED :connective {adj} connective; texito connective [Anat.] connective tissue
[ia-en] IED :cono {n} cone (1. [Math.]; 2. [Bot.])
[ia-en] IED :conquirer [-quir-/-quest-/-quisit-] {v} to conquer (to gain dominion over)
[ia-en] IED :conscriber [-scrib-/-script-] {v} to enroll, conscript
[ia-en] IED :conscription {n} [Mil.] conscription
[ia-en] IED :conscripto {n} [Mil.] conscript
[ia-en] IED :consecration {n} consecration (1. action of consecrating; 2. [R.C.Ch.] Consecration; 3. sanction)
[ia-en] IED :consensual {adj} [Law] consensual
[ia-en] IED :consentir [-sent-/-sens-] {v} to consent
[ia-en] IED :consequente {adj} 1. consequent (following as a result or conclusion); 2. consistent (in reasoning, behavior, etc.) consequente {n} consequent (1. [Math.]; 2. apodosis of a conditional proposition); per consequente consequently
[ia-en] IED :consequer [-sequ-/-secut-] {v} to be the consequence of
[ia-en] IED :conserva {n} [Pharm.] conserve; conservas preserves, canned goods, etc.; in conserva canned, preserved
[ia-en] IED :2. [Pol.] conservative
[ia-en] IED :conservatorio {n} conservatory (1. [Mus.]; 2. greenhouse)
[ia-en] IED :consignar {v} to consign (1. to deposit; 2. [Com.]
[ia-en] IED :consignatario {n} [Com.] consignee
[ia-en] IED :consistorial {adj} [Eccl.] consistorial
[ia-en] IED :consistorio {n} [Eccl.] consistory
[ia-en] IED :consolida (-só-) {n} [Bot.] comfrey, consolida
[ia-en] IED :consommé [F] {n} consommé
[ia-en] IED :consonante 1. ppr of consonar; 2. {adj} [Mus., Phonet.] consonant consonante {n} consonant
[ia-en] IED :constante {n} [Math.] constant
[ia-en] IED :constantia {n} constancy Constantia {npr} Constance (1. [Geog.]; 2. nprf); Laco de Constantia Lake of Constance
[ia-en] IED :constat (cóns-) {n} [Law] constat
[ia-en] IED :constellation {n} [Astron.] constellation
[ia-en] IED :constituer [-stitu-/-stitut-] {v} I. to constitute (1. to make up; 2. to appoint; 3. to set up, establish); II. to settle (as in "to settle an annuity upon someone")
[ia-en] IED :constrictor {n} [Anat.] constrictor
[ia-en] IED :constringer [-string-/-strict-] {v} constrain (1. to compel; 2. to compress, clasp tightly)
[ia-en] IED :construer [-stru-/-struct-] {v} 1. to construct; 2. to construe
[ia-en] IED :consubstantial {adj} [Theol.] consubstantial
[ia-en] IED :consubstantialitate {n} [Theol.] consubstantiality
[ia-en] IED :consubstantiation {n} [Theol.] consubstantiation
[ia-en] IED :consul- [-sul-/-sult-] {v} [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
[ia-en] IED :consular {adj} consular (1. [Rom. Hist.]; 2. [Foreign Service])
[ia-en] IED :consulato {n} consulate (1. [Rom. Hist.]; 2. [Foreign Service])
[ia-en] IED :consule {n} consul (1. [Rom. Hist.]; 2. [Foreign Service])
[ia-en] IED :consumer [-sum-/-sumpt-] {v} to consume; consumer se de to be consumed with
[ia-en] IED :consumitor {n} consumer (1. one who destroys or uses up; 2. [Com.])
[ia-en] IED :consumption {n} consumption (1. act of consuming; 2. [Pathol.])
[ia-en] IED :contator {n} 1. counter (person or thing that counts); 2. meter (for gas, electricity, etc.); contator Geiger [Atomic Phys.] Geiger counter
[ia-en] IED :contemner [-ternn-/-tempt-] {v} to view with contempt, contemn
[ia-en] IED :contender [-tend-/-tent-] {v} to contend (to fight, struggle, dispute, etc.)
[ia-en] IED :conter- [-ter-/-trit-] {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :contexer [-tex-/-text-] {v} to interweave
[ia-en] IED :continer [-tin-/-tent-] {v} 1. to contain (to hold, comprise); 2. to control, restrain; continer se to contain oneself
[ia-en] IED :continger [-ting-/-tact-] {v} 1. to touch, be in contact with; 2. to happen (accidentally)
[ia-en] IED :continue {adj} continuous; currente continue [Elec.] continuous current; febre continue continued fever; fraction continue [Math.] continued fraction
[ia-en] IED :continuitate {n} continuity (1. continuousness; 2. continuum); solution de continuitate solution of continuity (1. [Med.]; 2. interruption)
[ia-en] IED :conto {n} I. account (1. calculation; 2. [Com.]); II. story, tale; conto currente current account; dar conto de to account for; a conto [Com.] on account; a conto de [Com.] to the account of
[ia-en] IED :contorquer [-torqu-/-tort-] {v} to contort; contorquer se to writhe (as in "to writhe in agony")
[ia-en] IED :contra {n} [Fencing] counter
[ia-en] IED :contrabasso {n} [Mus.] double bass, contrabass
[ia-en] IED :contractura {n} [Med.] contracture
[ia-en] IED :contradicer [-dic-/-dict-] {v} to contradict
[ia-en] IED :contrafacer [-fac-/-fact-] {v} to counterfeit (1. to feign, imitate, mimic; 2. to forge)
[ia-en] IED :contraforte {n} [Arch.] buttress
[ia-en] IED :contrafuga {n} [Mus.] counterfugue
[ia-en] IED :contraher [-trah-/-tract-] {v} to contract (1. to draw together, make smaller or narrower; 2. to enter into with mutual obligations; 3. to incur, acquire); contraher matrimonio to contract marriage or matrimony; contraher se to contract, shrink
[ia-en] IED :contralto {n} [Mus.] contralto
[ia-en] IED :contramarcha (-sh-) {n} [Mil.] countermarch
[ia-en] IED :contraponer [-pon-/-posit-] {v} to set over against, oppose
[ia-en] IED :contrapuncto {n} [Mus.] counterpoint
[ia-en] IED :contrascarpa {n} [Mil.] counterscarp
[ia-en] IED :contratempore {n} 1. mishap; 2. [Mus.] syncopation (rhythm in syncopated time); a contratempore at the wrong moment
[ia-en] IED :contravallation {n} [Fortif.] contravallation
[ia-en] IED :contravenir [-ven-/-vent-] {v} -; contravenir a to contravene (to act contrary to)
[ia-en] IED :contravisita (-ví-) {n} [Admin., Mil., etc.] cheek inspection
[ia-en] IED :contribuer [-tribu-/-tribut-] {v} to contribute (to furnish as a share); contribuer a to contribute to
[ia-en] IED :controverter [-vert-/-vers-] {v} to controvert
[ia-en] IED :contunder [-tund-/-tus-] {v} to contuse, bruise
[ia-en] IED :conveller [-vell-/-vuls-] {v} to convulse
[ia-en] IED :convenir [-ven-/-vent-] {v} 1. to convene, come together; 2. to agree (to come to an agreement); 3. to suit (to be fitting); il conveni de (facer le) it is fitting, advisable, to (do it)
[ia-en] IED :conversion {n} I. conversion (1. change, transmutation; 2. change to another religion, belief, opinion, etc.); II. [Mil.] wheel
[ia-en] IED :converso {n} 1. [Eccl.] lay brother; 2. convert
[ia-en] IED :converter [-vert-/-vers-] {v} to convert (1. to chance, transmute; 2. to change to another religion, belief, opinion, etc.)
[ia-en] IED :convincer [-vinc-/-vict-] {v} 1. to convince; 2. to convict (to prove guilty)
[ia-en] IED :convolver [-volv-/-volut-] {v} to convolve, convolute
[ia-en] IED :convolvulaceas {npl} [Bot.] Convolvulaceae
[ia-en] IED :convolvulacee {adj} [Bot.] convolvulaceous
[ia-en] IED :convolvulo {n} [Bot.] convolvulus; {also:} morning-glory
[ia-en] IED :convoyar {v} [Mil.] to convoy
[ia-en] IED :convoyo (-vó-) {n} 1. [Mil.] convoy; 2. [R.R.] train; convoyo funebre funeral procession
[ia-en] IED :convulsionario {n} [Relig.] Convulsionary
[ia-en] IED :coolie [A] {n} coolie
[ia-en] IED :coordinatas {npl} [Math.] coordinates
[ia-en] IED :coperir [-per-/-pert-] {v} to cover (1. to place or spread something on or over; 2. [Breeding]); coperir un foco to cover or bank a fire; coperir (le expensas, etc.) to cover (the expenses, etc.)
[ia-en] IED :Copernico, Nicolaus (-pér-, -láus) {npr} Nikolaus Copernicus [1473-1543; Polish astronomer]
[ia-en] IED :copia {n} 1. plenty, abundance, copiousness; 2. copy (reproduction); 3. [Photog.] print
[ia-en] IED :copiar {v} 1. to copy; 2. [Photog.] to print
[ia-en] IED :copula (có-) {n} I. [Gram.] copula; II. copulation (sexual union); III. couple (1. pair; 2. [Mech.])
[ia-en] IED :copulative {adj} 1. connective; 2. [Gram.] copulative
[ia-en] IED :copyright [A] {n} copyright
[ia-en] IED :corac- {n} [occurring in compounds] coraco- (crow, raven)
[ia-en] IED :corallina {n} [Zool.] coralline
[ia-en] IED :[coram] (có-) 1. {adv} in one's presence, openly, publicly; 2. {prep} in the presence of
[ia-en] IED :cordage (-aje) {n} [Naut.] cordage
[ia-en] IED :corde {n} heart; {also:} [Cards] heart, card of the suit of hearts;
[ia-en] IED :cordillera [H] {n} cordillera (mountain range);
[ia-en] IED :cordon {n} I. (small) cord; II. cordon (1. small braid worn as an ornament or badge; 2. [Mil.]); III. lace, string (as in "shoe lace", "corset string," etc.);
[ia-en] IED :cornalina {n} [Mineral.] cornelian
[ia-en] IED :cornetta {n} I. small horn, trumpet; II. cornet (1. [Mus.]; 2. [Mil.]; 3. [Naut.] burgee); III. standard (of cavalry)
[ia-en] IED :cornice (1) {n} [Ornith.] crow
[ia-en] IED :cornice (2) {n} [Arch.] cornice
[ia-en] IED :cornichon [F] {n} gherkin
[ia-en] IED :cornicula {n} [Ornith.] crow
[ia-en] IED :corno {n} horn (1. "horn of cattle, sheep, goats, etc."; 2. material of which horns are composed; 3. [Entom.] feeler, antenna; 4. [Mus.]);
[ia-en] IED :`corno anglese' [Mus.] English horn;
[ia-en] IED :corolla {n} [Bot.] corolla
[ia-en] IED :corollario {n} [Logic, Math.] corollary
[ia-en] IED :corollate {adj} [Bot.] corollate, corollated
[ia-en] IED :corollifere {adj} [Bot.] corolliferous
[ia-en] IED :corolliforme (corolli·forme) {adj} [Bot.] corolliform
[ia-en] IED :corona {n} 1. wreath; 2. crown; 3. [Fin.] crown, krone, etc.; 4. [Astron.] corona; 5. [Veter.] coronet
[ia-en] IED :coronal {adj} coronal (1. crown; 2. [Anat.]); osso coronal frontal bone
[ia-en] IED :corps [F] {n} [Mil.] corps; corps de armea [Mil.] army corps
[ia-en] IED :corpus delicti [L] [Law] corpus delicti
[ia-en] IED :corroder [-rod-/-ros-] {v} to corrode (to eat away gradually)
[ia-en] IED :corrumper [-rump-/-rupt-] {v} I. to rot, cause to decay; II. to corrupt (1. to make evil or wicked; 2. to bribe; 3. to make incorrect, falsify)
[ia-en] IED :corsage [F] {n} bodice, corsage
[ia-en] IED :corset [F] {n} corset, girdle
[ia-en] IED :corte {n} court (1. courtyard; 2. "court of a sovereign"; 3. [Law]; 4. courtship, wooing; corte de appello court of appeal; facer le corte a (un prince) to pay one's court or homage to (a sovereign); facer le corte a (un dama) to court, woo, pay attention to (a young lady); corte de recreation playground
[ia-en] IED :cortes [H] {npl} Cortes
[ia-en] IED :cortice (cór-) {n} 1. [Bot.] bark; 2. [Anat.] cortex
[ia-en] IED :corticose {adj} [Bot.] corticate, corticose
[ia-en] IED :cortina {n} curtain (1. as in "window curtain," "bed curtain"; 2. [Fortif.])
[ia-en] IED :cortinar {v} [Fortif.] to encurtain
[ia-en] IED :corvo {n} raven; crow; Corvo [Astron.] Corvus; corvo marin cormorant
[ia-en] IED :cosecante {n} [Trig.] cosecant
[ia-en] IED :cosinus (-sí-) {n} [Math.] cosine
[ia-en] IED :cossinetto {n} 1. small cushion; {also:} pincushion, pad etc.; 2. [Mech.] bearing; 3. [R.R.] rail chair; cossinetto de ballas ball bearing
[ia-en] IED :costa {n} 1. [Anat.] rib; 2. slope (of hill); 3. coast, seashore
[ia-en] IED :costal {adj} [Anat.] costal
[ia-en] IED :Costa Rica [H] {npr} Costa Rica
[ia-en] IED :costume {n} 1. custom, usage; 2. [Theat., etc.] costume; de costume usually; haber le costume de (facer un cosa) to be in the habit of (doing something), to be accustomed to (do something)
[ia-en] IED :cotangente {n} [Math.] cotangent
[ia-en] IED :cotelette [F] {n} cutlet, chop
[ia-en] IED :cotillon [F] {n} cotillion, cotillon
[ia-en] IED :cotutor {n} [Law] coguardian, cotutor
[ia-en] IED :coulisse [F] {n} 1. [Theat.] wing, side, scene; 2. [Fin.] outside market, free market; {also:} curb market
[ia-en] IED :Coulomb, Charles Augustin {npr} [1736-1806; physicist after whom the "coulomb" is named]; lege de Coulomb Coulomb's law
[ia-en] IED :coulomb (culómb) {n} [Elec.] coulomb
[ia-en] IED :coupé [F] {n} coupé (1. four-wheeled closed carriage with a seat for two people inside and a seat for the driver outside; 2. closed, two-door automobile; 3. railroad compartment)
[ia-en] IED :coupon [F] {n} [Fin.] coupon
[ia-en] IED :crabba {n} [Zool.] crab
[ia-en] IED :crac {n} 1. crack (sudden sharp and loud noise); 2. [Fin.] crash, smash crac see craccar
[ia-en] IED :crampo {n} [Med.] cramp
[ia-en] IED :crangon {n} [Ichthyol.] shrimp
[ia-en] IED :[cras] {adv} tomorrow
[ia-en] IED :crasis (crá-) {n} [Gram.] crasis
[ia-en] IED :-crato- {n} [occurring in compounds]
[ia-en] IED :-crate [occurring in compounds] -crat (as  in "aristocrat, plutocrat, etc.")
[ia-en] IED :crater {n} crater (1. [Gr. Antiq.] krater; 2. mouth of a volcano)
[ia-en] IED :-cratia (-ía) [occurring in compounds] -crracy (power, rule)
[ia-en] IED :-cratic [occurring in compounds] -cratic
[ia-en] IED :-creas {n} [occurring in derivatives and ccompounds] -creas, creat-, creato-, creo- (flesh)
[ia-en] IED :creatina {n} [Biochem.] creatine
[ia-en] IED :credentia {n} I. belief (1. trust faith; 2. credence); II. sideboard; III. [Eccl.] credence (small table for Eucharistic elements); littera(s) de credentia [Dipl.] credentials
[ia-en] IED :creditar {v} [Bookkeeping] to credit (to enter on the credit side of an account)
[ia-en] IED :cedito (cré-) {n} credit (1. prestige based on the confidence of others; 2. [Com., Accounting, Fin.]); establimento de credito loan society, credit establishment; littera de credito letter of credit; aperir un credito (a un persona) to open a credit (account) (in someone's favor; vender a credito to sell on credit
[ia-en] IED :credo [NL] {n} creed, credo
[ia-en] IED :crema {n} I. cream (1. oily nart of milk; 2. fancy dish made of, or like, cream; 3. [Cosmetics]; 4. best part of a thing); II. crème (thick sweet liqueur)
[ia-en] IED :crepar {v} I. to crack, crash (1. to make a sharp, loud noise; 2. to break with a sharp, loud noise); II. [Slang] to croak (to die)
[ia-en] IED :crepe [F] {n} crepe crepe de Chine [F] crepe de Chine
[ia-en] IED :crescendo [I] {n} crescendo
[ia-en] IED :crescer [cresc-/cret-] {v} to grow (to become larger); crescer in to grow or increase in
[ia-en] IED :Creso {npr} [Anc. Hist.] Croesus; creso Croesus (very rich man)
[ia-en] IED :cresson {n} [Bot.] cress
[ia-en] IED :cresta {n} crest (1. comb, tuft on the head of a bird; 2. decoration, plumes, etc., on a helmet; 3. ridge of a wave or a mountain); levar le cresta to hold one's head high; cresta de gallo [Bot.] cockscomb
[ia-en] IED :cretonne [F] {n} cretonne
[ia-en] IED :cricket [A] {n} [Sports] cricket
[ia-en] IED :-crin- [occurring in compounds]
[ia-en] IED :crista {n} crest (1. comb, tuft on the head of a bird; 2. decoration, plumes, etc., on a helmet; 3. ridge of a wave or a mountain); levar le crista to hold one's head high; crista de gallo [Bot.] cockscomb
[ia-en] IED :critica {n} [Lit., Art, etc.] criticism; {also:} critique
[ia-en] IED :criticismo {n} [Philos.] criticism
[ia-en] IED :crochet [F] {n} [Needlework] crochet
[ia-en] IED :crocodiliano {n} [Zool.] crocodilian
[ia-en] IED :crocodilo {n} [Zool.] crocodile
[ia-en] IED :crocus (cró-) {n} [Bot.] crocus
[ia-en] IED :croquet [A] {n} [Sports] croquet
[ia-en] IED :croquette [F] {n} [Cookery] croquette
[ia-en] IED :crotalo (cró-) {n} [Zool.] Crotalus; {also:} rattlesnake
[ia-en] IED :croup [A] {n} [Pathol.] croup
[ia-en] IED :crucial {adj} crucial (having the form of a cross); incision crucial [Med.] crucial incision
[ia-en] IED :cruciamento {n} I. crossing (1. placing crosswise; passing across; 2. intersection); II. [Biol.] cross; III. torture, torment
[ia-en] IED :cruciator {n} 1. one or that which crosses, crosser; 2. cruiser; {also:} [Navy]; 3. torturer
[ia-en] IED :cruciera {n} [Navy] cruise
[ia-en] IED :crucifero (-cí-) {n} crucifer (1. [Eccl.]; 2. [Bot.])
[ia-en] IED :crucifiger (cruci·figer) [-fig-/-fix-] {v} to crucify
[ia-en] IED :cruppada {n} [Man.] croupade
[ia-en] IED :crypt- {adj} [occurring in compounds and derivatives] crypto- (hidden, secret)
[ia-en] IED :cryptogame (crypto·game) (-ó-) {adj} [Bot.] cryptogamous
[ia-en] IED :cryptogamia (-ía) {n} [Bot.] cryptogamy
[ia-en] IED :cryptogamic {adj} [Bot.] cryptogamic
[ia-en] IED :cryptogamista {n} [Bot.] cryptogamist
[ia-en] IED :cryptogamo (-ó-) {n} [Bot.] cryptogam
[ia-en] IED :crystallino {n} [Anat.] lens; crystalline lens
[ia-en] IED :crystallite {n} [Mineral.] crystallite
[ia-en] IED :cubar (1) {v} to cube (1. to make a cube or cubes of; 2. to measure the cubic content of; 3. [Alg.])
[ia-en] IED :cubic {adj} cubic (1. having the form of a cube; 2. [Alg.]); radice cubic cube root; metro cubic cubic meter
[ia-en] IED :cubital {adj} [Anat.] cubital
[ia-en] IED :cubito (cú-) {n} I. elbow; II. cubit (1. [Anat.] ulna; 2. [Entom.]; 3. "the measure cubit")
[ia-en] IED :cubo {n} cube (1. [Geom.]; 2. [Alg.])
[ia-en] IED :cucu {n} 1. [Ornith.] cuckoo; 2. cuckold
[ia-en] IED :cucurbita (-cúr-) {n} cucurbit (1. [Bot.] gourd; {also:} pumpkin; 2. distilling flask)
[ia-en] IED :[cuje] {pron} whose
[ia-en] IED :culice (cú-) {n} 1. gnat; mosquito; 2. [Entom.] Culex
[ia-en] IED :culmination {n} culmination; {also:} [Astron.]
[ia-en] IED :cultura {n} culture (1. cultivation, act of cultivating; 2. [Bacteriol.]; 3. state or level of culture)
[ia-en] IED :[cum] {prep} with (1. together with; 2. by means of; 3. having, carrying, characterized by) (con)
[ia-en] IED :-cumber {v} [occurring in compounds]
[ia-en] IED :cum grano salis [L] cum grano salis, with a grain of salt
[ia-en] IED :cumulo (cú-) {n} 1. heap, pile; 2. [Meteorol.] cumulus
[ia-en] IED :-cunque [occurring in compounds] -ever
[ia-en] IED :cup- {v} [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
[ia-en] IED :cupric {adj} [(Chem.] cupric
[ia-en] IED :cuprite {n} [Mineral.] cuprite
[ia-en] IED :cupro {n} 1. [Metal.] copper; 2. brass-wind instrument; cupros [Mus.] brass, brass winds
[ia-en] IED :cupula {n} [Bot.] cupule
[ia-en] IED :cupuliferas (-í-) {npl} [Bot.] Cupuliferae
[ia-en] IED :cura {n} 1. [Med.] treatment; 2. cure of souls; 3. [R.C.Ch.] function, residence, etc. of a priest
[ia-en] IED :curar {v} 1. [Med.] to treat; specif.: to dress (a wound); 2. [Med.] to cure; 3. to nurse (a sick person)
[ia-en] IED :curatela {n} 1. [Law] guardianship; 2. [Law] trusteeship (function of the administrator of a trust fund)
[ia-en] IED :curator {n} 1. [Law] guardian (of a minor); 2. [Law] trustee (administrator of a trust fund); 3. curator (of a museum, etc.)
[ia-en] IED :curetta {n} [Surg.] curette
[ia-en] IED :curettar {v} [Surg.] to curette
[ia-en] IED :currer [curr-/curs-] {v} to run (to move swiftly); currer (le mundo, etc.) to roam about (the world, etc.); currer periculo (de) to run the risk (of)
[ia-en] IED :curriculum vitae [L] curriculum vitae
[ia-en] IED :curso {n} I. run, running (action of running); II. course (1. trend, path; 2. "course of lectures, studies, etc."); III. piracy; curso de aqua watercourse, stream; sequer un curso de [School] to take a course in; in le curso de in the course of; haber curso to be in circulation, in current use, etc.; viage de longe curso sea voyage
[ia-en] IED :curte {adj} short (not long); memoria curte short memory; haber le vista curte to be near-sighted or short-sighted; esser curte de (moneta) to be short of (money); curte circuito short circuit; unda curte [Radio] short wave; secar curte to cut short
[ia-en] IED :-cusar {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :cuspide (cús-) {n} cusp; {also:} [Arch.; Math.; Bot.]
[ia-en] IED :custodia {n} 1. custody (safekeeping, care); 2. [Eccl.] custodial
[ia-en] IED :-cuter [-cut-/-cuss-] {v} [occurring in coompounds]
[ia-en] IED :cutter [A] {n} cutter (small sailboat with one mast)
[ia-en] IED :cyanamido (cyan·amido) (-ná-) {n} [Chem.] cyanamide
[ia-en] IED :cyanhydric (cyan·hydric) {adj} [Chem.] hydrocyanic
[ia-en] IED :cyanic {adj} [Chem.] cyanic
[ia-en] IED :cyano (cí-) {n} 1. [Antill.] cyanus; 2. cyan, cyan blue; 3. [Bot.] bluebottle, cornflower
[ia-en] IED :cyanogeno (cyano·geno) (-ó-) {n} [Chem.] cyanogen
[ia-en] IED :cyanosis (-ósis) {n} [Pathol.] cyanosis
[ia-en] IED :cyanuro {n} [Chem.] cyanide
[ia-en] IED :cyclamino {n} [Bot.] cyclamen
[ia-en] IED :cyclo (1) {n} cycle (1. as in "cycle of the seasons"; 2. [Lit.]); cyclo lunar lunar cycle; cyclo solar solar cycle
[ia-en] IED :cyclope {n} Cyclops (1. [Gr. Mythol.]; 2. [Zool])
[ia-en] IED :cygno {n} swan; canto del cygno swan song; Cygno [Astron.] Cygnus
[ia-en] IED :cylindro {n} cylinder (1. [Geom., etc.]; 2. [Mech.] piston-chamber); (cappello) cylindro top hat
[ia-en] IED :cyn- {n} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] cyn-, cyno- (dog)
[ia-en] IED :cynic {adj} cynic (1. [Philos.]; 2. cynical)
[ia-en] IED :cynico {n} cynic (1. [Philos.]; 2. cynical person)
[ia-en] IED :cynocephalo (-cé-) {n} [Zool.] Cynocephalus, Papio
[ia-en] IED :Cypride (cí-) {npr} Cypris, Aphrodite; cypride [Zool.] Cypris
[ia-en] IED :cyste {n} [Med.; Biol.] cyst, cystis
[ia-en] IED :cystic {adj} [Med.; Biol.] cystic
[ia-en] IED :cystitis (-ítis) {n} [Med.] cystitis
[ia-en] IED :cyto- {n} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] cyto-, cyt- [Biol.] (cell)
[ia-en] IED :cytoplasma (cyto·plasma) {n} [Biol.] cytoplasm
[ia-en] IED :czar (tsar) [R] {n} czar, tsar
[ia-en] IED :czardas [Hu.] {n} czardas
[ia-en] IED :czarevich (tsarévitch) [R] {n} czarevich, tsarevich
[ia-en] IED :czarevna (ts-) [R] {n} czarevna, tsarevna
[ia-en] IED :da capo [I] [Mus.] da capo
[ia-en] IED :dactylo (dác-) {n} 1. date (fruit of the date palm); 2. [Pros ] dactyl
[ia-en] IED :Dahl, A. {npr} [Swedish botanist]
[ia-en] IED :dahlia (dál-) {n} [Bot.] dahlia
[ia-en] IED :Dalton, John {npr} [1766-1844; chemist, who was color-blind]
[ia-en] IED :dama {n} 1. lady; 2. [Checkers] king; dama de honor lady-in-waiting; joco de damas (game of) checkers; jocar a damas to play checkers
[ia-en] IED :damnar {v} [Theol.] to damn
[ia-en] IED :damnation {n} [Theol.] damnation
[ia-en] IED :dansa {n} dance (1. dancing; 2. [Mus.]); dansa macabre danse macabre, dance of Death
[ia-en] IED :Dardano (dár-) {npr} [Mythol.] Dardanus
[ia-en] IED :Darwin, Charles {npr} [1809-1882; English naturalist, proponent of the theory of evolution bearing his name]
[ia-en] IED :dataria {n} [Eccl.] datary, dataria
[ia-en] IED :datario {n} [Eccl.] datary (head of the datary)
[ia-en] IED :dative {adj} [Law] dative
[ia-en] IED :{Hence:} [deinde] etc.
[ia-en] IED :-de- [occurring in compounds] -de- (to divide)
[ia-en] IED :dead heat [A] {n} [Horse Racing] dead heat
[ia-en] IED :deber {n} 1. duty (obligation); 2. [School] assignment
[ia-en] IED :début [F] {n} debut (first public appearance of an actor, singer, etc.)
[ia-en] IED :débutant [F] {n} debutant
[ia-en] IED :débutante [F] {n} debutante
[ia-en] IED :deca- {adj} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] dec-, deca- (ten)
[ia-en] IED :decagono {n} [Geom.] decagon
[ia-en] IED :decahedro (deca·hedro) {n} [Geom.l decahedron
[ia-en] IED :decametro (deca·metro) (-á-) {n} decameter (1. [Pros.]; 2. [Meas.])
[ia-en] IED :decapodo (-á-) {n} [Zool.] decapod; decapodos Decapoda
[ia-en] IED :decastereo (deca·stereo) {n} [Metric System] decastere
[ia-en] IED :deceder [-ced-/-cess-] {v} 1. to depart, withdraw; 2. to die, decease
[ia-en] IED :decemviro (decem·viro) (-cém-) {n} [Rom. Antiq.] decemvir
[ia-en] IED :decerner [-cern-/-cret-] {v} to decree
[ia-en] IED :decider [-cid-/-cis-] {v} to decide (1. to determine, settle; 2. to cause to reach a decision); decider se to decide, make up one's mind; decider de un cosa to decide, determine something
[ia-en] IED :deciper [-cip/-cept-] {v} to deceive (to cause to believe the false, or disbelieve the truth)
[ia-en] IED :decistereo (deci·stereo) {n} [Metric System] decistere
[ia-en] IED :declaratori {adj} [Law] declaratory
[ia-en] IED :declinabile {adj} declinable (1. rejectable; 2. [Gram.])
[ia-en] IED :declinar {v} I. to decline (1. to fall, sink; 2. to refuse, reject; 3. [Gram.]); II. [Astron., Magnet.] to deviate (1. to have declination or latitude; 2. to vary from the true magnetic meridian)
[ia-en] IED :declination {n} I. declination (1. downward bend, slope; 2. [Astron., Magnet.]); II. [Gram.] declension; III. decline (process of sinking into a lower or inferior position)
[ia-en] IED :decocer [-coc-/-coct-] {v} to decoct
[ia-en] IED :decomponer [-pon-/-posit-] {v} to decompose (to cause to decompose); {also:} to rot (to cause to rot or decay)
[ia-en] IED :decrescendo [I] {n} [Mus.] decrescendo
[ia-en] IED :decretal {n} [Eccl.] decretal
[ia-en] IED :decretalista {n} [Ecc].] decretist
[ia-en] IED :-decta {n} [occurring in compounds] -dect- (receiver)
[ia-en] IED :decurr- {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :decurrente {adj} [Bot.] decurrent
[ia-en] IED :deducer [-duc-/-duct-] {v} 1. to deduce, infer; 2. to deduct
[ia-en] IED :de facto [L] [Dipl.] de facto
[ia-en] IED :defaite [F] {n} defeat (loss of a contest)
[ia-en] IED :defecator {n} [Sugar Manuf.] defecator, purification tank
[ia-en] IED :defective {adj} defective (1. having a defect or defects; 2. [Gram.])
[ia-en] IED :defender [-fend-/-fens-] {v} to defend (1. to guard from attack or harm; 2. [Law])
[ia-en] IED :defensa {n} I. defense, defence (1. act of defending or protecting; 2. [Law]); II. [Zool.] tusk
[ia-en] IED :defensor {n} 1. defender; 2. [Law] counsel for the defense (defence)
[ia-en] IED :deferente {adj} 1. [Physiol.] deferent; 2. deferential; canal deferente [Anat.] vas deferens
[ia-en] IED :defic- [-fic-/-fect-] {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :defilar {v} [Mil.] to defile, file off
[ia-en] IED :definite 1. pp of definir; 2. {adj} [Gram., Bot., Math., etc.] definite
[ia-en] IED :deflation {n} deflation; {also:} [Econ.]
[ia-en] IED :defung- [-fung-/-funct-] {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :II. [Art] to grade, grade off (color)
[ia-en] IED :[deinde] (de·inde) (déin-) {adv} I. thereafter, next; II. afterwards, then (1. following in time; 2. next in order)
[ia-en] IED :dejection {n} [Physiol.] dejection (1. discharge of excrement; 2. excrement); dejectiones ejecta (of a volcano)
[ia-en] IED :dejic- [-jic-/ject-] {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :de jure [L] [Dipl.] de jure
[ia-en] IED :dele [L] [Print.] dele, omit
[ia-en] IED :deler [del-/delet-] {v} 1. to destroy; 2. to delete
[ia-en] IED :delicto {n} (criminal) offense, misdemeanor; corpore del delicto [Law] corpus delicti
[ia-en] IED :delinquer [-linqu-/-lict-] {v} to transgress, commit a wrong
[ia-en] IED :deliquescente 1. ppr of deliquescer; 2. {adj} [Chem.] deliquescent
[ia-en] IED :deliquescentia {n} [Chem.] deliquescence
[ia-en] IED :deliquescer {v} [Chem.] to deliquesce
[ia-en] IED :delirium tremens [NL] delirium tremens
[ia-en] IED :delitesc- {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :delivrantia {n} 1. deliverance (liberation); 2. [Med.] delivery
[ia-en] IED :delivrar {v} to deliver (1. to set free; 2. [Med.])
[ia-en] IED :delphinium (-phí-) {n} [Bot.] delphinium
[ia-en] IED :delphino {n} 1. dolphin (Delphinus delphis); 2. [Fr. Hist.] dauphin
[ia-en] IED :delta {n} delta (1. fourth letter of the Greek alphabet; 2. [Geog.])
[ia-en] IED :deltation {n} [Geog.] deltification, deltation
[ia-en] IED :deltoide {adj} deltoid, delta-shaped deltoide {n} [Anat.] deltoid (muscle)
[ia-en] IED :deluder [-lud-/-lus-] {v} to delude
[ia-en] IED :demagogo (dem·agogo) {n} demagogue; {also:} [Hist.]
[ia-en] IED :demanda {n} I. request; II. demand (1. [Law]; 2. [Econ.]); le offerta e le demanda supply and demand
[ia-en] IED :demer- {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :demiurgo {n} demiurge (1. [Philos.]; 2. [Gr. Antiq.])
[ia-en] IED :demo {n} [Gr. Antiq.] demos (1. people or commons, especially of a Greek state; 2. deme, township of Attica)
[ia-en] IED :demobilisar {v} [Mil.] to demobilize
[ia-en] IED :demobilisation {n} [Mil.] demobilization
[ia-en] IED :demone {n} 1. [Gr. Relig.] daemon; 2. demon (evil spirit)
[ia-en] IED :demonstrative {adj} demonstrative (1. showing clearly, conclusive; 2. [Gram.])
[ia-en] IED :demotic {adj} [Egypt. Archaeol.] demotic
[ia-en] IED :dendrite {n} [Mineral.] dendrite
[ia-en] IED :dendro- {n} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] dendr-, dendro- (tree)
[ia-en] IED :Denis [F] {nprm} Denis, Dennis
[ia-en] IED :denominator {n} denominator (1. person or thing that names; 2. [Math.])
[ia-en] IED :densitate {n} density (1. closeness, thickness; 2. [Physics])
[ia-en] IED :dental {adj} dental; {also:} [Phonet.] dental {n} [Phonet.] dental
[ia-en] IED :dentar {v} 1. to tooth, indent; 2. [Physiol.] to teethe
[ia-en] IED :dentate {adj} toothed (1. [Zool., Bot.] dentate; 2. [Mech.] cogged)
[ia-en] IED :dente {n} tooth; dente incisive incisor; dente molar molar; dente de lacte milk tooth; dente (de un pectine, de un serra, etc.) tooth (of a comb, a saw, etc.); armate al dentes armed to the teeth; monstrar le dentes to show one's teeth; dente de leon [Bot.] dandelion
[ia-en] IED :denticulo {n} [Arch.] denticle, dentil
[ia-en] IED :dentirostre (denti·rostre) {adj} [Zool.] dentirostral (having a toothed bill)
[ia-en] IED :dentirostros {npl} [Zool.] Dentirostres
[ia-en] IED :depeche [F] {n} dispatch, message; {also:} telegram
[ia-en] IED :depinger [-ping-/-pict-] {v} to depict
[ia-en] IED :depletion {n} [Med.] depletion
[ia-en] IED :depletive {adj} [Med.] depletive
[ia-en] IED :[depois] (-póis) {adv} afterwards, later; depois que since (from the time that (depost)
[ia-en] IED :deponente {n} [Gram.] deponent
[ia-en] IED :deponer [-pon-/-posit-] {v} I. to depose (1. to remove from a position of dignity; 2. to depone, testify); II. to deposit (1. to lay down; 2. to put in a place for safekeeping); deponer un summa super un cosa to bet a sum on something
[ia-en] IED :deposition {n} deposition (1. removal from position of dignity; 2. testimony); le Deposition del cruce [Art] the Deposition from the Cross
[ia-en] IED :depressor {n} [Anat.] depressor, depressor muscle
[ia-en] IED :deprimer [-prim-/-press-] {v} to depress (1. to press down; 2. to make sad or gloomy)
[ia-en] IED :de profundis [L] de profundis, out of the depths (of sorrow and desolation)
[ia-en] IED :depurative a-lj [Med.] depurative
[ia-en] IED :depurativo {n} [Med] blood-cleanser, depurative
[ia-en] IED :Derby [A] {npr} [Geog.] Derby; derby [Horse Racing] Derby
[ia-en] IED :derelinquer [-linqu-/-lict-] {v} to forsake, abandon
[ia-en] IED :derider [-rid-/-ris-] {v} to deride
[ia-en] IED :derivation {n} I. diversion of a water-course; II. derivation (1. [Med.]; 2. [Gram.]); III. [Elec.] shunt
[ia-en] IED :derivative {adj} derivative (1. [Med.]; 2. derived)
[ia-en] IED :derivativo {n} [Med.] derivative
[ia-en] IED :derma [-ma/-mat-] {n} [Anat., Zool.] derma
[ia-en] IED :dermatitis (-ítis) {n} [Med.] dermatitis
[ia-en] IED :derogatori {adj} derogatory (as in "derogatory remark"); clausula derogatori [Law] derogatory clause
[ia-en] IED :deroutar {v} [Mil.] to rout
[ia-en] IED :deroute [F] {n} [Mil.] rout
[ia-en] IED :descender [-scend-/-scens-] {v} to descend
[ia-en] IED :describer [-scrib-/-script-] {v} to describe (1. "to describe a view, a person, etc."; 2. "to describe a curve")
[ia-en] IED :[desde] {prep} since, from
[ia-en] IED :deserer [-ser-/-sert-] {v} to desert, abandon
[ia-en] IED :déshabillé [F] {n} dishabille, deshabille
[ia-en] IED :desiderative {adj} 1. desirous; 2. [Gram.] desiderative
[ia-en] IED :desideratum (pl desiderata) [L] {n} desideratum
[ia-en] IED :desin- {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :desinentia {n} [Gram.] ending, desinence
[ia-en] IED :despicer [-spic-/-spect-] {v} to despise
[ia-en] IED :dessert [F] {n} dessert
[ia-en] IED :destituer [-stitu-/-stitut-] {v} 1. to render destitute; 2. to displace, discharge, dismiss (from office)
[ia-en] IED :destruer [-stru-/-struct-] {v} to destroy
[ia-en] IED :detalio {n} 1. detail (individual item, particular); 2. [Com.] retail; in detalio in detail, fully; vender al detalio to retail, sell at retail
[ia-en] IED :detective [A] {n} detective
[ia-en] IED :detector {n} [Elec., Radio] detector
[ia-en] IED :deteger [-teg-/-tect-] {v} to detect, uncover
[ia-en] IED :detener [-ten-/-tent-] {v} 1. to hold (to have, own); 2. to detain (to keep in custody, confine)
[ia-en] IED :deter- [-ter-/-trit-] {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :determinante {n} [Math.] determinant
[ia-en] IED :[detra] 1. {adv} behind, back, backwards; 2. {prep} behind
[ia-en] IED :detraher [-trah-/-tract-] {v} to detract, detract from
[ia-en] IED :deus ex machina [L] deus ex machina
[ia-en] IED :deuter- {adj} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] deuter-, deutero- (second)
[ia-en] IED :deuterium (-té-) {n} [Phys., Chem.] deuterium, heavy hydrogen
[ia-en] IED :deuteron {n} [Phys., Chem.] deuteron
[ia-en] IED :Deuteronomio (Deutero·nomio) {n} [Bib.] Deuteronomy
[ia-en] IED :deuton {n} [Phys., Chem.] deuton
[ia-en] IED :deutoxydo (deut·oxydo) (-tó-) {n} [Chem.] deutoxide
[ia-en] IED :devisa {n} device (1. [Her.]; 2. motto); devisa (estranier) (foreign) bill of exchange
[ia-en] IED :devolver [-volv-/-volut-] {v} to devolve (to transfer)
[ia-en] IED :devotion {n} devotion (1. [Relig.]; 2. "devotion to a person, cause, etc."); devotiones devotions
[ia-en] IED :devov- [-vov-/-vot-] {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :[dextra] {prep} on the right of
[ia-en] IED :di- [occurring in compounds] di- (twice)
[ia-en] IED :dia- {prefixo} [di- before vowels, used chiefly to form technical terms] dia-, di- (1. through; 2. away, apart)
[ia-en] IED :diabolo (-á-) {n} 1. devil (spirit of evil); 2. [Game] diabolo; povre diabolo poor devil; advocato del diabolo devil's advocate
[ia-en] IED :diacaustic {adj} [Math.] diacaustic
[ia-en] IED :diaconessa {n} deaconess (1. [Early Chr. Ch.]; 2. member of a Protestant sisterhood devoted to works of charity and religion)
[ia-en] IED :diagno- [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :diagnose {n} diagnosis (1. [Med.]; 2. [Biol.])
[ia-en] IED :diagramma [-ma/-mat-] {n} diagram
[ia-en] IED :Diana {npr} [Rom. Relig.] Diana diana {n} reveille
[ia-en] IED :diantho (di·antho) {n} [Bot.] pink; {also:} carnation
[ia-en] IED :diaphragma [-ma/-mat-] diaphragm (1. midriff; 2. [Photog., Phys.; etc.])
[ia-en] IED :diapositiva {n} [Photog.] transparent positive, transparency, diapositive
[ia-en] IED :diastase (diás-) {n} 1. diastasis; 2. [Chem.] diastase
[ia-en] IED :diastole {n} [Physiol.] diastole
[ia-en] IED :diastolic {adj} [Physiol.] diastolic
[ia-en] IED :diathermia (-ía) {n} [Med.] diathermy
[ia-en] IED :diathermic {adj} [Med.] diathermic
[ia-en] IED :diatonic {adj} [Mus.] diatonic; scala diatonic, gamma diatonic diatonic scale
[ia-en] IED :-dicar {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :-dice {n} [occurring in compounds]
[ia-en] IED :dicer [dic-/dict-] {v} to say; {also:} to tell; dicer le missa to say mass; dicer le bon ventura to tell fortunes; pro si dicer so to say; voler dicer 1. to mean, signify; 2. to mean (to say)
[ia-en] IED :didasc- {v} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] didasc-, didact- (to teach someone or something)
[ia-en] IED :didascalia (-ía) {n} [Antiq.] stage directions
[ia-en] IED :Didon {npr} [Gr. Mythol.] Dido
[ia-en] IED :die {n} day (1. "day" as opposed to "night"; {also:} daylight; 2. period of twenty-four hours); de die in die from day to day; die utile [Law] lawful day; die feriate holiday; un die one day, sometime; le die sequente the next day, the following day
[ia-en] IED :diese (dí-) [Mus.] sharp
[ia-en] IED :Diesel, Rudolf {npr} [1858-1913; inventor of Diesel motor]
[ia-en] IED :dies irae [L] dies irae, day of wrath
[ia-en] IED :dieta (1) {n} [Med.] diet; dieta lactee milk diet; dieta absolute starvation diet; esser a dieta to be on a diet; poner a dieta to put on a diet
[ia-en] IED :dieta (2) {n} [Hist., Pol.] diet
[ia-en] IED :differential {adj} differential; calculo differential differential calculus differential {n} differential (1. [Math.]; 2. "differential of an automobile etc.")
[ia-en] IED :differentiar {v} to differentiate (1. to distinguish; 2. [Math.])
[ia-en] IED :differentiation {n} [Math.] differentiation
[ia-en] IED :differer [-fer-/-lat-] {v} 1. to defer, delay; 2. to differ (be different)
[ia-en] IED :diffranger [-frang-/-fract-] {v} to diffract
[ia-en] IED :diffunder [-fund-/-fus-] {v} to diffuse (to spread widely); also: radiodiffunder
[ia-en] IED :diffusion {n} diffusion (1. dispersion, wide distribution; 2. diffuseness, wordiness; 3. [Phys.] intermingling of fluids); also: radiodiffusion
[ia-en] IED :digerer [-ger-/-gest-] {v} to digest (1. "to digest food"; 2. to absorb mentally; 3. [Chem.]); non poter digerer un cosa to be unable to stomach or swallow something
[ia-en] IED :digestion {n} digestion (1. Physiol.]; 2. [Chem.]); de facile, difficile, digestion easy, hard, of digestion
[ia-en] IED :digesto {n} [Law] digest, Pandects
[ia-en] IED :digestor {n} [Physiol; Chem.] digester
[ia-en] IED :digital {adj} digital digital {n} 1. thimble; 2. [Bot.] digitalis, foxglove
[ia-en] IED :digitalina {n} [Chem.] digitalin
[ia-en] IED :digitate {adj} digitate (having fingers or digits; also: [Bot.])
[ia-en] IED :digitigrade (digiti·grade) (-tí-) {adj} [Zool.] digitigrade
[ia-en] IED :digito (-dí-) {n} digit (1. finger; toe; 2. [Arith.]); (digito) indice forefinger, index finger; digito medie middle finger; (digito) annular ring finger; (digito) auricular little finger
[ia-en] IED :digreder [-gred-/-gress-] {v} to digress (to deviate from the main subject)
[ia-en] IED :digression {n} digression (1. deviation from the subject in discourse or writing; 2. [Astron.]); perder se in un digression or in digressiones to lose oneself in a digression or in digressions
[ia-en] IED :dihedre (di·hedre) {adj} [Math.] dihedral
[ia-en] IED :dihedro {n} [Math.] dihedron
[ia-en] IED :dilatator {n} dilator (1. one who or that which dilates; 2. [Surg.])
[ia-en] IED :dilettante [I] {n} lover of the arts, amateur, dilettante
[ia-en] IED :dilig- [-lig-/-lect-] {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :diluer [-lu-/-lut-] {v} to dilute (as in "to dilute wine")
[ia-en] IED :diluvio {n} 1. deluge; 2. [Geol.] diluvium
[ia-en] IED :dimension {n} dimension (1. as in "the three dimensions"; 2. size, magnitude, extent); dimensiones critic [Phys.] critical size
[ia-en] IED :dimere (di·mere) {adj} [Bot., Zool.] dimerous
[ia-en] IED :dimetir [-met-/-mens-] {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :diminuendo {n} [Mus.] diminuendo
[ia-en] IED :diminutive {adj} [Gram.] diminutive
[ia-en] IED :diminutivo {n} [Gram.] diminutive
[ia-en] IED :dimitter [-mitt-/-miss-] {v} to dismiss, discharge
[ia-en] IED :dimorphismo {n} dimorphism (1. [Biol., Bot., etc.]; 2. [Cryst.])
[ia-en] IED :din- {adj} [occurring in compounds] dino-, din- (fearful, terrible)
[ia-en] IED :dinosauro (dino·sauro) {n} [Paleontol.] dinosaur
[ia-en] IED :diocese {n} diocese (1. [Rom. Hist.]; 2. [Eccl.])
[ia-en] IED :dionysia [L] {npl} [Gr. Relig.] Dionysia
[ia-en] IED :Dionysio {npr} [Anc. Hist.] Dionysius
[ia-en] IED :Dionyso {npr} [Gr. Relig.] Dionysus, Dionysos
[ia-en] IED :Dioscuros {npl} [Mythol.] Dioscuri, Dioscuroi, Castor and Pollux
[ia-en] IED :dipetale (di·petale) {adj} [Bot.] dipetalous
[ia-en] IED :diplo- {adj} [occurring in compounds] diplo- (twofold, double)
[ia-en] IED :diploma [-ma/-mat-] {n} diploma
[ia-en] IED :dips- {n} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] dips- (thirst)
[ia-en] IED :diptere (di·ptere) {adj} 1. [Arch.] dipteral; 2. [Entom.] dipterous
[ia-en] IED :dipteros (díp-) {npl} [Entom.] Diptera
[ia-en] IED :director {n} director; {also:} manager, principal, editor-in-chief, etc.; director de orchestra [Mus.] conductor
[ia-en] IED :directorio {n} 1. directorate, board of directors; 2. [Fr. Hist.] Directory
[ia-en] IED :directrice {n} 1. directress, {also:} head-mistress, etc.; 2. [Geom.] directrix
[ia-en] IED :diriger [-rig-/-rect-] {v} to direct (1. to guide, control, manage; 2. to cause to turn in a particular direction); diriger se verso (un loco) to turn towards (a place); diriger (un orchestra) to conduct (an orchestra); diriger (un littera) a (un persona) to direct (a letter) to (someone)
[ia-en] IED :dirimente {adj} 1. ppr of dirimer; 2. annuling, nullifying, diriment; impedimento dirimente [Law] diriment impediment
[ia-en] IED :dis- {prefixo} dis-, de-, un- (1. [expressing separation, deprivation, division, and the like]; 2. [expressing the negative, contrary, opposite])
[ia-en] IED :disaccordo {n} 1. disaccord, disagreement; 2. [Mus.] discord
[ia-en] IED :disassimilar {v} [Physiol.] to cause disassimilation
[ia-en] IED :disassimilation {n} [Physiol.] disassimilation
[ia-en] IED :disbridar {v} 1. to unbridle; 2. [Surg.] to debride
[ia-en] IED :discantar {v} [Mus.] to descant (to sing a descant or counterpoint above the plain song)
[ia-en] IED :discanto {n} [Mus.] descant (1. counterpoint above the plain song; 2. upper part in part music)
[ia-en] IED :discarga {n} I. (act of) unloading, unlading; {also:} dumping; II. discharge (1. firing off a fire-arm; 2. "electric discharge"; 3. [Arch.]); III. unburdening, relief, etc.
[ia-en] IED :discerner [-cern-/-cret-] {v} to discern
[ia-en] IED :discinger [-cing-/-cinct-] {v} to ungirdle
[ia-en] IED :disciplina {n} discipline (1. as in "school discipline", "military discipline", etc.; 2. branch of instruction; 3. [Eccl.] scourge)
[ia-en] IED :disciplinar {v} to discipline (1. to subject to discipline; 2. [Eccl.] to scourge)
[ia-en] IED :discontamination {n} decontamination; discontamination de plutonium [Atomic Phys.] decontamination of plutonium
[ia-en] IED :discontar {v} to discount (1. [Com.]; 2. to deduct, leave out of account)
[ia-en] IED :disconto {n} [(Com.] discount; banca de disconto discount bank; disconto bancari bank discount
[ia-en] IED :discoperir [-per-/-pert-] {v} 1. to uncover; 2. to discover; discoperir se to uncover (to take off one's hat)
[ia-en] IED :diseurrer [-curr-/-curs-] {v} to discourse (to speak formally)
[ia-en] IED :discuter [-cut-/-cuss-] {v} to discuss
[ia-en] IED :disfacer [-fac-/-fact-] {v} I. to undo (1. to unfasten; 2. to destroy); II. to defeat; disfacer se de to get rid of
[ia-en] IED :disgregar {v} to disintegrate; {also:} [Chem.] to disgregate
[ia-en] IED :disgregation {n} disintegration; {also:} [Chem.] disgregation
[ia-en] IED :disinvolver [-volv-/-volt-] {v} to disentangle
[ia-en] IED :disjunctive {adj} disjunctive (1. tending to disjoin; involving disjunction; 2. [Gram.])
[ia-en] IED :disjunger [-jung-/-junct-] {v} to disjoin
[ia-en] IED :dislocation {n} dislocation (1. displacement of a bone at a joint; 2. [Geol.])
[ia-en] IED :dismontage (-aje) {n} [Mech.] (action of) dismounting; also: dismantling
[ia-en] IED :dismontar {v} to dismount (1. to alight, alight from; 2. to unhorse; 3. [Mech.] to take down from a mounted or assembled condition)
[ia-en] IED :dispender [-pend-/-pens-] {v} 1. to spend, expend (to give out in payment); 2. to squander, waste
[ia-en] IED :dispensabile {adj} dispensable (1. capable of being dispensed with; 2. [Eccl.] admitting of release, dispensation, etc.)
[ia-en] IED :disperger [-sperg-/-spers-] {v} to disperse (to cause to disperse or scatter)
[ia-en] IED :displaciamento {n} displacement (1. action of displacing; 2. [Naut.])
[ia-en] IED :disponer [-pon-/-posit-] {v} to dispose (1. to arrange; 2. to fit, prepare; 3. to determine the course of events); disponer de 1. to dispose of, have at one's disposal; 2. [Law] to dispone, alienate; homine propone e Deo dispone [Proverb] man proposes but God disposes
[ia-en] IED :disposseder [-sed-/-sess-] {v} to dispossess
[ia-en] IED :disquir- [-quir-/-quisit-] {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :disrumper [-rump-/-rupt-] {v} to disrupt, disrump
[ia-en] IED :dissecar [-sec-/-sect-] {v} to dissect
[ia-en] IED :dissentir [-sent-/-sens-] {v} to dissent; dissentir de to dissent from
[ia-en] IED :disserer [-ser-/-sert-] {v} to discuss, dissertate
[ia-en] IED :dissimilation {n} [Phonet.] dissimilation
[ia-en] IED :dissolver [-solv-/-solut-] {v} to dissolve (to cause to dissolve)
[ia-en] IED :dissonar {v} [Mus.] to be dissonant
[ia-en] IED :dissuader [-suad-/-suas-] {v} to dissuade
[ia-en] IED :distaccamento {n} detachment (1. act of unfastening and separating; 2. [Mil.])
[ia-en] IED :distaccar {v} I. to detach (1. to unfasten and separate; 2. [Mil.]); II. [Paint.] to make stand out
[ia-en] IED :distemperar {v} 1. to distemper, derange; 2. [Metal.] to anneal, soften
[ia-en] IED :distender [-tend-/-tens-] {v} to distend (to dilate by stretching)
[ia-en] IED :disticho (di·sticho) (dí-) {n} [Pros.] distich; {also:} couplet
[ia-en] IED :distinguer [-stingu-/-stinct-] {v} to distinguish; distinguer se to distinguish oneself
[ia-en] IED :distorquer [-torqu-/-tort-] {v} 1. to distort; 2. to untwist
[ia-en] IED :distraher [-trah-/-tract-] {v} to divert (1. to distract; 2. to entertain, amuse)
[ia-en] IED :distribuer [-tribu-/-tribut-] {v} to distribute (1. to allot to each as his share; 2. to allocate to distinct places; 3. [Print.])
[ia-en] IED :distribution {n} distribution (1. apportionment, allotment; 2. allocation to distinct places; 3. [Print.])
[ia-en] IED :distributive {adj} distributive (1. serving to distribute; 2. [Gram.])
[ia-en] IED :districto {n} [Admin.] district
[ia-en] IED :disveloppamento {n} 1. development; 2. [Photog.] (act of) developing
[ia-en] IED :disveloppar {v} to develop; {also:} [Photog.]
[ia-en] IED :disveloppator {n} [Photog.] developer
[ia-en] IED :diveller [-vell-/-vuls-] {v} to tear apart, rend
[ia-en] IED :diversion {n} diversion (1. entertainment, pastime; 2. [Mil.])
[ia-en] IED :diverter [-vert-/-vers-] {v} to divert (1. to turn aside; 2. to amuse, entertain)
[ia-en] IED :dividendo {n} dividend (1. [Arith.]; 2. [Com.])
[ia-en] IED :divider [-vid-/-vis-] {v} to divide (1. to separate into parts; 2. [Arith.])
[ia-en] IED :division {n} division (1. act of dividing; 2. [special: Arith., Mil., Biol., etc.]); division del labor division of labor
[ia-en] IED :divisor {n} [Arith.] divisor; (maxime) commun divisor (greatest) common divisor
[ia-en] IED :do {n} 1. [Mus.] do; 2. [Mus.] (the note) C
[ia-en] IED :docer [doc-/doct-] {v} to teach, instruct
[ia-en] IED :dodeca- {adj} [occurring in compounds] dodeca-, dodec- (twelve)
[ia-en] IED :dodecahedr (dodeca·hedr)- [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :dodecahedro {n} [Math.] dodecahedron
[ia-en] IED :dodecapetale (dodeca·petale) {adj} [Bot.] dodecapetalous
[ia-en] IED :dodecasyllabo (-sílabo) {n} [Pros.] dodecasyllable
[ia-en] IED :dogma [-ma/-mat-] {n} dogma
[ia-en] IED :dolich- {adj} [occurring in compounds] dolicho-, dolich- (long)
[ia-en] IED :dolichocephale (dolicho·cephale) {adj} [Anthropometry] dolichocephalic
[ia-en] IED :dollar [A] {n} [Monet.] dollar
[ia-en] IED :dominante {adj} dominant (1. controlling, most influential; 2. rising high above its surroundings) dominante {n} [Mus.] dominant
[ia-en] IED :dominio {n} 1. (absolute) ownership, dominion, dominium; 2. dominion (rule control, supreme authority; 3. domain; dominio eminente [Law] eminent domain; dominio public [Law] public domain; dominio de energias [Atomic Phys.] energy range
[ia-en] IED :domino (dó-) {n} I. master (lord, owner, etc.); II. domino (1. long, loose robe worn at masquerades; 2. [Games] "domino piece"; {also:} (game of) dominoes)
[ia-en] IED :donatorio {n} [Law] donatory
[ia-en] IED :[donec] (dó-) {conj} 1. while, as long as; 2. until, up to the time that
[ia-en] IED :doro- {n} [occurring in compounds] doro-, -dor (gift)
[ia-en] IED :dossier [F] {n} dossier
[ia-en] IED :dox- {n} [occcurring in compounds] dox-, -dox- (1. opinion; as in "heterodox"; 2. glory; as in "doxology")
[ia-en] IED :drachma {n} 1. drachma; 2. [Weights] dram
[ia-en] IED :dracon {n} 1. dragon (1. [Mythol.]; 2. [Zool.] lizard of the genus Draco; 3. [Bot.]) Dracon {npr} [Gr. Hist.] Draco
[ia-en] IED :draga {n} [Technol.] dredge (1. dredger; 2. dragnet)
[ia-en] IED :dragar {v} [Technol.] to dredge
[ia-en] IED :drama [-ma/-mat-] {n} drama
[ia-en] IED :dreadnought [A] {n} dreadnought
[ia-en] IED :-dromo {n} [occurring in compounds] -dromee (1. running; 2. racecourse)
[ia-en] IED :dubitation {n} doubt (1. as in "in doubt", "without doubt"; 2. [Rhet.] dubitatio)
[ia-en] IED :ducer [duc-/duct-] {v} to conduct (1. to lead, guide; 2. to direct, manage)
[ia-en] IED :ducto {n} [Anat.] duct
[ia-en] IED :dulo- {n} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] dul- (slave)
[ia-en] IED :{Hence:} [interdum] etc.
[ia-en] IED :duma [R] {n} duma
[ia-en] IED :dumdum [A] {n} dumdum (bullet)
[ia-en] IED :dumping [A] {n} [Com.] dumping
[ia-en] IED :-dun [Icel.] {n} [occurring in compounds]  -down
[ia-en] IED :Dunkerque [F] {npr} Dunkirk
[ia-en] IED :[dunque] {conj} therefore
[ia-en] IED :duodeno {n} [Anat.] duodenum
[ia-en] IED :duplar {v} to double (1. to make double; 2. [Naut.] to sail round)
[ia-en] IED :duple (du·ple) {adj} double, twofold; partita duple [Bookkeeping] double entry; duple {v} (the letter) w
[ia-en] IED :dupletto {n} doublet (1. identical piece; {also:} [Philol., Jewelry, etc.]; 2. combination of two)
[ia-en] IED :duplicatura {n} duplicature; {also:} [Anat.]
[ia-en] IED :duumviro (duum·viro) (-úm-) {n} [Rom. Antiq.] duumvir
[ia-en] IED :dyna {n} [Phys.] dyne
[ia-en] IED :dynam- {n} [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
[ia-en] IED :dynamica {n} [Phys.] dynamics
[ia-en] IED :dynamismo {n} [Philos.] dynamism
[ia-en] IED :dynamo (dí-) {n} [Elec.] dynamo
[ia-en] IED :dys- {prefixo} [used chiefly to form technical terms] dys- (1. bad, badly; 2. difficult, with difficulty; 3. disordered)
[ia-en] IED :dysenteria (-ía) {n} [Pathol.] dysentery
[ia-en] IED :dyspepsia (-ía) {n} [Pathol.] dyspepsia
[ia-en] IED :dysphasia (-ía) {n} [Med.] dysphasia
[ia-en] IED :eau de Cologne [F] {n} eau de Cologne
[ia-en] IED :ecce {adv} lo!, see!, behold! ecce homo [L] ecce homo (behold the man)
[ia-en] IED :eccentricitate {n} eccentricity (1. [Mech.]; 2. eccentric condition or behavior, oddity)
[ia-en] IED :Ecclesiastes (-ás-) {npr} [Bib.] Ecclesiastes
[ia-en] IED :-ech- [occurring in compounds]
[ia-en] IED :echelon (-sh-) {n} [Mil.] echelon
[ia-en] IED :echino {n} I. echinus (1. sea urchin; 2. [Arch.]); II. [Zool.] Echinus
[ia-en] IED :echinococco (echino·cocco) {n} [Zool.] echinococcus
[ia-en] IED :echinoides {n} [Zool.] Echinoidae
[ia-en] IED :echolalia (echo·lalia) (-ía) {n} [Psychopathol.] echolalia
[ia-en] IED :ecliptica {n} [Astron.] ecliptic
[ia-en] IED :eco- {n} [occurring in compounds] eco- (house, household, habitat)
[ia-en] IED :ecto- {adv} [occurring in compounds] ecto- (outside, external)
[ia-en] IED :ectoderma (ecto·derma) {n} [Zool.] ectoderm
[ia-en] IED :-ectomia (-ía) {n} [occurring in compoundss] [Surg.] - ectomy (excision, removal)
[ia-en] IED :ectoplasma (ecto·plasma) {n} [Spiritualism] ectoplasm
[ia-en] IED :Ecuador [H] {npr} Ecuador
[ia-en] IED :eczema [-ma/-mat-] {n} eczema
[ia-en] IED :edema [-ma/-mat-] {n} [Pathol.] edema
[ia-en] IED :edi- {n} [occurring in derivativcs and compounds] edi- (building, house)
[ia-en] IED :edic- [-dic-/-dict-] {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :Edipo (é-) {npr} [Gr. Mythol.] Oedipus; complexo de Edipo [Psychoanalysis] Oedipus complex
[ia-en] IED :editio princeps [L] editio princeps, first edition
[ia-en] IED :education {n} 1. education; 2. [Husbandry] rearing, raising; education physic physical education or training; (systema) de education educational (system)
[ia-en] IED :edulcorar {v} to edulcorate (1. to sweeten (medicine, etc.); 2. [Chem.])
[ia-en] IED :edulcoration {n} edulcoration (1. (action of) sweetening; 2. [Chem.])
[ia-en] IED :efendi [Tu.] {n} effendi
[ia-en] IED :effectivo {n} [Mil.] effective (the effective part of an army)
[ia-en] IED :effecto {n} effect; in effecto in fact, indeed; effectos 1. effects, belongings; 2. [Banking] holdings (as stocks, bonds, shares, etc.)
[ia-en] IED :effic- [-fic-/-fect-] {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :efficientia {n} efficiency (1. [Philos.]; 2. [Mech.])
[ia-en] IED :efflorescentia {n} [Chem.; Pathol.] efflorescence
[ia-en] IED :efflorescer {v} [Chem.] to effloresce
[ia-en] IED :effluvio {n} effluvium; {also:} [Phys.]
[ia-en] IED :effortio {n} 1. effort; 2. [Med.] strain; facer un effortio to make an effort; facer tote su effortios to make every effort
[ia-en] IED :effring- [-fring-/-fract-] {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :effunder [-fund-/-fus-] {v} to pour out, pour forth, shed, effuse
[ia-en] IED :Egeo (1) (-géo) {npr} [Gr. Mythol.] Aegeus
[ia-en] IED :-eget- {n} [occurring in compounds] (leadeer)
[ia-en] IED :egide (égide) {n} aegis (1. [Gr. Antiq.]; 2. shield, protection); sub le egide de under the aegis of
[ia-en] IED :eglefino {n} [Ichthyol.] haddock
[ia-en] IED :[ego] {pron pers} I (io)
[ia-en] IED :ego {n} [Philos., Psychol., etc.] ego
[ia-en] IED :egred- [-gred-/-gress-] {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :eider (éi-) {n} [Zool.] eider
[ia-en] IED :eido- {n} [occurring in compounds] eido- (image, figure)
[ia-en] IED :Eire [Ir.] {npr} Eire
[ia-en] IED :ejaculator {adj} [Physiol.] ejaculatory
[ia-en] IED :ejaculatori {adj} [Physiol.] ejaculatory
[ia-en] IED :ejection {n} [Physiol.] dejection (discharge of excrement)
[ia-en] IED :ejector {n} [Technol.] ejector (of steam, cartridges, etc.)
[ia-en] IED :ejic- [-jic-/-ject-] {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :[el] {pron} 1. he; 2. (after prep) him (il)
[ia-en] IED :electe {adj} [Theo].] elect
[ia-en] IED :election {n} election (1. choice; 2. "election by vote"); vaso de election [Theol.] chosen vessel
[ia-en] IED :elective {adj} elective (1. as in "elective office"; 2. having a power of choice); affinitate elective [Chem.] elective affinity
[ia-en] IED :electr- {n} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] electr-, electro-
[ia-en] IED :electron {n} [Phys.] electron; electron de alte velocitate [Atomic Phys.] highspeed electron
[ia-en] IED :electrotypo (electro·typo) (-ó) {n} [Print.] electrotype
[ia-en] IED :elegiac (-íac) {adj} elegiac (l. [Pros.]; 2. mournful, melancholy)
[ia-en] IED :elephantiasis (-íasis) {n} [Pathol.] elephantiasis
[ia-en] IED :elevation {n} elevation (1. act of elevating, raising; 2. high ground, raised place; 3. as in "elevation of style"; 4. [Astron.]; 5. [Arith.]); elevation del hostia [Eccl.] elevation of the Host
[ia-en] IED :elevator {n} 1. elevator (one who or that which elevates); 2. [Anat.] levator
[ia-en] IED :elf [A] {n} elf
[ia-en] IED :Elia (-ía) {npr} [Bib.] Elijah, Elias
[ia-en] IED :elider [-lid-/-lis-] {v} to elide
[ia-en] IED :eliger [-lig-/-lect-] {v} to elect (1. to choose; 2. "to elect by voting"); eliger domicilio [Law] to elect domicile
[ia-en] IED :élite [F] {n} elite
[ia-en] IED :[ella] {pron pers} 1. she; 2. her (as in "of her," "with her") (illa)
[ia-en] IED :ellipse {n} 1. [Math.] ellipse; 2. [Gram.] ellipsis
[ia-en] IED :ellipsoide {n} [Geom.] ellipsoid
[ia-en] IED :elliptic {adj} elliptic, elliptical (1. [Math.]; 2. [Gram.])
[ia-en] IED :elongation {n} elongation (1. act of elongating; 2. [Astron.]; 3. [Med.] partial dislocation of a joint due to violent stretching)
[ia-en] IED :eloquer [-loqu-/-locut-] {v} to declaim, speak rhetorically
[ia-en] IED :eluder [-lud-/-lus-] {v} to elude (to avoid or escape by dexterity)
[ia-en] IED :émail [F] {n} enamel
[ia-en] IED :emancipar {v} to emancipate (1. [Rom. Law]; 2. to release from slavery or restraint)
[ia-en] IED :emancipation {n} emancipation (1. [Rom. Law]; 2. release from slavery or restraint)
[ia-en] IED :emarginate 1. pp of emarginar; 2. [Bot.] emarginate
[ia-en] IED :embargo [H] {n} embargo
[ia-en] IED :emblema [-ma/-mat-] {n} emblem
[ia-en] IED :embolia (-ía) {n} [Pathol.] embolism
[ia-en] IED :emer [em-/empt-;-im-/-empt-] {v} to buy, purchase
[ia-en] IED :emer- {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :emerger [-merg-/-mers-] {v} to emerge
[ia-en] IED :emersion {n} emersion; {also:} [Astron.]
[ia-en] IED :emetic {adj} [Med.] emetic
[ia-en] IED :emetico {n} [Med.] emetic
[ia-en] IED :emigrar {v} 1. to emigrate; 2. [Nat. Hist.] to migrate
[ia-en] IED :emigration {n} I. emigration (1. action of emigrating; 2. emigrants collectively); Il. [Nat. Hist.] migration
[ia-en] IED :emin- {v} [occurring in derivatives)
[ia-en] IED :eminentia {n} eminence (1. rising ground, height, etc.; 2. distinction of character, abilities, attainments); Eminentia [Eccl.] Eminence
[ia-en] IED :emission {n} emission; {also:} [Com.] issuing, issue; banco de emission bank of issue
[ia-en] IED :emitter [-mitt-/-miss-] {v} to emit; {also:} [Com.] to issue
[ia-en] IED :emmen- {n} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] emmen- (menses)
[ia-en] IED :emmenagoge (emmen·agoge) {adj} [Med.] emmenagogue, emmenagogic
[ia-en] IED :emmenagogo {n} [Med.] emmenagogue
[ia-en] IED :emollir {v} [Med.] to soften, mollify
[ia-en] IED :emover [-mov-/-mot-] {v} to move (to affect emotionally)
[ia-en] IED :empir- {adj} [occurring in derivatives] (experienced)
[ia-en] IED :empyreuma [-ma/-mat-] {n} empyreuma
[ia-en] IED :emulgente {n} 1. ppr of emulger; 2. {adj} [Anat.] emulgent (as in "emulgent vessels")
[ia-en] IED :emulger [-mulg-/-muls-] {v} to milk dry
[ia-en] IED :emulsina {n} [Chem.] emulsin
[ia-en] IED :en- {prefixo} [`em-' before `-b-', `-m-', `-p-', `-ph-'; used chiefly to form technical terms] en-, em- (in, into)
[ia-en] IED :-enchyma [occurring in compounds]
[ia-en] IED :enclitic {adj} [Gram.] enclitic
[ia-en] IED :encyclica {n} [Eccl.] encyclical (letter)
[ia-en] IED :endemia (-ía) {n} [Med.] endemic
[ia-en] IED :endemic {adj} [Med.] endemic
[ia-en] IED :endo- {adv} [occurring in compounds] endo-, end- (within)
[ia-en] IED :endocardio (endo·cardio) {n} [Anat.] endocardium
[ia-en] IED :endocarditis (-ítis) {n} [Path.] endocarditis
[ia-en] IED :endocrin (endo·crin) {adj} [Physiol.] endocrine; glandulas endocrin endocrine glands
[ia-en] IED :endogame (endo·game) (-ógame) {adj} [Anthropol.] endogamous
[ia-en] IED :endogamia (-ía) {n} [Anthropol.] ondogamy
[ia-en] IED :endoskeleto (endo·skeleto) (-ské-) {n} [Zool.] endoskeleton
[ia-en] IED :endosperma (endo·sperma) {n} [Bot.] endosperm
[ia-en] IED :Eneas (-né-) {npr} [Gr. Mythol.] Aeneas
[ia-en] IED :Eneide (-néi-) {n} [Lat. Lit.] Aeneid
[ia-en] IED :enharmonic {adj} [Mus.] enharmonic
[ia-en] IED :enigma [-ma/-mat-] {n} enigma; {also:} riddle; puzzle
[ia-en] IED :ensemble [F] {n} ensemble (1. group of musicians playing together; 2. complete, harmonious costume)
[ia-en] IED :ente {n} [Philos.] ens
[ia-en] IED :-ente {suffixo adjective} [used with verbss in `-er'; forming verbal adjectives] -ing, -ent (as in "recurring", "recurrent")
[ia-en] IED :-ente {suffixo substantive} [used with verrbs in `-er'] -ent (1. one who or that which is ...ent; 2. one who or that which ...s)
[ia-en] IED :entelechia (entel·echia) (-ía) {n} [Philos.] entelechy
[ia-en] IED :entente [F] {n} entente
[ia-en] IED :enteralgia (enter·algia) (-ía) {n} [Pathol.] enteralgia
[ia-en] IED :enteric {adj} [Anat.] enteric
[ia-en] IED :enteritis (-ítis) {n} [Pathol.] enteritis
[ia-en] IED :enterocolitis (entero·colitis) (-ítis) {n} [Pathol.] enterocolitis
[ia-en] IED :enteron (én-) {n} [Anat., Zool.] enteron, alimentary canal
[ia-en] IED :enterotomia (entero·tomia) (-ía) {n} [Surg.] enterotomy
[ia-en] IED :enterotomo (entero·tomo) (-ró) {n} [Surg.] enterotome
[ia-en] IED :enthusias- [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :-entia {suffixo substantive} [used with veerbs in `-er'] -ence, -ency (state or quality of or being ...ant)
[ia-en] IED :ento- {adv} [occurring in compounds] ento-, ent- (within, inside)
[ia-en] IED :entomo- {n} [occurring in compounds] entomo- (insect)
[ia-en] IED :entrée [F] {n} [Cooking] entree
[ia-en] IED :entresol [F] {n} entresol, mezzanine
[ia-en] IED :enuclear {v} to enucleate (1. to shell, husk, pod, etc.; 2. [Biol.]; 3. [Surg.]
[ia-en] IED :[eo] {adv} 1. there; thither; 2. until, up to the time; 3. to that purpose, to that end; 4. therefore; 5. to that degree or extent
[ia-en] IED :eo- {n} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] eo- (dawn); Eos {npr} [Gr. Mythol.] Eos
[ia-en] IED :eoanthropo (eo·anthropo) (-tró-) {n} [Paleontol.] Eoanthropus, Piltdown man
[ia-en] IED :eocen (eo·cen) [Geol.] {adj} Eocene
[ia-en] IED :eoceno {n} [Geol.] Eocene
[ia-en] IED :eohippo (eo·hippo) {n} [Paleontol.] Eohippus
[ia-en] IED :eolithic {adj} [Archeol.] eolithic
[ia-en] IED :eolitho (eo·litho) (-ó-) {n} [Archeol.] eolith
[ia-en] IED :Eolo (é-) {npr} [Mythol.] Aeolus
[ia-en] IED :eosina {n} [Chem.] eosin
[ia-en] IED :eosinophile (eosino·phile) (-nó-) {adj} [Biol.] eosinophile, eosinophilic, eosinophilous
[ia-en] IED :eosinophilia (-ía) {n} [Pathol.] eosinophilia
[ia-en] IED :eosinophilo (-nó-) {n} [Biol.] eosinophile
[ia-en] IED :eozoic (-zó-) {adj} [Geol.] Eozoic
[ia-en] IED :eozoon (eo·zoon) (-zó-) {n} [Geol.] eozoon
[ia-en] IED :epaulette [F] {n} epaulet, epaulette
[ia-en] IED :ephedra {n} [Bot.] Ephedra
[ia-en] IED :ephedrina {n} [Pharm.] ephedrine
[ia-en] IED :ephemeride (-mé-) {n} 1. calendar, almanac, etc.; 2. [Astron.] ephemeris; ephemerides ephemerides
[ia-en] IED :ephemero (-fé-) {n} [Zool.] ephemeron, ephemerid; ephemeros [Zool.] Ephemera, Ephemerida
[ia-en] IED :epi- {prefixo} [`ep-' before `-h-' or vowel, used chiefly to form technical terms] epi-, ep- (on, upon)
[ia-en] IED :epicen {adj} [Gram.] epicene
[ia-en] IED :epicureismo (-ízmo) {n} 1. [Philos.] Epicureanism; 2. epicurism
[ia-en] IED :epicurismo {n} 1. [Philos.] Epicureanism; 2. epicurism
[ia-en] IED :Epicuro {npr} [Gr. Philos.] Epicurus
[ia-en] IED :epidermis (-dér-) {n} [Anat., Bot.] epidermis
[ia-en] IED :epigee (-gé-) {adj} [Bot.] epigeous (growing upon the ground)
[ia-en] IED :epiglottis (-gló-) {n} [Anat.] epiglottis
[ia-en] IED :epigono (-pí-) {n} epigone (one of a succeeding and less distinguished generation); Epigonos [Gr. Myth.] Epigoni
[ia-en] IED :epigramma [-ma/-mat-] {n} epigram
[ia-en] IED :-epipedo (-í-) {n} [occurring in compoundss] -epiped (plane surface)
[ia-en] IED :epiphyto (-íphyto) {n} [Bot.] epiphyte
[ia-en] IED :episcopal {adj} episcopal; ecclesia episcopal Episcopal Church episcopal {n} [Theol.] Episcopalian
[ia-en] IED :epispastic {adj} [Med.] epispastic
[ia-en] IED :epistola (-pís-) {n} 1. letter, epistle; 2. [Eccl.] Epistle
[ia-en] IED :epitheto (-íteto) {n} [Gram.] epithet
[ia-en] IED :epizoon (-zó-) (pl epizoa) {n} [Zool.] epizoon
[ia-en] IED :equation {n} equation (1. [Math.]; 2. [Astron.])
[ia-en] IED :equipa {n} [Sports] team
[ia-en] IED :equipage (-aje) {n} 1. [Mil.] (field) equipment; 2. equipage, carriage (with or without horses); 3. [Naut.] crew
[ia-en] IED :equite (é-) {n} [Rom. Hist.] eques; equites [Rom. Hist.] equites
[ia-en] IED :era {n} era; (le) era christian (the) Christian Era [era] past of esser was, were
[ia-en] IED :-ercer {v} [occurring in compounds]
[ia-en] IED :erector {n} erector (1. as in "erector of a cathedral, a kingdom, etc."; 2. [Anat.])
[ia-en] IED :erg {n} [Phys.] erg
[ia-en] IED :[erga] {prep} 1. towards; 2. against; 3. in respect to
[ia-en] IED :-eria (-ería) {suffixo substantive} [used  with nouns] 1. -ery, -shop, -store (place where ... is made, worked, kept, or sold); 2. -ery, -eering, -smithing, -work (art, craft, trade, or practice of working with ...; {also:} the product of such work);
[ia-en] IED :eriger [-rig-/-rect-] {v} 1. to erect (to build, set up); 2. to establish, set up; eriger se in to pose as, set up for
[ia-en] IED :-ero {suffixo substantive} [used with nounns] -er, -eer, -man (one who works with or deals in ... or ...s)
[ia-en] IED :eroder [-rod-/-ros-] {v} to erode
[ia-en] IED :erotismo {n} [Psychiatry] erotism
[ia-en] IED :erotomania (eroto·mania) (-ía) {n} [Pathol.] erotomania
[ia-en] IED :errar (2) {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :erratum (pl errata) [NL] {n} erratum
[ia-en] IED :eruca {n} [Entom.] caterpillar; {also:} caterpillar chain, caterpillar tread; tractor a erucas caterpillar tractor
[ia-en] IED :erumper [-rump-/-rupt-] {v} 1. to burst, sunder; 2. to break out, burst forth, erupt
[ia-en] IED :erysipela (-sí-) {n} [Pathol.] erysipelas
[ia-en] IED :-esc {suffixo adjective} [used with nouns]] -esque (1. like, similar to, or characteristic of a ...; 2. [used with names of persons, nations, and peoples] in the manner or style of ... or the ...s)
[ia-en] IED :escamotar {v} [Conjuring] to whisk away, make disappear
[ia-en] IED :escappamento {n} 1. escape (act of escaping); 2. [Clockmaking] escapement; 3. exhaust (of an engine)
[ia-en] IED :eschat- {adj} [occurring in compounds] eschato- (last)
[ia-en] IED :escorta {n} escort (1. [Army, Navy]; 2. person or persons accompanying another for protection or as a matter of politeness)
[ia-en] IED :escudo [P] {n} [Monet.] escudo
[ia-en] IED :Esculapio {npr} [Gr. Mythol.] Aesculapius; esculapio Aesculapian, physician
[ia-en] IED :-ese {suffixo substantive} e adjective [ussed with names of places] -ese (I. [forming adjectives] 1. pertaining to ...; 2. native to, citizen of, or inhabiting ...; II. [forming nouns] 1. native, citizen, or inhabitant of ...; 2. language of ...)
[ia-en] IED :eso- {adv} [occurring in compounds] eso- (within, inside)
[ia-en] IED :esophago (eso·phago) (-só-) {n} [Anat.] esophagus, oesophagus
[ia-en] IED :Esopo {npr} [Gr. Lit.] Aesop
[ia-en] IED :esoter- {adj} [occurring in derivatives] esoter- (inner)
[ia-en] IED :esperantista {n} [Interling.] Esperantist
[ia-en] IED :esperanto [Esp.] {n} [Interling.] Esperanto
[ia-en] IED :esquadra {n} 1. square (as in "T square"); 2. squad; 3. [Navy] squadron
[ia-en] IED :esquadron {n} [Mil.] squadron
[ia-en] IED :[esque] (es·que) (éske) {interr part} -; esque il habe le libro? has he the book?
[ia-en] IED :-essa (1) {suffixo substantive} [used withh nouns] -ess (female ..., wife of a ...)
[ia-en] IED :-essa (2) {suffixo substantive} [used withh adjectives] -ess, -ness (state or quality of being . . )
[ia-en] IED :essayator {n} 1. assayer; 2. [Tail. etc.] fitter
[ia-en] IED :[esse] {dem adj} this, that, these, those
[ia-en] IED :esser {v} to be (1. to exist; 2. [grammatical functions]: a) copula; b) auxiliary forming the passive voice)
[ia-en] IED :{Hence:} essentia &; absente &; presente &; ente &: [esque] etc.; esser (2)-ben-esser etc.; see verbal forms es, [so], [son], [somos], [sia], [era], [ser] &
[ia-en] IED :[esso] {dem pron} this, that; pro esso for this reason, for that reason, therefore
[ia-en] IED :[este] {adj} this (iste)
[ia-en] IED :esthe- [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :estima {n} 1. esteem; 2. [Naut.] reckoning
[ia-en] IED :[esto] {pron} this (this thing, reason, or idea)
[ia-en] IED :estrade [F] {n} dais, platform, estrade
[ia-en] IED :estranie {adj} 1. foreign (as in "foreign countries"); also: alien; 2. strange (queer, unfamiliar); corpore estranie [Med.] foreign body; estranie a foreign to
[ia-en] IED :[et] {conj} 1. and; 2. also; et ... et ... both ... and ...
[ia-en] IED :etage [F] {n} floor, story
[ia-en] IED :ethano {n} [Chem.] ethane
[ia-en] IED :ethere {n} ether (1. upper air, clear sky; 2. [Phys.]; 3. [Chem])
[ia-en] IED :ethn- {n} [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
[ia-en] IED :ethnic {adj} ethnic (1. [Ch. Hist.] pagan; 2. ethnological)
[ia-en] IED :ethologia (etho·logia) (-ía) {n} [Sociol.] ethology
[ia-en] IED :ethopeia (etho·peia) (-péya) {n} [Rhet.] ethopoeia
[ia-en] IED :ethos (é-) {n} [Philos., Rhet., etc.] ethos
[ia-en] IED :ethylamino (ethyl·amino) {n} [Chem.] ethylamine
[ia-en] IED :ethyleno {n} [Chem.] ethylene
[ia-en] IED :ethylic {adj} [Chem.] ethylic; alcohol ethylic ethyl alcohol
[ia-en] IED :ethylo {n} [Chem.] ethyl
[ia-en] IED :-eto {suffixo substantive} [used with namees of trees] -etum, grove (grove of ... trees)
[ia-en] IED :[etsi] (et·si) {conj} 1. even if; 2. and yet; 3. though, although
[ia-en] IED :-etta {suffixo substantive} [used mostly wwith nouns in -a] -ette (little, small, minor)
[ia-en] IED :-etto {suffixo substantive} [used with nouuns] -et, -ette (small, little, minor)
[ia-en] IED :etui [F] {n} case (for eyeglasses, cigars, etc.), etui
[ia-en] IED :eu- {adj/adv} [occurring in compounds] eu- (1. good, fine; 2. wel]; {also:} easy, easily, etc.)
[ia-en] IED :eucharistia (-ía) {n} [Eccl.] Eucharist
[ia-en] IED :Euclide {npr} Euclid [circa 300 B.C., Greek geometrician]
[ia-en] IED :eudemon (eu·demon)- {adj} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :eupheme (eu·pheme)- {adj} [occurring in derivatives] euphemious, euphemous
[ia-en] IED :euphemismo {n} [Rhet.] euphemism
[ia-en] IED :eureka! [Gr] eureka!
[ia-en] IED :Europa {npr} 1. [Mythol.] Europa; 2. Europe
[ia-en] IED :europium (-ró-) {n} [Chem.] europium
[ia-en] IED :evacuante 1. ppr of evacuar; 2. {adj/n} [Med.] evacuant
[ia-en] IED :evacuar {v} to evacuate; {also:} [Med.]
[ia-en] IED :evacuation {n} evacuation; {also:} [Med.]
[ia-en] IED :evacuative {adj} [Med.] evacuant, evacuative
[ia-en] IED :evader [-vad-/-vas-] {v} 1. to get away, escape; 2. to evade (to practice evasion)
[ia-en] IED :evection {n} [Astron.] evection
[ia-en] IED :eveher [-veh-/-vect-] {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :eveller [-vell-/-vuls-] {v} to evulse, tear out, pull out
[ia-en] IED :evenir [-ven-/-vent-] {v} to happen, come to pass
[ia-en] IED :eventration {n} 1. (act of) disemboweling; 2. [Pathol.] ventral hernia
[ia-en] IED :everter [-vert-/-vers-] {v} to evert, turn inside out
[ia-en] IED :eviction {n} [Law] eviction (1. recovery by legal process; 2. dispossession)
[ia-en] IED :evincer [-vinc-/-vict-] {v} [Law] to evict (1. recover by legal process; 2. to dispossess)
[ia-en] IED :evolution {n} evolution (1. development; 2. [Biol.]; 3. [Mil., Naut.])
[ia-en] IED :evolver [-volv-/-volut-] {v} I. to evolve, develop (1. to undergo an evolution or development; 2. to cause to evolve or develop); II. [Mil., Naut.] to evolute; evolver un film (photographic) to develop a film
[ia-en] IED :ex- {prefixo} [used with nouns] ex- (former)
[ia-en] IED :exarch- {v} [occurring in derivatives] exarch-
[ia-en] IED :exarcho {n} exarch (1. [Rom. Hist.]; 2. [Gr. Orth. Ch.])
[ia-en] IED :excambiator {n} exchanger; excambiator thermic [Atomic Phys.] heat exchanger
[ia-en] IED :ex cathedra [L] ex calhedra
[ia-en] IED :exceder [-ced-/-cess-] {v} to exceed
[ia-en] IED :exceller [-cell-/-cels-] {v} to excel; exceller in to excel in
[ia-en] IED :exception {n} exception; exception (peremptori, dilatori, etc.) [Law] (peremptory, dilatory, etc.) exception
[ia-en] IED :excern- [-cern-/-cret-] {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :excider [-cid-/-cis-] {v} to cut out or off, excide
[ia-en] IED :excip [-cip-/-cept-] {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :excipiente {n} [Pharm.] excipient
[ia-en] IED :excisar {v} [Surg.] to excise
[ia-en] IED :excision {n} [Surg.] excision
[ia-en] IED :excitation {n} I. excitation (1. action of exciting; 2. [Elec.]); II. excitement (state of being excited)
[ia-en] IED :excitator {n} 1. exciter; 2. [Elec.] discharger
[ia-en] IED :excluder [-clud-/-clus-] {v} to exclude
[ia-en] IED :excurr- [-curr-/-curs-] {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :excursion {n} I. excursion (1. pleasure trip; 2. digression); II. [Mil.] sally, raid
[ia-en] IED :exempli gratia, e. g. [L] exempli gratia, e.g., for example
[ia-en] IED :exequer [-equ-/-ecut-] {v} to execute, carry out
[ia-en] IED :exercitio {n} I. exercise (1. as in "the exercise of virtues"; 2. as in "an exercise in grammar"); II. practice (as in "the practice of a profession"); III. [Mil.] drill
[ia-en] IED :exhaurir [-haur-/haust-] {v} to exhaust (1. to drain, use up, consume, etc.; 2. as in "to exhaust a subject"); exhaurir se to exhaust oneself
[ia-en] IED :exiger [-ig-/-act-] {v} to exact
[ia-en] IED :eximer [-im-/-empt-] {v} to exempt
[ia-en] IED :ex-ministro {n} [Pol.] ex-minister, former minister
[ia-en] IED :exo- {adv} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] exo-, ex- (without, outside)
[ia-en] IED :exodic {adj} exodic; {also:} [Physiol.] efferent
[ia-en] IED :exogame (exo·game) (-ógame) {adj} [Anthropol.] exogamous
[ia-en] IED :exogamia (-ía) {n} [Anthropol.] exogamy
[ia-en] IED :exoskeleto (exo·skeleto) (-ské-) {n} [Zool.] exoskeleton
[ia-en] IED :expander [-pand-/-pans-] {v} to expand (to cause to spread out, stretch out or unfold)
[ia-en] IED :expansive {adj} expansive (1. [Sci.]; 2. showing one's feelings freely)
[ia-en] IED :expectation {n} expectation (1. state of expecting; 2. [Med.]
[ia-en] IED :expectorante 1. ppr of expectorar; 2. {adj} [Med.] expectorant
[ia-en] IED :expectorante {n} [Med.] expectorant
[ia-en] IED :expeller [-pell-/-puls-] {v} to expel; {also:} to deport (as in "to deport an undesirable alien")
[ia-en] IED :expender [-pend-/-pens-] {v} to spend, expend (to give out in payment)
[ia-en] IED :experir [-per-/-pert-] {v} to try, put to the test
[ia-en] IED :exploder [-plod-/-plos-] {v} to explode (to go off, or to fly in pieces, with a loud report)
[ia-en] IED :explorar {v} to explore (1. as in "to explore new countries"; 2. to investigate, examine; 3. [Surg.])
[ia-en] IED :exploration {n} exploration (1. as in "exploration of new countries"; 2. investigation; 3. [Surg.])
[ia-en] IED :explosive {adj} explosive (1. tending to explode; 2. [Phonet.])
[ia-en] IED :exponente {adj} [Alg.] exponent
[ia-en] IED :exponential {adj} [Math.] exponential
[ia-en] IED :exponer [-pon-/-posit-] {v} I. to expose (1. to show openly, display; 2. to lay open (to danger, etc.)); II. to expound
[ia-en] IED :exposition {n} I. exposition (1. exhibition; 2. detailed explanation); II. exposure (1. laying open to view, action, influence, etc; 2. [Photog.]; 3. position in relation to sun, wind etc.)
[ia-en] IED :exprimer [-prim-/-press-] {v} 1. to press out, squeeze out; 2. to express
[ia-en] IED :expunger [-pung-/-punct-] {v} to expunge
[ia-en] IED :exquir- [-quir-/ quisit-] {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :exsug- [-sug-/-suct-] {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :extender [-tend-/-tens-] {v} I. to extend (1. to stretch out; 2. to increase in size or scope); II. to spread, spread out; extender le mano to hold out one's hand
[ia-en] IED :extension {n} I. extension (1. stretching out; 2. increase in size or scope; 3. [Logic]); II. extent (space or degree to which anything is extended); also: range
[ia-en] IED :extensor {n} 1. extender (one who or that which extends); 2. [Anat.] extensor
[ia-en] IED :externe {adj} external; {also:} outside, outer, etc.; angulo externe [Geom.] exterior angle; discipulo externe day-pupil; pro uso externe [Pharm.] for external application, for external use
[ia-en] IED :extinguer [-stingu-/-stinct-] {v} to extinguish; extinguer un debita to extinguish or pay off a debt
[ia-en] IED :extorquer [-torqu-/-tort-] {v} to extort; {also:} to get by blackmail
[ia-en] IED :extractor {n} extractor; specif.: [Surg., Gun.]
[ia-en] IED :extradorso {n} [Arch.] extrados
[ia-en] IED :extraher [-trah-/-tract-] {v} to extract
[ia-en] IED :extravasar {v} [Anat.] to extravasate
[ia-en] IED :extravasation {n} [Anat.] extravasation
[ia-en] IED :extremo {n} extreme; extremos [Math.] extremes; ir de un extremo al altere to go from one extreme to the other; le extremos se tocca extremes meet
[ia-en] IED :extroversion {n} extroversion (1. [Med.] condition of being turned inside out; 2. [Psychol.])
[ia-en] IED :extroverter [-vert-/-vers-] {v} to extrovert (1. to turn outwards; to turn inside out; 2. [Psychol.])
[ia-en] IED :extrovertite 1. pp of extroverter; 2. [Psychol.] extroverted, outgoing
[ia-en] IED :extrovertito {n} [Psychol.] extrovert
[ia-en] IED :fa {n} 1. [Mus.] fa; 2. [Mus.] (the note) F
[ia-en] IED :facer [fac-/fact-;-fic-/-fect-] {v} I. to make (1. to create, produce, etc.; 2. to render, cause to be or become); II. to do (something); facer + n: facer le barba, facer allusion, etc., see barba, allusion, etc.; facer (venir, etc.) to cause to (come etc.), make (come, etc.), have (come, etc.); facer se (tarde, etc.) to become, get (late, etc.)
[ia-en] IED :faciada {n} [Arch.] façade
[ia-en] IED :facie {n} face (1. [Anat.]; 2. surface, outer part of something; facie a facie face to face
[ia-en] IED :factor {n} factor (1. agent; 2. "contributing factor"; 3. [Math.])
[ia-en] IED :factotum [L] {n} factotum
[ia-en] IED :facula (fácula) {n} 1. torch, brand; 2. [Astron.] facula
[ia-en] IED :facular {adj} [Astron.] facular
[ia-en] IED :Fahrenheit, Gabriel Daniel {npr} [1686-1736; German physicist]; thermometro Fahrenheit Fahrenheit thermometer
[ia-en] IED :falcon {n} falcon (1. [Ornith.]; 2. [Artil.])
[ia-en] IED :falconetto {n} falconet (1. [Ornith.]; 2. [Artil.])
[ia-en] IED :falconides (-có-) {npl} [Ornith.] Falconidae
[ia-en] IED :fallia {n} [Geol.] fault
[ia-en] IED :familia {n} family (1. as in "the Smith family"; 2. [spccial: Sci. etc.]); patre de familia paterfamilias, head of a family
[ia-en] IED :fano {n} [Rom. Antiq.] temple, sanctuary, etc.
[ia-en] IED :farad {n} [Elec.] farad
[ia-en] IED :Faraday, Michael {npr} [1791-1867; physicist after whom the "farad" is named]
[ia-en] IED :faradic {adj} [Elec.] faradic
[ia-en] IED :faradisar {v} [Med.] to faradize
[ia-en] IED :faradisation {n} [Med.] faradization
[ia-en] IED :farce [F] {n} 1. [Theat.] farce; 2. [Cookery] stuffing, forcemeat
[ia-en] IED :fardo (1) {n} [Cosmetics] paint, make-up, rouge
[ia-en] IED :farsa {n} [Theat.] farce
[ia-en] IED :fasce {n} bundle; {also:} fagot; fasce (del projector) beam (of the searchlight); fasce molecular [Atomic Phys.] molecular beam
[ia-en] IED :fasciculo {n} fascicle (1. bundle, cluster; 2. [Bookbinding] signature)
[ia-en] IED :fashion [A] {n} fashion (1. as in "the latest fashion"; 2. fashionable people)
[ia-en] IED :fashionable [A] {adj} fashionable
[ia-en] IED :fathom [A] {n} [Meas.] fathom
[ia-en] IED :fauno {n} [Rom. Relig.] faun
[ia-en] IED :favo {n} 1. honeycomb; 2. [Pathol.] favus
[ia-en] IED :favose {adj} [Pathol.] favose
[ia-en] IED :feder- {n} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :feeria (-ía) {n} 1. fairyland: 2. [Theat.] fairy play, spectacular play
[ia-en] IED :feminin {adj} I. feminine (1. womanly; 2. [Gram.]); II. female
[ia-en] IED :feminino {n} [Gram.] feminine (feminine gender); le eterne feminino the eternal feminine
[ia-en] IED :femoral {adj} [Anat.] femoral
[ia-en] IED :femore {n} thigh; thighbone; {also:} [Anat.] femur
[ia-en] IED :-fender [-fend-/-fens-] {v} [occurring in  compounds]
[ia-en] IED :fenestrate 1. pp of fenestrar; 2. {adj} [Bot., Zool.] fenestrate
[ia-en] IED :-ferer [-fer-/-lat-] {v} [occurring in commpounds]
[ia-en] IED :feria {n} 1. fair (as in "county fair"); 2. [Eccl.] feria; ferias holidays; vacation
[ia-en] IED :ferial {adj} 1. vacation (as in "vacation time"); 2. [Eccl.] ferial
[ia-en] IED :ferrato {n} [Chem.] ferrate
[ia-en] IED :ferric {adj} ferric (1. containing iron; 2. [Chem.])
[ia-en] IED :ferrose {adj} [Chem.] ferrous
[ia-en] IED :ferrugine {n} rust (1. iron oxide; 2. [Agr.])
[ia-en] IED :ferry-boat [A] {n} ferry, ferryboat
[ia-en] IED :fetiche [F] {n} fetish, fetich
[ia-en] IED :fibula (fí-) {n} I. fibula (1. [Antiq.]; 2. [Anat.]); II. clasp, buckle, brooch
[ia-en] IED :ficato (fí-) {n} [Anat.] liver
[ia-en] IED :-fice {n} [occurring in compounds]
[ia-en] IED :fichu [F] {n} [Clothing] fichu
[ia-en] IED :ficoide {adj} [Bot.] ficoid
[ia-en] IED :fideicommissari {adj} [Law] fideicommissary
[ia-en] IED :fideicommissario {n} [Law] fideicommissioner
[ia-en] IED :fideicommisse {adj} [Law] fideicommissary
[ia-en] IED :fideicommisso {n} [Law] fideicommissum
[ia-en] IED :fideicommitter (fidei·committer) [-mitt-/-miss-] {v} to make a fideicommissum
[ia-en] IED :fiducial {n} fiducial (1. founded on faith or trust; 2. [Phys.] as in "fiducial line")
[ia-en] IED :fiduciari {adj} fiduciary (1. [Rom. Law]; 2. founded on trust or confidence)
[ia-en] IED :figer [fig-/fix-] {v} to drive in, thrust in
[ia-en] IED :figura {n} I. figure (1. form, shape; 2. appearance; 3. person, character; 4. [Art, etc.]; 5. [Gram.]; 6. [Dancing, Skating, etc.]; 7. "figure of speech"); II. face, countenance; facer figura to cut or make a figure; le figuras del syllogismo the figures or forms of syllogism
[ia-en] IED :figurante {n} [Theat.] 1. figurant; 2. figurante
[ia-en] IED :figurate I. pp of figurar; II. {adj} 1. figured (decorated with figures); 2. figurative (language, style, etc.); 3. [Mus.] figurate; censo figurate figurative meaning
[ia-en] IED :filaria {n} [Zool.] filaria
[ia-en] IED :filet [F] {n} [Cookery] filet, fillet
[ia-en] IED :film [A] {n} film (1. "camera film"; 2. moving picture)
[ia-en] IED :filon {n} [Geol. and Mining] vein, lode
[ia-en] IED :fimbria {n} fringe, border; {also:} [Anat., etc.] fimbria
[ia-en] IED :fimbriate {adj} fringed; {also:} [Bot., etc.] fimbriate, fimbriated
[ia-en] IED :final {adj} final; causa final final cause final {n} [Mus.] finale
[ia-en] IED :finalismo {n} [Philos.] finalism
[ia-en] IED :finalista {n} [Philos.] finalist
[ia-en] IED :finder [find-/fiss-] {v} to cleave, split
[ia-en] IED :finger [fing-/fict-] {v} to feign, pretend, make believe, simulate
[ia-en] IED :fiord [Nor.] {n} fiord, fjord
[ia-en] IED :fission {n} [Biol., Phys.; etc.] fission
[ia-en] IED :fissirostros (fissi·rostros) {npl} [Zool.] Fissirostres
[ia-en] IED :-fit- [-fit-/-fess-] {v} [occurring in commpounds]
[ia-en] IED :fixar {v} to fix (1. to make firm, fasten; 2. to settle, set; 3. [special: Chem., Photog.]; fixar le oculos super to fix one's eyes on; fixar le attention super un cosa to fix one's attention on something; fixar le hora to set the time
[ia-en] IED :fixation {n} fixation (1. act or process of fixing, of making firm; 2. [special: Chem., Photog., Psychoanalysis])
[ia-en] IED :fixator {n} 1. fixer (one who fixes); 2. [Photog.] fixing solution
[ia-en] IED :fixe {adj} fixed; stella fixe fixed star; idea fixe fixed idea; sal fixe [Chem.] fixed salt
[ia-en] IED :flabello {n} 1. fan (as in "feather fan"); 2. flabellum; {also:} [R.C.Ch.]
[ia-en] IED :flagellate {adj} [Biol.] flagellated
[ia-en] IED :flagellifere {adj} [Biol.] flagelliferous
[ia-en] IED :flagelliforme (flagelli·forme) {adj} [Biol.] flagelliform
[ia-en] IED :flagello {n} 1. whip, scourge; 2. flail; 3. [Biol ] flagellum; flagello de Deo scourge of God
[ia-en] IED :flagrante 1. ppr of flagrar; 2. {adj} flagrant (as in "flagrant offense"); in flagrante delicto in the act flagrante delicto [L] [Law] flagrante delicto
[ia-en] IED :flair [F] {n} flair
[ia-en] IED :flamingo (1) {n} [Zool.] flamingo
[ia-en] IED :flancar {v} to flank (1. [Mil.] to protect the flank of; 2. to be situated at the flank or side of)
[ia-en] IED :flaon {n} 1. [Cooking] flan; 2. [Print.] flong
[ia-en] IED :flauta {n} [Mus.] flute; sonar le flauta to play the flute
[ia-en] IED :flavipede (flavi·pede) (-í-) {adj} [Zool.] flavipes
[ia-en] IED :flecha (flésha) {n} 1. arrow; 2. [Geom.] versed sine
[ia-en] IED :flecter [flect-/flex-] {v} to bend (to cause to bend); also: to flex
[ia-en] IED :fleur de lis [F] fleur-de-lis
[ia-en] IED :flexion {n} flection, flexion (1. act of flexing; 2. [Gram.] inflection)
[ia-en] IED :flexional {adj} [Gram.] flectional, flexional
[ia-en] IED :-fliger [-flig-/-flict-] {v} [occurring inn compounds]
[ia-en] IED :flint [A] {n} flint
[ia-en] IED :flirt [A] {n} flirt (act of flirting)
[ia-en] IED :flor {n} I. flower (1. blossom; 2. flowering plant; 3. the best part); II. virginity; flor de farina flour; flor de sulfure [Chem.] flowers of sulphur; flor de cupro verdegris; flor de lilio, flor de lis [Her.] fleur-de-lis; a flor de flush with, on a level with; le flor del vita or del etate the prime of life, the flower of one's age or life; in flor in flower
[ia-en] IED :Flora {npr} [Rom. Rel.] Flora; flora [Bot.] flora
[ia-en] IED :floral {adj} [Bot.] floral
[ia-en] IED :floretta {n} small flower; {also:} [Bot.] floret
[ia-en] IED :floretto {n} [Fencing] foil
[ia-en] IED :floride {adj} flowery (1. abounding in flowers; 2. [Rhet.] florid)
[ia-en] IED :flosculo {n} [Bot.] floscule, floret
[ia-en] IED :flosculose {adj} [Bot.] flosculous
[ia-en] IED :fluctuation {n} I. undulation (wavelike motion); II. fluctuation (1. continual change; 2. [Pathol.])
[ia-en] IED :fluer [flu-/fluct-/flux-] {v} to flow
[ia-en] IED :fluor (-ór) {n} [Chem.] fluorine; spat fluor [Mineral.] fluorite
[ia-en] IED :fluoresceina (-ína) [Chem.] fluorescein
[ia-en] IED :fluorina {n} [Mineral.] calcium fluoride
[ia-en] IED :fluorita {n} [Mineral.] fluorite
[ia-en] IED :fluoruro {n} [Chem.] fluoride
[ia-en] IED :fluxion {n} [Math., Pathol.] fluxion
[ia-en] IED :fluxo {n} I. flow (1. flowing; 2. "flow of the tide"); II. [Med.] flux; fluxo de parolas flow of words; fluxo e refluxo flux and reflux, ebb and flow
[ia-en] IED :foder [fod-/foss-] {v} to dig, burrow
[ia-en] IED :foliacee {adj} [Bot.] foliaceous
[ia-en] IED :foliar {v} to leaf, leave, shoot out leaves foliar {adj} [Bot.] foliar
[ia-en] IED :foliate {adj} leafy (furnished with leaves); {also:} [Bot.] foliate
[ia-en] IED :folio {n} I. leaf (1. [Bot.]; 2. "leaf of a book, etc."); II. folio (large sheet of paper folded once); III. foil (1. [Arch.]; 2. as in "tin foil"); folio de herba blade (of grass); in folio in folio; in-folio folio (book in folio)
[ia-en] IED :foliolo (-í-) {n} [Bot.] foliole (leaflet)
[ia-en] IED :foliose {adj} [Bot.] folious, foliose
[ia-en] IED :folklore [A] {n} folklore
[ia-en] IED :folliculo {n} [Bot., Anat.] follicle
[ia-en] IED :fomentar {v} to foment (1. [Med.]; 2. as in "to foment rebellion")
[ia-en] IED :fomentation {n} fomentation (1. [Med.]; 2. stirring up of discontent, rebellion, etc.)
[ia-en] IED :fomentator {n} fomenter (1. [Med.]; 2. as in "a fomenter of rebellion")
[ia-en] IED :fomento {n} 1. [Med.] fomentation; 2. incitement
[ia-en] IED :fomite (fó-) {n} 1. tinder; 2. [Med.] fomes; fomites [Med.] fomites
[ia-en] IED :fondant [F] {n} fondant
[ia-en] IED :fontanella {n} [Anat.] fontanelle, fontanel
[ia-en] IED :football [A] {n} football
[ia-en] IED :[for] I. {adv} 1. out of doors, outside, out; 2. from without; II. {prep} 1. beyond; 2. except; for de outside of, without; for de se beside oneself (`foras', `foris')
[ia-en] IED :foraminiferos (-íferos) {n} [Zool.] Foraminifera
[ia-en] IED :forfeit [A] {n} [Horse Racing] forfeit
[ia-en] IED :forma {n} 1. form, shape; 2. mold, mould; in debite forma in due form; esser in forma [Sports] to be in form
[ia-en] IED :formic {adj} [Chem.] formic (as in "formic acid")
[ia-en] IED :formicamento {n} 1. swarm, swarming (of people, etc.); 2. itching; [Med.] formication
[ia-en] IED :formicante 1. ppr of formicar; 2. {adj} [Med.] formicant (as in "formicant pulse")
[ia-en] IED :formichero {n} [Zool., Ornith.] anteater
[ia-en] IED :Forsyth, William {npr} [1737-1804; English botanist]
[ia-en] IED :forsythia {n} [Bot.] forsythia
[ia-en] IED :forte {n} 1. fort; 2. forte (strong point); 3. [Mus.] forte
[ia-en] IED :forte {adv} 1. strongly, hard; 2. [Mus.] forte
[ia-en] IED :fortia {n} force (1. bodily strength; 2. as in "force of character"; 3. power, violence, or constraint exerted upon a person or thing; 4. [Phys.]); le fortia public the police force; fortias armate military forces; camisia de fortia strait jacket; fortia de inertia vis inertiae; fortia vive [Mach.] momentum; fortia centrifuge centrifugal force; fortia centripete centripetal force; a fortia de by means of; by dint of
[ia-en] IED :fortification {n} [Mil.] fortification; fortificationes [Mil.] fortifications, works
[ia-en] IED :fortissimo {adj/adv} [Mus.] fortissimo
[ia-en] IED :fortuite (-ú-) {adj} fortuitous; [Law] caso fortuite act of God, fortuitous event
[ia-en] IED :fossa {n} 1. pit, cavity, grave, etc.; 2. [Anat.] fossa; fossa commun potter's field
[ia-en] IED :fossor {n} [Eccl.] fossor
[ia-en] IED :foulard [F] {n} foulard
[ia-en] IED :fox-terrier [A] {n} fox-terrier
[ia-en] IED :foyer [F] {n} [Theat.] lobby, lounge
[ia-en] IED :fraction {n} 1. (action of) breaking; 2. fraction; fraction periodic [Math.] recurring or periodic decimal; fraction (decimal, ordinari, etc.) [Math.] (decimal, vulgar, etc.) fraction
[ia-en] IED :fractionamento {n} (action of) breaking into parts; also: [Math.] fractionization; [Chem.] fractionation
[ia-en] IED :fractionar {v} to break into parts; {also:} [Math.] to fractionize; [Chem.] to fractionate
[ia-en] IED :fractura {n} fracture; fractura simplice, composite, etc.) [Surg.] (simple, compound, etc.) fracture
[ia-en] IED :frambesia {n} [Pathol.] yaws, frambesia
[ia-en] IED :francisca {n} [Hist.] francisc, francisca Francisca {nprf} Frances
[ia-en] IED :franciscan {adj} [R.C.Ch.] Franciscan
[ia-en] IED :franciscano {n} [R.C.Ch.] Franciscan
[ia-en] IED :franco (1) {n} [Hist.] Frank
[ia-en] IED :franco (2) {n} [Fin.] franc
[ia-en] IED :franger [frang-/fract-;-fring-/-fract-] {v} to break, cause to break
[ia-en] IED :fratre {n} 1. brother; 2. [Eccl.] friar; fratre de lacte foster brother; fratre affin brother-in-law
[ia-en] IED :fraxinella {n} [Bot.] fraxinella, gas plant
[ia-en] IED :fraxineto {n} [Bot.] ash grove
[ia-en] IED :fremito (fré-) {n} 1. tremor, quiver, shiver; {also:} [Med.] fremitus, thrill; 2. roar, roaring, murmur
[ia-en] IED :freno {n} 1. bit (part of the bridle that goes in the horse's mouth); 2. [Mech.] brake; 3. restraint, check; 4. [Med.] frenum, fraenum; freno de aere comprimite air brake; freno de mano hand brake
[ia-en] IED :frequentative {adj} [Gram.] frequentative
[ia-en] IED :frequentia {n} frequency; {also:} [Elec.]
[ia-en] IED :fricar [fric-/frict-] {v} to rub
[ia-en] IED :fricassee [F] {n} fricassee
[ia-en] IED :fricativa {n} [Phonet.] fricative
[ia-en] IED :fricative {adj} [Phonet.] fricative
[ia-en] IED :friction {n} friction (1. rubbing of limbs, etc.; 2. [Mech.])
[ia-en] IED :frig- {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :-frigerar {v} [occurring in compounds]
[ia-en] IED :frigide {adj} 1. cold, frigid (not warm); 2. [Med.] frigid
[ia-en] IED :frigiditate {n} 1. coldness, frigidness; 2. [Med.] frigidity
[ia-en] IED :frontal {adj} frontal; osso frontal [Anat.] frontal (bone)
[ia-en] IED :fronte {n} I. forehead; II. front (1. face of a building, etc.; 2. [Mil.]); fronte de battalia battlefront; facer fronte a to face, resist
[ia-en] IED :frontispicio (fronti·spicio) {n} 1. [Arch.] frontispiece; 2. title page
[ia-en] IED :fronton {n} [Arch.] gable, pediment
[ia-en] IED :fructidor (fructi·dor) {n} [French Revolutionary Calendar] Fructidor
[ia-en] IED :fructification {n} fructification; {also:} [Bot.]
[ia-en] IED :fruer [fru-/fruct-] {v} to enjoy; fruer de to enjoy (to have the use and enjoyment of)
[ia-en] IED :[frustra] {adv} in vain
[ia-en] IED :Fuchs, Leonhard {npr} [1501-1566; German botanist]
[ia-en] IED :fuchsia {n} [Bot.] Fuchsia; {also:} fuchsia
[ia-en] IED :fuga {n} 1. flight (act of fleeing); 2. ardor, impetuosity; 3. [Mus.] fugue; poner in fuga to put to flight; fuga de gas escape of gas
[ia-en] IED :fulgurante I. ppr of fulgurar; II. {adj} 1. fulgurant; 2. [Med.] fulgurating; dolor fulgurante fulgurant pains
[ia-en] IED :fulgurite {n} [Geol.] fulgurite
[ia-en] IED :fulminato {n} [Chem.] fulminate
[ia-en] IED :fulminic {adj} [Chem.] fulminic
[ia-en] IED :fumarola {n} [Geol.] fumarole
[ia-en] IED :fumoterra (fumo·terra) {n} [Bot.] fumitory
[ia-en] IED :function {n} function (1. as in "function of an organ, etc."; 2. [Math.])
[ia-en] IED :funder [fund-/fus-] {v} 1. to melt, liquefy; 2. [Metal.] to found, cast; funder se to fuse, become fused
[ia-en] IED :funger [fung-/funct-] {v} to function (as in "to function as chairman")
[ia-en] IED :fungibile {adj} [Law] fungible
[ia-en] IED :fungo {n} fungus (1. [Bot.]; 2. [Pathol.])
[ia-en] IED :funiculo {n} I. (small) cord; II. funiculus (1. umbilical cord, funis; 2. [Bot.])
[ia-en] IED :furia {n} 1. [Mythol.] Fury; 2. fury (fierce anger)
[ia-en] IED :furnero {n} 1. baker; 2. [Ornith.] ovenbird
[ia-en] IED :furunculo {n} [Pathol.] furuncle, boil
[ia-en] IED :furunculosis (-ósis) {n} [Pathol.] furunculosis
[ia-en] IED :fuselage [F] {n} [Aeronaut.] fuselage
[ia-en] IED :fusibile {adj} fusible; easily melted; (filo) fusibile [Elec.] fuse
[ia-en] IED :fusionamento {n} [Com., Pol.] amalgamation, merger
[ia-en] IED :fusionar {v} [Com., Pol.] to amalgamate, merge
[ia-en] IED :fuso {n} 1. [Spinning] spindle; 2. [Geom.] lune
[ia-en] IED :fusta {n} [Naut.] lateen-rigged lighter
[ia-en] IED :-futar {v} [used in compounds]
[ia-en] IED :futur {adj} future; tempore futur [Gram.] future (tense); futuro, futura intended (husband, wife)
[ia-en] IED :futurismo {n} [Art.] futurism
[ia-en] IED :futurista {n} [Art.] futurist; {also:} attrib. futurist, futuristic
[ia-en] IED :futuro {n} future (1. time to come; 2. [Gram.])
[ia-en] IED :gabardina {n} 1. [Hist.] gaberdine; 2. gabardine (fabric "gabardine")
[ia-en] IED :gage [F] {n} wages, pay
[ia-en] IED :gaio {n} [Ornith.] jay
[ia-en] IED :gal- [gal-/galact-] {n} [occurring in compounds] gal- (milk)
[ia-en] IED :galea (éa) {n} galley (1. as in "to condemn to the galleys"; 2. [Print.])
[ia-en] IED :galeria (-ía) {n} gallery (1. covered passageway; 2. [Theat.]; 3. art museum)
[ia-en] IED :gallego [H] {n} (Gallego, Gallegan, Galician (1. native of Galicia in Spain; 2. Galician language)
[ia-en] IED :galliarda {n} [Dancing] galliard
[ia-en] IED :gallican {adj} [Eccl. Hist] Gallican
[ia-en] IED :gallicanismo {n} [Eccl. Hist.] Gallicanism
[ia-en] IED :gallicano {n} [Eccl. Hist.] Gallican
[ia-en] IED :gallinaceas {npl} [Zool.] gallinaceans
[ia-en] IED :gallinacee {adj} [Zool.] gallinaceous
[ia-en] IED :gallium (gál-) {n} [Chem.] gallium
[ia-en] IED :gallon [A] {n} gallon
[ia-en] IED :galon {n} braid, galloon; {also:} [Mil.] chevron; galones [Mil.] stripes
[ia-en] IED :galopar {v} to gallop (to go at a gallop); phthisis galopante [Pathol.] galloping consumption
[ia-en] IED :galopo {n} 1. gallop; 2. [Dancing] galop
[ia-en] IED :Galvani, Luigi {npr} [1737-1798; discoverer of galvanism]
[ia-en] IED :gamba {n} [Anat.] leg; (viola de) gamba [Mus.] (viola da) gamba
[ia-en] IED :gambito {n} [Chess] gambit
[ia-en] IED :gameta {n} [Biol.] gamete
[ia-en] IED :gamma {n} I. gamma (third letter of the Greek alphabet); II. gamut (1. [Mus.]: 2. as in "gamut of colors, emotions, etc."); radio gamma gamma ray
[ia-en] IED :gamo- {n} [occurring in compounds] gamo- (marriage)
[ia-en] IED :gamomania (gamo·mania) (-ía) {n} [Psychol.] gamomania
[ia-en] IED :ganglioma {n} [Pathol.] ganglioma
[ia-en] IED :gangster [A] {n} gangster
[ia-en] IED :garage [F] {n} garage
[ia-en] IED :Garden, Alexander {npr} [1730-1791; American botanist]
[ia-en] IED :garden-party [A] {n} garden party
[ia-en] IED :garnison [F] {n} garrison
[ia-en] IED :garrote [H] {n} garrote, garrotte (1. instrument used for garroting; 2. execution by means of the garrote)
[ia-en] IED :gastralgia (gastr·algia) (-ía) {n} [Med.] gastralgia
[ia-en] IED :gastritis (-ítis) {n} [Med.] gastritis
[ia-en] IED :gastroenteritis (gastro·enteritis) (-ítis) {n} [Med.] gastroenteritis
[ia-en] IED :gastropodo (-ópodo) {n} [Zool.] gastropod, gasteropod; gastropodos [Zool.] Gastropoda, Gasteropoda
[ia-en] IED :gastroscopio (gastro·scopio) {n} [Med.] gastroscope
[ia-en] IED :gastrotomia (gastro·tomia) (-ía) {n} [Surg.] gastrotomy
[ia-en] IED :gastrula {n} [Embryol.] gastrula
[ia-en] IED :Gauss, Karl Friedrich {npr} [1777-1855; mathematician after whom the "gauss" is named]; logarithmos de Gauss Gaussian or Gauss's logarithms
[ia-en] IED :gauss {n} [Elec.] gauss
[ia-en] IED :ge- {n} [occurring in compounds] geo- (earth)
[ia-en] IED :geisha [J] {n} geisha
[ia-en] IED :gemino (gé-) {n} twin; Geminos [Astron.] Gemini, Twins
[ia-en] IED :gemma {n} 1. gem (precious stone, pearl, etc.); 2. [Bot.] gemma; sal gemma rock salt
[ia-en] IED :gemmula {n} [Bot.] gemmule
[ia-en] IED :gen {n} [Biol.] gene
[ia-en] IED :gen- (1) {v} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] gen- (as in "genitive," "progenitor" etc.)
[ia-en] IED :gen- (2) {v} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] gen- (as in "genesis", "genetic" etc.)
[ia-en] IED :gena {n} [Anat.] cheek
[ia-en] IED :gendarme [F] {n} gendarme
[ia-en] IED :genea- {n} [occurring in compounds] genea- (descent)
[ia-en] IED :generator {n} [Mech., Elec.] generator; attrib. generating, generative
[ia-en] IED :genere {n} 1. [Zool.; Bot.] genus; 2. kind, sort, type, etc.; 3. [Art, Lit.] genre; 4. [Gram.] gender
[ia-en] IED :genese (gé-) {n} genesis; Genese [Bib.] Genesis
[ia-en] IED :genesis (gé-) {n} genesis; Genesis [Bib.] Genesis
[ia-en] IED :geniculiera {n} [Armor] genouillère
[ia-en] IED :genitival {adj} [Gram.] genitival
[ia-en] IED :genitive {adj} 1. generative; 2. [Gram.] genitive, possessive
[ia-en] IED :genitivo {n} [Gram.] genitive
[ia-en] IED :genos [Gr.] {n} [Gr. Hist.] genos; geno- geno- (1. kind, genus; 2. race; 3. offspring)
[ia-en] IED :gentiana {n} [Bot.] gentian
[ia-en] IED :gentianaceas {npl} [Bot.] Gentianaceae
[ia-en] IED :gentil {adj} 1. noble; 2. nice, pleasant; 3. [Ch. Hist.] gentile
[ia-en] IED :gentil {n} [Ch. Hist.] gentile
[ia-en] IED :gentilismo {n} [Ch. Hist.] gentilism
[ia-en] IED :gentilitate {n} [Ch. Hist.] gentiledom
[ia-en] IED :Gentius (gén-) {npr} [about 180 B.C.; King of Illyria who discovered the gentian according to Pliny]
[ia-en] IED :gentleman [A] {n} gentleman (as in "a real gentleman")
[ia-en] IED :genuflecter (genu·flecter) [flect-/-flex-] {v} to genuflect
[ia-en] IED :geode {n} [Geol.] geode
[ia-en] IED :Georgia {npr} [Geog.] Georgia
[ia-en] IED :geotropic (geo·tropic) {adj} [Biol.] geotropic
[ia-en] IED :geotropismo (geo·tropismo) {n} [Biol.] geotropism
[ia-en] IED :gerer [ger-/gest-] {v} to manage, administer
[ia-en] IED :germanium (-má-) {n} [Chem.] germanium
[ia-en] IED :geront- {n} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] geront-, geronto- (old man)
[ia-en] IED :gerundio {n} [Gram.] gerund
[ia-en] IED :gerundive {adj} [Gram.] gerundive, gerundial
[ia-en] IED :gerundivo {n} [Gram.] gerundive
[ia-en] IED :Gestapo [G] {n} Gestapo (secret state police in Nazi Germany)
[ia-en] IED :ghibellin (gi-) {adj} [Ital. Hist.] Ghibelline
[ia-en] IED :ghibellino (gi-) {n} [Ital. Hist] Ghibelline
[ia-en] IED :gilet [F] {n} vest, waistcoat
[ia-en] IED :gin [A] {n} gin (alcoholic beverage flavored with juniper berries, etc.)
[ia-en] IED :gingiva {n} [Anat.] gum
[ia-en] IED :girasol (gira·sol) {n} [Mineral.] girasol, girasole; fire opal
[ia-en] IED :giro [I] {n} [Com.] Giro
[ia-en] IED :glacé [F] {adj} glacé (1. having lustre; 2. coated with icing)
[ia-en] IED :glacis [F] {n} [Fortif.] glacis
[ia-en] IED :glaucoma {n} [Pathol.] glaucoma
[ia-en] IED :globe-trotter [A] {n} globetrotter
[ia-en] IED :glomerulo {n} 1. [Bot.] glomerule; 2. [Anat.] glomerulus, glomerule
[ia-en] IED :gloria {n} I. glory (1. praise, fame, splendor, etc.; 2. [Relig. Art] as in "Christ in glory"); II. [R.C.Ch.] Gloria (as in "the Gloria Patri")
[ia-en] IED :glossa {n} gloss (explanation, rendering, etc.); gloss- [occurrillg in derivatives and compounds] gloss-, glosso- (tongue)
[ia-en] IED :glossitis (-ítis) {n} [Pathol.] glossitis
[ia-en] IED :glossotomia (glosso·tomia) (-ía) {n} [Med.] glossotomy, excision of the tongue
[ia-en] IED :glotta {n} [Anat., Zool.] glottis; glott- [occurring in derivatives and compounds] glott-, glotto- (tongue)
[ia-en] IED :gluc- {adj} [occurring in derivatives] gluc- (sweet)
[ia-en] IED :glucato {n} [Chem.] glucate
[ia-en] IED :glucic {adj} [Chem.] glucic; acido glucic glucic acid
[ia-en] IED :glucina {n} [Chem.] glucina
[ia-en] IED :glucinum (-ín-) {n} [Chem.] glucinum
[ia-en] IED :glucosa {n} [Chem.] glucose, glycose
[ia-en] IED :gluma {n} [Bot.] glume, husk
[ia-en] IED :glumaceas {npl} [Bot.] Glumaceae
[ia-en] IED :glutton {n} glutton (1. gormandizer; 2. [Zool.] wolverine)
[ia-en] IED :glycer- {adj} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :glyceral (glycer·al) {n} [Chem.] glyceral
[ia-en] IED :glycerato {n} [Chem.] glycerate
[ia-en] IED :glyceria {n} [Bot.] manna grass; Glyceria
[ia-en] IED :glyceric {adj} [Chem.] glyceric
[ia-en] IED :glycerido {n} [Chem.] glyceride
[ia-en] IED :glycerina {n} [Chem.] glycerin
[ia-en] IED :glycerito {n} [Chem.] glyccrite
[ia-en] IED :glycerol {n} [Chem.] glycerol
[ia-en] IED :glycerophosphato (glycero·phosphato) {n} [Chem.] glycerophosphate
[ia-en] IED :glycerophosphoric (glycero·phosphoric) {adj} [Chem.] glycerophosphoric; acido glycerophosphoric glycerophosphoric acid
[ia-en] IED :glyceryl {n} [Chem.] glyceryl
[ia-en] IED :glycic {adj} [Chem.] glycic
[ia-en] IED :glycidic {adj} [Chem.] glycidic
[ia-en] IED :glycido {n} [Chem.] glycide
[ia-en] IED :glycina {n} [Chem.] glycin
[ia-en] IED :glycinia {n} [Bot.] wistaria
[ia-en] IED :glycocolla (glyco·colla) {n} [Chem.] glycocoll
[ia-en] IED :glycogene (glyco·gene) {adj} [Biochem.] glycogenous, glycogenic
[ia-en] IED :glycogenic {adj} [Biochem.] glycogenic, glycogenous
[ia-en] IED :glycogeno (-ó-) {n} [Biochem.] glycogen
[ia-en] IED :glycol {n} [Chem.] glycol
[ia-en] IED :glycy- {adj} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] glycy-, glyc-, glyco- (sweet)
[ia-en] IED :glyph- {n} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] glyph- (carving)
[ia-en] IED :gneis [G] {n} gneiss
[ia-en] IED :gno- [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
[ia-en] IED :gnomone {n} gnomon (1. index rod on sundial; 2. [Geom.])
[ia-en] IED :gnosis {n} [Metaph.] gnosis
[ia-en] IED :goal [A] {n} [Sports] goal goal-keeper [A] {n} [Sports] goalkeeper
[ia-en] IED :golf [A] {n} golf; percurso de golf golf course
[ia-en] IED :gondola (gón-) [I] {n} gondola
[ia-en] IED :goni- {n} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] gonio-, gon- (angle)
[ia-en] IED :-gonia (-ía) {n} [occurring in compounds]  -gony (generation, origin)
[ia-en] IED :gono- {n} [occurring in compounds] gono-, gon- (generation, offspring, semen, etc.)
[ia-en] IED :gonorrhea (gono·rrhea) (-éa) {n} [Pathol.] gonorrhea
[ia-en] IED :gothic {adj} Gothic (1. pertaining to the Goths; 2. [Arch., Art]; 3. [Typog.] blackletter)
[ia-en] IED :gothico {n} Gothic (1. Gothic language; 2. [Arch., Art]; 3. [Typog.] black letter)
[ia-en] IED :gourmand [F] {n} gourmand, epicure
[ia-en] IED :gourmet [F] {n} gourmet, connoisseur (in food and drink)
[ia-en] IED :governaculo {n} [Naut., Aviation] rudder
[ia-en] IED :governar {v} 1. [Naut.] to steer; 2. to govern (to rule, direct, control)
[ia-en] IED :Graccho {npr} [Rom. Hist.] Gracchus
[ia-en] IED :grad- [grad-/-gress-; -gred-/-gress] {v} [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
[ia-en] IED :-grad [R] {n} [occurring in compounds] -grad (town, city)
[ia-en] IED :gradation {n} 1. gradation (gradual change); 2. [Rhet.] climax
[ia-en] IED :gradiente {n} [Meteorol., Physiol., etc.] gradient
[ia-en] IED :grado (1) {n} I. step, stair, rung; II. degree (1. stage, level, grade, etc.; 2. unit of measure for angles, temperature, etc.); III. [Mil., Acad. etc.] degree, rank; a un alte grado to a high degree; grado de comparation [Gram.] degree of comparison
[ia-en] IED :graffar {v} [Hort.] to graft
[ia-en] IED :graffator {n} [Hort.] grafter
[ia-en] IED :graffo {n} [Hort.] graft (shoot used in grafting)
[ia-en] IED :-gramma [-ma/-mat-] {n} [occurring in deriivatives and compounds] -gram
[ia-en] IED :gran- {prefixo} [used with nouns of kinship] grand-, great-, (as in "grandfather", "great-aunt")
[ia-en] IED :granata {n} 1. pomegranate (fruit of the pomegranate); 2. [Mil.] grenade, shell
[ia-en] IED :granatero {n} [Mil.] grenadier
[ia-en] IED :granaio {n} [Mmeral.] garnet
[ia-en] IED :grandinar {v} [Meterol.] to hail
[ia-en] IED :grandine {n} [Meteorol.] hail
[ia-en] IED :grano {n} I. grain, corn (1. seed of cereal grasses; 2. as in "grain market", "corn exchange", etc.); II. grain (1. as in "a grain of sand"; 2. [Meas.]); III. kernel, pit, etc. (grainlike seed of any plant)
[ia-en] IED :granulite {n} [Mineral.] granulite
[ia-en] IED :graph- [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :-grapho {n} [occurring in compounds] I. -ggraph (1. as in "epigraph"; 2. as in "seismograph"); II. -grapher (as in "geographer")
[ia-en] IED :gratia {n} grace (1. gracefulness; 2. graciousness; 3. mercy, clemency); {also:} [Theol.]; gratias a thanks to, due or owing to; colpo de gratia coup de grƒce, finishing stroke; render gratias a to give thanks to; anno del gratia year of grace; con bon (mal) gratia with a good (bad) grace; cader del gratia de to fall out of grace with; facer gratia a un persona de to spare someone something; Gratia Grace; gratias! (I) thank you! thanks!
[ia-en] IED :gratin [F] {n} [Cookingl gratin; al gratin au gratin
[ia-en] IED :gratis (qrá-) [L] {adv} gratis, free (of charge)
[ia-en] IED :grave {adj} I. heavy; II. grave (1. solemn, important; 2. low-pitched, deep); accento grave [Gram.] grave accent
[ia-en] IED :gravitar {v} [Phys. ] to gravitate
[ia-en] IED :gravitate {n} gravity (1. [Phys.]; 2. seriousness, importance; 3. lowness of pitch); gravitate specific specific gravity; centro de gravitate center of gravity
[ia-en] IED :gravitation {n} [Phys.] gravitation
[ia-en] IED :gravure [F] {n} engraving, gravure (1. art of engraving; 2. print made from an engraved plate)
[ia-en] IED :greca {n} [Art] Greek fret, key pattern, meander
[ia-en] IED :gremial {n} [Eccl.] gremial
[ia-en] IED :grenadier [F] {n} [Mil.] grenadier
[ia-en] IED :grillia {n} I. grate (1. grating; 2. frame of iron bars holding a fire); II. grill, gridiron; III. [Elec.] grid
[ia-en] IED :grillo {n} [Entom.] cricket
[ia-en] IED :grimasse [F] {n} grimace, (wry) face
[ia-en] IED :grippe [F] {n} [Pathol.] grippe
[ia-en] IED :grisette [F] {n} grisette (French girl of the working class)
[ia-en] IED :grizzly [A] {n} grizzly (bear)
[ia-en] IED :grog [A] {n} grog
[ia-en] IED :groom [A] {n} groom (manservant; specif.: stableman, stableboy)
[ia-en] IED :grottesco {n} grotesque; grottescos [Art] grotesques
[ia-en] IED :grue {n} crane (1. [Zool.]; 2. [Mech.])
[ia-en] IED :grypho {n} 1. [Gr. Mythol.] griffin; 2. griffon vulture
[ia-en] IED :guelfe {adj} [Hist.] Guelph
[ia-en] IED :guelfo {n} [Hist.] Guelph
[ia-en] IED :guerrilla [H] {n} 1. guerrilla warfare; 2. band or troup of guerrillas
[ia-en] IED :Guillotin, Joseph Ignace {npr} [1738-1814; French physician]
[ia-en] IED :Guinea (ginéa) {npr} Guinea; Golfo de Guinea Gulf of Guinea; guinea [Monet.] guinea
[ia-en] IED :gulf stream [A] {n} Gulf Stream
[ia-en] IED :gumma {n} [Bot.] gum; gumma arabic gum arabic; gumma elastic (India) rubber, caoutchouc; {also:} eraser; gumma resina gum resin; gumma ammoniac gum ammoniac
[ia-en] IED :gutta (1) {n} I. drop (1. as in "a drop of rain"; 2. [Arch.] gutta);
[ia-en] IED :II. [Pathol.] gout,; gutta seren [Pathol.] amaurosis, gutta serena
[ia-en] IED :gutta (2) {n} [Chem.] gutta
[ia-en] IED :guttiferas (-í-) {npl} [Bot.] Guttiferae
[ia-en] IED :guttifere {adj} [Bot.] guttiferous
[ia-en] IED :gymn- {adj} [oocurring in derivatives and compounds]
[ia-en] IED :gymnas- [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :gymnasiarcha (gymnasi·archa) {n} [Gr. Antiq.] gymnasiarch
[ia-en] IED :gymnoblaste (gymno·blaste) {adj} [Zool.] gymnoblastic
[ia-en] IED :gymnospermas {npl} [Bot.] (gymospermae, gymnosperms
[ia-en] IED :gymnosperme (gymno·sperme) {adj} [Bot.] gymnospermous
[ia-en] IED :gymnospore (gymno·spore) (-nó-) {adj} [Bot.] gymnosporous
[ia-en] IED :gymnoto (gymn·oto) {n} [Zool.] gymnotus, electric eel
[ia-en] IED :gyn- {n} [occurring in compounds] gyn-, gyno- (pistil, ovary)
[ia-en] IED :gynandro {n} [Bot.] gynander (member of the class Gynandria)
[ia-en] IED :gyneceo (-éo) {n} [Gr. and Rom. Antiq.] gynaeceum
[ia-en] IED :gyneco- [occurring in derivatives and compounds] gyneco- (woman)
[ia-en] IED :gynobase (gyno·base) {n} [Bot.] gynobase
[ia-en] IED :gynophoro (gyno·phoro) (-nó-) {n} [Bot.] gynophore
[ia-en] IED :gypsifere {adj} [Mineral.] gypsiferous
[ia-en] IED :gypso {n} 1. [Mineral.] gypsum; 2. plaster (of Paris)
[ia-en] IED :gypsose {adj} [Mineral.] gypsum, gypseous
[ia-en] IED :gyro {n} 1. circle, turn (circular course); gyre; 2. [Anat.] gyrus
[ia-en] IED :habeas corpus [L] [Law] habeas corpus
[ia-en] IED :haber {v} to have (1. to own, possess; 2. [Grammatical function: auxiliary, forming the perfect tenses]); haber a to have to, be obliged to; haber (frigido, ration, etc.) see frigido, ration, etc.; il habe there is, there are; ille habe 20 annos he is 20 years old
[ia-en] IED :habilitar {v} [Law] to enable, entitle; habilitar se to qualify oneself (for an office, position, etc.)
[ia-en] IED :habitat [NL] {n} habitat
[ia-en] IED :habito (há-) {n} I. (suit of) clothes; {also:} dress; II. habit (1. dress of a religious order; 2. custom); le habito non face le monacho [Proverb] the cowl does not make the monk
[ia-en] IED :habitué [F] {n} habitué
[ia-en] IED :[hac] {adv} here, this way, on this side
[ia-en] IED :hachar (-sh-) {v} to chop, hack; to chop up, hash; carne hachate [Cookery] chopped meat; {also:} hash
[ia-en] IED :hal- {v} [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
[ia-en] IED :hall [A] {n} hall (1. large and stately room; 2. lobby)
[ia-en] IED :halo {n} [Meterol.] halo
[ia-en] IED :hamirostre (hami·rostre) {adj} [Zool.] hamirostrate
[ia-en] IED :hamo {n} hook, fishhook; {also:} [Anat.] hamus
[ia-en] IED :hamster [G] {n} [Zool.] hamster
[ia-en] IED :hamulo {n} [Anat., Zool.] hamulus
[ia-en] IED :handicap [A] {n} [Horse Racing] handicap
[ia-en] IED :hangar [F] {n} hangar
[ia-en] IED :harakiri [J] {n} hara-kiri
[ia-en] IED :harmonie {adj} 1. [Mus.] harmonic (pertaining to harmonies or harmony); 2. harmonious; tono harmonic harmonic tone
[ia-en] IED :harmonisar {v} to harmonize (1. [Mus.]; 2. to bring into harmony or agreement; 3. to be in harmony or agreement)
[ia-en] IED :harmonium [NL] {n} reed organ, harmonium
[ia-en] IED :harpa {n} [Mus.] harp
[ia-en] IED :harpyia (-íya) {n} [Mythol.] Harpy
[ia-en] IED :haurir [haur-/haust-] {v} to draw, draw out (water, etc.)
[ia-en] IED :haustorio {n} [Bot.] haustorium
[ia-en] IED :[haver] {v} (haber)
[ia-en] IED :hecto- {n/adj} [occurring in compounds] hecto- (hundred)
[ia-en] IED :-hedra {n} [occurring in compounds] -hedraa (seat, base)
[ia-en] IED :heliac (-íac) {adj} [Astron.] heliac, heliacal
[ia-en] IED :helianthemo (heli·anthemo) (-ántemo) {n} [Bot.j helianthemum
[ia-en] IED :heliantho (heli·antho) {n} [Bot.] helianthus, sunflower
[ia-en] IED :helice (hé-) {n} I. helix (1. spiral line; 2. [Geom.]; 3. [Anat.] rim of the ear); II. [Zool.] Helix (genus including snails); III. propeller (of ship, airplane etc.)
[ia-en] IED :helicoide {adj} helicoid, spiral helicoide {n} [Geom.] helicoid
[ia-en] IED :helicon {n} [Mus.] helicon (large circular tuba)
[ia-en] IED :heliocentric (helio·centric) {adj} [Astron.] heliocentric
[ia-en] IED :Helios (hé-) {n} [Gr. Relig.] Helios (god of the sun)
[ia-en] IED :heliotropio {n} [Bot.] heliotrope
[ia-en] IED :helium (hé-) {n} [Chem.] helium; helio- [occurring in derivatives and compounds] heli-, helio- (sun)
[ia-en] IED :Hellen {npr} [Gr. Mythol.] Hellen [founder of the Greek race]; hellen Hellene (Greek)
[ia-en] IED :helminthiasis (-ásis) {n} [Pathol.] helminthiasis
[ia-en] IED :Helvetia {npr} [Hist.] Helvetia
[ia-en] IED :hem- [-ma/-mat-] {n} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] hem-, hemo-, hemat-, hemato- (blood)
[ia-en] IED :hematite {n} [Mineral.] hematite, haematite
[ia-en] IED :hematosis (-ósis) {n} [Physiol.] hematosis, haematosis
[ia-en] IED :hemer- {n} [occurring in compounds] hemer-, hemero- (day)
[ia-en] IED :hemerocallide (hemero·callide) {n} [Bot.] Hemerocallis, day lily
[ia-en] IED :hemi- [occurring in compounds] hemi- (half)
[ia-en] IED :hemiplegia (hemi·plegia) {n} [Pathol.] hemiplegia
[ia-en] IED :hemiplegic {adj} [Pathol.] hemiplegic
[ia-en] IED :hemiprisma (hemi·prisma) [-ma/-mat-] {n} [Cryst.] hemiprism
[ia-en] IED :hemiprismatic {adj} [Cryst.] hemiprismatic
[ia-en] IED :hemiptere (hemi·ptere) {adj} [Zool.] hemipterous
[ia-en] IED :hemiptero (-mí-) {n} [Zool.] hemipteron; hemipteros [Zool.] Hemiptera
[ia-en] IED :hemitrope (hemi·trope) (-í-) {adj} [Cryst.] hemitrope, hemitropic
[ia-en] IED :hemitropia (-ía) {n} [Cryst.] hemitropy
[ia-en] IED :hemoglobina (hemo·globina) {n} [Biochem.] hemoglobin, haemoglobin
[ia-en] IED :hemostase (hemo·stase) (-ó-) {n} [Med.] hemostasis, hemostasia (arrest of a hemorrhage)
[ia-en] IED :hemostato (hemo·stato) (-mó-) {n} [Surg.] hemostat
[ia-en] IED :hepatalgia (hepat·algia) (-ía) {n} [Med.] hepatalgia
[ia-en] IED :hepatalgic {adj} [Med.] hepatalgic
[ia-en] IED :hepate (hé-) {n} [Anat.] liver
[ia-en] IED :hepatic {adj} [Anat.] hepatic; arteria hepatic hepatic artery
[ia-en] IED :hepatica {n} [Bot.] hepatica
[ia-en] IED :hepatisar {v} [Pathol.] to hepatize
[ia-en] IED :hepatisation {n} [Pathol.] hepatization
[ia-en] IED :hepatitis (-ítis) {n} [Pathol.] hepatitis
[ia-en] IED :hepta- {adj} [occurring in compounds] hepta- (seven)
[ia-en] IED :heptahedre (hepta·hedre) {adj} [Math.] heptahedral
[ia-en] IED :heptahedro {n} [Math.] heptahedron
[ia-en] IED :herbivore (herbi·vore) {adj} [Zool.] herbivorous
[ia-en] IED :Hercules (hér-) {npr} [Mythol.] Hercules; Columnas de Hercules Pillars of Hercules
[ia-en] IED :hereditate {n} 1. inheritance; 2. [Biol.] heredity
[ia-en] IED :-herer [-her-/-hes-] {v} [occurring in commpounds]
[ia-en] IED :Hermaphrodito (Herm·aphrodito) {npr} [Mythol.] Hermaphroditus; hermaphrodito [Biol.] hermaphrodite
[ia-en] IED :Hermes (hér-) {npr} [Gr. Relig.] Hermes
[ia-en] IED :heroic (-óic) {adj} heroic(al); (remedio, etc.) heroic [Med.] heroic (remedy, etc.)
[ia-en] IED :herpete {n} [Pathol.] herpes
[ia-en] IED :herpetiforme (herpeti·forme) (1) {adj} [Pathol.] herpetiform
[ia-en] IED :herpetiforme (herpeti·forme) (2) {adj} [Zool.] herpetiform
[ia-en] IED :herpetismo {n} [Pathol.] herpetism
[ia-en] IED :herpeto- {n} [occurring in compounds] herpeto- (reptile)
[ia-en] IED :heter- {adj} [occurring in compounds] hetero-, heter- (other, different)
[ia-en] IED :heteratomic (heter·atomic) {adj} [Chem.] heteratomic
[ia-en] IED :heteroclite (-ó-) {adj} heteroclite (1. [Gram.]; 2. irregular, anamalous)
[ia-en] IED :heteroclito (-ó-) {n} heteroclite (1. [Gram.]; 2. irregular, anamalous thing or person)
[ia-en] IED :heterodyne (hetero·dyne) (-ó-) {adj} [Radio] heterodyne
[ia-en] IED :heteroptere (hetero·ptere) {adj} [Entom.] heteropterous
[ia-en] IED :heteropteros (-róp-) {npl} [Entom.] Heteroptera
[ia-en] IED :hex- {n/adj} [occurring in compounds] hex-, hexa- (six)
[ia-en] IED :hexachordo (hexa·chordo) {n} [Medieval Mus.] hexachord
[ia-en] IED :hexahedre (hexa·hedre) {adj} [Math.] hexahedral
[ia-en] IED :hexahedro {n} [Math.] hexahedron
[ia-en] IED :hiato {n} hiatus (1. lacuna; 2. [Gram., Pros.])
[ia-en] IED :-hib- {v} [occurring in compounds]
[ia-en] IED :[hic] {dem adj} this hic {adv} here; de hic a (un hora, etc.) (an hour etc.) from now; usque (a) hic 1. to here; 2. up to now, hitherto; hic juncte herewith
[ia-en] IED :hidalgo [H] {n} hidalgo
[ia-en] IED :hier- {adj} [occurring in compounds] hier-, hiero- (sacred, holy)
[ia-en] IED :hierodulo (hiero·dulo) (-úlo) {n} [Gr. Relig.] hierodule
[ia-en] IED :high life [A] high life, high society
[ia-en] IED :[hinc] {adv} hence, henceforth (1. from this place; 2. from this time; 3. from this reason)
[ia-en] IED :hindu (-ú) [Persian] {adj/n} Hindu, Hindoo
[ia-en] IED :Hindustan [Persian] {npr} Hindustan
[ia-en] IED :hiudustani [Hind.] {n} Hindustani
[ia-en] IED :hinterland [G] {n} hinterland
[ia-en] IED :hippocampo (hippo·campo) {n} hippocampus, sea horse (1. Mythol.; 2. [Zool.] )
[ia-en] IED :hippogrypho (hippo·grypho) {n} [Mythol.] hippogriff, hippogryph
[ia-en] IED :hippolitho (hippo·litho) (-ó-) {n} [Pathol.] hippolith
[ia-en] IED :hirpicar {v} [Agr.] to harrow
[ia-en] IED :hirundine {n} [Ornith.] swallow
[ia-en] IED :hispanomauresc (hispano·mauresc) {adj} [Art, Arch., etc.] Hispano-Moresque (pertaining to the period of Moorish rule in Spain)
[ia-en] IED :histo- {n} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] histo-, hist- (web; tissue)
[ia-en] IED :histoide {adj} [Med.] histoid
[ia-en] IED :[hoc] {dem pron} 1. this (thing, idea); 2. it (as in hoc pluve it is raining; hoc es that is (to say))
[ia-en] IED :hodo- {n} [occurring in compounds]; hodo-, -od- (way, path)
[ia-en] IED :hoi polloi [Gr.] hoi polloi, the common herd
[ia-en] IED :hol- {adj} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] hol-, holo- (whole, entire)
[ia-en] IED :holismo {n} [Philos.] holism
[ia-en] IED :Hollanda {npr} Holland, the Netherlands; hollanda [Textiles] Holland (cambric)
[ia-en] IED :holophras (holo·phras)- {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :hom- {adj} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] homo-, hom- (same)
[ia-en] IED :homage (-aje) {n} homage (1. [Feudal Law]; 2. dutiful respect or honor shown); render homage a to pay homage to; homage de (un autor, etc.) with the compliments of (an author, etc.)
[ia-en] IED :homal- {adj} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] homal-, homalo-; homol-, homolo- (even, regular)
[ia-en] IED :homalographia (homalo·graphia) (-ía) {n} [Anat.] homalography
[ia-en] IED :homaloide {adj} [Math.] homaloidal, flat, even
[ia-en] IED :homarides {npl} [Zool.] Homaridae
[ia-en] IED :home [A] {n} home (as in "my home is my castle")
[ia-en] IED :home- {adj} [occurring in compounds] homeo- (like, similar)
[ia-en] IED :homeomere (homeo·mere) {adj} homoeomerous (1. consisting of similar parts; 2. [Bot.])
[ia-en] IED :home rule [A] {n} home rule
[ia-en] IED :[homo] {impers pron} one (on)
[ia-en] IED :homogamia (-ía) {n} homogamy; specif: [Bot.]
[ia-en] IED :homographo (homo·grapho) (-mó-) {n} [(Gram.] homograph
[ia-en] IED :homologe (homo·loge) (-mó-) {adj} homologous; specif.: [Geom., Chem., Biol., etc.]
[ia-en] IED :homophone (homo·phone) (-mó-) {adj} homophonous (1. [Mus.]; 2. [Gram.])
[ia-en] IED :homophono (-mó-) {n} [Gram.] homophone
[ia-en] IED :homoptere (homo·ptere) {adj} [Entom.] homopterous
[ia-en] IED :homopteros (-mó-) {npl} [Entom.] Homoptera
[ia-en] IED :honor {n} honor; homine de honor man of honor; dama de honor lady-in-waiting; puncto de honor point of honor; facer se honor de to be proud of, pride oneself on; in honor de in honor of; facer honor a 1. to do honor to; {also:} to do justice to (a dinner, etc.); 2. [Com.] to honor (a check, etc.); facer le honores (del domo) to do the honors (of the house)
[ia-en] IED :honorar {v} to honor (1. to respect greatly; 2. to confer an honor upon; 3. [Com.]); honorar se de to be proud of, pride oneself on
[ia-en] IED :honoris causa [L] honoris causa
[ia-en] IED :hoplita {n} [Gr. Antiq.] hoplite
[ia-en] IED :hoplo- {n} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] hoplo-, hopl- (weapon)
[ia-en] IED :horari {adj} 1. [Astron.] horary; 2. hourly
[ia-en] IED :hordeacee {adj} [Bot.] hordeaceous
[ia-en] IED :hordeina (-ína) {n} [Chem.] hordein
[ia-en] IED :-horn {n} [occurring in compounds] -horn
[ia-en] IED :horr- {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :hors-d'oeuvre [F] {n} hors d'oeuvre
[ia-en] IED :hort- {v} [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
[ia-en] IED :hotel [F] {n} hotel
[ia-en] IED :hotelier [F] {n} hotelkeeper
[ia-en] IED :hum- {n} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :humeral {adj} humeral; (velo) humeral [Eccl.] humeral veil
[ia-en] IED :humero (hú-) {n} 1. shoulder (as in "to carry on one's shoulders"); 2. [Anat.] humerus
[ia-en] IED :humor {n} humor (1. animal fluid; 2. mental disposition, temperament; 3. as in "sense of humor"); humor aquose [Anat.] aqueous humor; humor vitree [Anat.] vitreous humor; esser de bon (mal) humor to be in a good (bad) humor; le quatro humores the four humors
[ia-en] IED :humoral {adj} [Med.] humoral
[ia-en] IED :humorismo {n} humorism (1. sense of humor; 2. [Med.] humoralism)
[ia-en] IED :humorista {n} humorist (1. humorous author; 2. [Med.] humoralist)
[ia-en] IED :humorose {adj} 1. humorous, humoristic; 2. [Med.] humoral
[ia-en] IED :humus [L] {n} [Agr.] humus
[ia-en] IED :hurrah [A] {n} hurrah
[ia-en] IED :hussar {n} [Mil] hussar
[ia-en] IED :hyacintho {n} hyacinth (1. [Bot.]; 2. [Mineral.]; {also:} jacinth);
[ia-en] IED :Hyacintho [Gr. Mythol.] Hyacinthus
[ia-en] IED :hydr- {n} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] hydr-, hydro- (water)
[ia-en] IED :Hydra {npr} Hydra (1. Gr. Mythol.]; 2. [Astron.]); hydra [Zool.] hydra
[ia-en] IED :hydracido (hydr·acido) (-á-) {n} [Chem.] hydracid
[ia-en] IED :hydrocele (hydro·cele) (-cé-) {n} [Med.] hydrocele
[ia-en] IED :hydrocephale (hydro·cephale) {adj} [Med.] hydrocephalous, hydrocephalic
[ia-en] IED :hydrocephalia (-ía) {n} [Med.] hydrocephalus, hydrocephaly
[ia-en] IED :hydrocephalo (-cé-) {n} [Med.] hydrocephalus
[ia-en] IED :hydrocyanic (hydro·cyanic) {adj} [Chem.] hydrocyanic
[ia-en] IED :hydrophobia (hydro·phobia) (-ía) {n} [Pathol.] hydrophobia
[ia-en] IED :hyena {n} [Zool.] hyena
[ia-en] IED :hygr- {adj} [occurring in compounds] hygr-, hygro (wet)
[ia-en] IED :Hymene {npr} [Mythol.] Hymen; hymene hymen (1. marriage; 2. [Anat.])
[ia-en] IED :Hymeneo (-éo) {npr} [Mythol.] Hymen; hymeneo marriage, wedding
[ia-en] IED :hymenio {n} [Bot.] hymenium
[ia-en] IED :hymenoptere (hymeno·ptere) {adj} [Entom.] hymenopterous
[ia-en] IED :hymenopteros (-nóp-) {npl} [Entom.] Hymenoptera
[ia-en] IED :hyper- {prefixo} [used chiefly to form technical terms] hyper- (over; beyond; too much)
[ia-en] IED :hyperbola (-pér-) {n} 1. [Rhet.] hyperbole; 2. [Math.] hyperbola
[ia-en] IED :hyperbolic {adj} [Rhet. Math.] hyperbolic
[ia-en] IED :hypno- {n} [occurring in compounds] hypno-, hypn- (sleep)
[ia-en] IED :hypnophobia (hypno·phobia) (-ía) {n} [Pathol] hypnophobia
[ia-en] IED :hypo- {prefixo} [used chiefly to form technical terms] hypo- (1. below, beneath, under; 2. to a lower degrees; somewhat)
[ia-en] IED :hypochondria (-ía) {n} [Med.] hypochondria
[ia-en] IED :hypochondrio {n} [Anat.] hypochondrium
[ia-en] IED :hypogee (-gée) {adj} hypogeous, hypogeal, subterranean; specif.: [Bot., Zool.]
[ia-en] IED :hypogeo (-géo) {n} [Anc. Arch.] hypogeum (underground chamber)
[ia-en] IED :hyposcenio {n} [Antiq.] hyposcenium
[ia-en] IED :hypostase (-pó-) {n} [Theol.; Med.] hypostasis
[ia-en] IED :hypostatic {adj} [Theol.; Med.] hypostatic
[ia-en] IED :hyposulfato {n} [Chem.] hyposulphate
[ia-en] IED :hypotenusa {n} [Geom.] hypotenuse
[ia-en] IED :-ia (1) {suffixo substantive} [used with nnouns and adjectives] 1. [used with adjectives, especially verbal adjectives in -nt-] -(c)y, -(c)e (state or quality of being ...); 2. [used with names of peoples and persons] -ia, -y (country, province, or region of the ...s, or named for ...)
[ia-en] IED :-ia (2) (-ía or stressed on preceding voweel) {suffixo} substantive [used especially with compounds] -ia, -y (1. [expressing state, quality, and status]; 2. [expressing action, result, and product]; 3. [expressing art, science, and practice])
[ia-en] IED :iambic {adj} [Pros.] iambic
[ia-en] IED :iambo {n} [Pros.] iamb
[ia-en] IED :-ian {suffixo adjective} [used with names  of places and persons] -ian (1. pertaining to ...; 2. native to or inhabiting
[ia-en] IED :-iano {suffixo substantive} [used with nammes of places and persons] -ian (1. native or inhabitant of ...; 2. adherent of
[ia-en] IED :iatro- {n} [occurring in compounds] iatro- (physician)
[ia-en] IED :-ibile {suffixo adjective} [used with verbbs in `-er' and `-ir'] -ible, -able (that can be ...ed; that is worthy to be
[ia-en] IED :-ic {suffixo adjective} [`-c' after `-i-'  of the stem, or of another suffix; used with nouns] -ic, -ical (of, pertaining to etc., ... or ...s)
[ia-en] IED :-ica {suffixo substantive} [used with nounns] -ic, -ics (the science or study of ...)
[ia-en] IED :Icaro (í-) {npr} [Gr. Mythol.] Icarus
[ia-en] IED :iceberg [A] {n} iceberg
[ia-en] IED :ichthy- {n} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] ichthy-, ichthyo- (fish)
[ia-en] IED :ichthyic {adj} [Zool.] ichthyic
[ia-en] IED :ichthyol (ichthy·ol) {n} [Pharm.] ichthyol
[ia-en] IED :ichthyolitho (ichthyo·litho) (ó) {n} [Paleontol.] ichthyolite
[ia-en] IED :ichthyosauro (ichthyo·sauro) {n} [Paleontol.] ichthyosaur, ichthyosaurus
[ia-en] IED :-ico {suffixo substantive} [used with nounns; usually correlative to words in -ic and -ica] -ic, -ician, -icist (one skilled in the art or science of ...)
[ia-en] IED :[id] 1. {pron pers} it; 2. {dem pron} that;
[ia-en] IED :ident- [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :idi- {adj} [occurring in compounds] idio- (own, peculiar; separate, distinct)
[ia-en] IED :idioma [-ma/-mat-] {n} idiom (language peculiar to a people, region, etc.)
[ia-en] IED :idiom neutral [I.N.] {n} [Interling.] Idiom Neutral
[ia-en] IED :idista {n} [Interling.] Idist
[ia-en] IED :ido [Ido] {n} [Interling.] Ido
[ia-en] IED :-iente {suffixo adjective} [used with verbbs in `-ir'; forming verbal adjectives] -ing, -ient (as in "nourishing," "nutrient")
[ia-en] IED :-iente {suffixo substantive} [used with veerbs in `-ir'] -ient (1. one who or that which is ...ient; 2. one who or that which
[ia-en] IED :-ientia {suffixo substantive} [used with verbs in `-ir'] -ience, -iency (state or quality of or being ...ient)
[ia-en] IED :-iero suflixo substantive [used with namess of fruits, nuts, etc.] tree, bush, plant (tree, etc. bearing or producing ...s)
[ia-en] IED :-ifere {suffixo adjective} [used with nounns] -iferous (bearing, producing, yielding)
[ia-en] IED :-ific (-ífic) {suffixo adjective} [-fic affter -i-; used with nouns] -ific, -fic (making, causing)
[ia-en] IED :-ificar {suffixo verbal} [-ficar after -i-; used with nouns and adjectives] -ify, -fy (to make, render ...; to convert into ...)
[ia-en] IED :ignee {adj} igneous (1. fiery; 2. [Geol.])
[ia-en] IED :[il] {pron pers} 1. he; 2. him (as in "with him, with it", "for him, for it") (`ille')
[ia-en] IED :[illi] {pron pers} they
[ia-en] IED :[illic] {adv} there, in that place
[ia-en] IED :illo {pron pers} it [used as subject, and as object of a prep.]
[ia-en] IED :illuder [-lud-/-lus-] {v} to deceive, put under an illusion
[ia-en] IED :imbroglio [I] {n} imbroglio (intricate and complicated situation)
[ia-en] IED :imbuccatura {n} I. [Mus.] embouchure (1. the shaping of lips, tongue, etc., in producing a tone; 2. mouthpiece of a wind instrument); II. mouthpiece (of a horse's bit); III. mouth (of a river)
[ia-en] IED :-imento {suffixo substantive} [used with verbs in `-er' and `-ir'] -iment, -ishment, -ment (action or result of
[ia-en] IED :immerger [-merg-/-mers-] {v} to immerse, immerge (to dip, plunge)
[ia-en] IED :immersion {n} immersion (1. dipping, plunging; 2. [Astron.])
[ia-en] IED :immin- {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :immiscer [-mise-/-mixt-] {v} to commingle, mix up, immix
[ia-en] IED :immunditia {n} 1. dirt, filth; 2. [Theol.] impurity; immunditias refuse, garbage, etc.
[ia-en] IED :impanar {v} [Eccl.] to impane
[ia-en] IED :impanation {n} [Eccl.] impanation
[ia-en] IED :impare {adj} [Arith.] odd, uneven
[ia-en] IED :imparitate {n} 1. imparity, inequality; 2. [Arith.] oddness
[ia-en] IED :impasse [F] {n} impasse (1. dead end; 2. deadlock)
[ia-en] IED :impastamento {n} [Art] impasto
[ia-en] IED :impastar {v} 1. to make into dough; {also:} to knead; 2. to enclose in dough; 3. [Art] to impaste
[ia-en] IED :impeller [-pell-/-puls-] {v} to impel
[ia-en] IED :2. ([Gram.]); modo imperative [Gram.] imperative mood
[ia-en] IED :imperativo {n} imperative (1. [Philos.]; 2. [Gram.]); imperativo categoric categorical imperative
[ia-en] IED :imperfecte {adj} imperfect (1. not perfect; 2. [Gram.])
[ia-en] IED :imperfecto {n} [Gram.] imperfect
[ia-en] IED :impet- {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :impinger [-ping-/-pact-] {v} to strike, collide with
[ia-en] IED :implaciamento {n} 1. location, site; 2. [Mil.] emplacement
[ia-en] IED :impler [-pler/-plet-] {v} to fill (to make full)
[ia-en] IED :impluv- {v} [occurring in derivatives]
[ia-en] IED :impluvio {n} [Rom. Antiq.] impluvium
[ia-en] IED :imponer [-pon-/-posit-/-post-] {v} 1. to lay (up)on; also: [Eccl.] to impose; 2. to impose (to practice tricks or deception); imponer (un mulcta, contribution, etc.) to impose (a fine, tax, etc.); imponer le manos [Eccl.] to impose, lay on, hands
[ia-en] IED :imposta {n} [Arch.] impost
[ia-en] IED :impresario [I] {n} impresario
[ia-en] IED :impression {n} impression (1. "impression produced in a substance"; 2. "impression made on a person"; 3. [Print.]); impression in colores color printing; (le secunde, etc.) impression (de un libro) (the second, etc.) printing (of a book)
[ia-en] IED :imprimer [-prim-/-press-] {v} 1. to impart, communicate (direction, motion, etc.); 2. to impress, imprint; 3. to print
[ia-en] IED :impromptu [F] {n} impromptu
[ia-en] IED :in- (1) {preffixo verbal} [`il-' before `-l-'; `im-' before `-b-', `-m-', `-p-'; `ir-' before `-r-'; used with verbs, and, in combination with verbal suffixes, with nouns and adjectives] in-, il-, im-, ir- (in, into [expressing position in or on, motion into, change into, etc.])
[ia-en] IED :in- (2) {prefixo} [`i-' before `-gn-'; `il-' before `-l-'; `im-' before `-b-', `-m-', `-p-'; `ir-' before `-r-'; used with adjectives and nouns] in-, i-, il-, im-, ir-, un- (not ...; lacking ...; lack of ...)
[ia-en] IED :-in {suffixo adjective} [-n after -i-; useed with nouns, particularly with names of animals] -ine (of, pertaining to, etc. ...)
[ia-en] IED :-ina {suffixo substantive} [used with nounns; used chiefly to form technical terms] -ine, -in (substance made from, characterizing, related to, etc., ...)
[ia-en] IED :in articulo mortis [L] in articulo mortis, at the point of death
[ia-en] IED :incender [-cend-/-cens-] {v} to light, set alight
[ia-en] IED :incensar {v} [Eccl.] to burn incense before or to; {also:} to pay homage to, flatter
[ia-en] IED :incensation {n} [Eccl.] offering of incense
[ia-en] IED :incensator {n} 1. [Eccl.] thurifer; 2. flatterer
[ia-en] IED :inceptive {adj} inceptive (1. beginning; 2. [Gram.])
[ia-en] IED :incidente {adj} 1. incident (as in "incident ray"); 2. incidental (fortuitous); proposition incidente [Gram.] nonrestrictive or descriptive clause incidente {n} incident
[ia-en] IED :incider (1) [-cid-/-cis-] {v} to cut into
[ia-en] IED :inciper [-cip-/-cept-] {v} to begin
[ia-en] IED :inclavar {v} 1. to prick (horse in shoeing); 2. [Artil.] to spike (gun)
[ia-en] IED :inclination {n} inclination (1. act of bowing or bending; 2. incline, slope; 3. propensity, liking; 4. [Gram., Astron.])
[ia-en] IED :includer [-clud-/-clus-] {v} I. to enclose (1. to fence in; 2. as in "to enclose a letter"); II. to include
[ia-en] IED :incontinentia {n} incontinence (1. lack of self-restraint; 2. [Med.])
[ia-en] IED :incubation {n} incubation (1. act of brooding, incubating; 2. [Med.])
[ia-en] IED :incude {n} anvil (1. "anvil used by a smith"; 2. [Anat.] incus)
[ia-en] IED :incunabulo {n} [Bibliog.] incunabulum
[ia-en] IED :incurrer [-curr-/curs-] {v} 1. to run into; 2. to incur
[ia-en] IED :[inde] {adv} 1. from that place, from there, thence; 2. from that time, after that, thereupon, thenceforward; 3. from that cause, therefore
[ia-en] IED :indeclinabile {adj} 1. (that cannot be declined or refused) unavoidable; 2. [Gram.] indeclinable
[ia-en] IED :indefinite {adj} indefinite; articulo indefinite [Gram.] indefinite article
[ia-en] IED :indentar {v} 1. to tooth, indent; 2. [Carp.] to join; {also:} to dovetail
[ia-en] IED :indeterminismo {n} [Philos.] indeterminism
[ia-en] IED :indeterminista {n} [Philos.] indeterminist
[ia-en] IED :indicative {adj} indicative (1. that indicates; 2. [Gram.]); modo indicative indicative mood