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The probability of meeting people belonging to another group was low, because the population was scattered. If an encounter took place, the necessity of mutual support, such as existed within the group, was absent. The others were rivals rather than friends. Hiding, or defensive or hostile attitudes were the best way to stay safe.

A road to peace

People are inclined to value short term profits above long term losses. One rather dumps poison somewhere if that seems cheaper for the moment, even if later it takes millions to clean the soil. One rather wastes energy now, if it takes a little trouble to save it, without having solutions for the energy supply of future generations. Governments have the task to translate long term interests into short term ones.


He forgot about it all in a threefold outburst of hilarity. They stumbled down the concrete stairs in an ever closer and more chaotic embrace. Outside the building they kept running, through shrubs, along the edge of a pond, and they even tried to impede a fountain’s sprinkling. They all got wet, and the girl showed in her tight blouse dark summits. Not desire, as Ladethe stealthily suspected, had caused them to swell, but the cold of the water.

So he went – Chapter 1

So money is created that wasn’t there before. Note however – and this is important – that this money creation hasn’t made the bank any ‘richer’: the bank has more assets (claims), but also more liabilities, and the balance of the two increases is zero.

Cashless funding

Pizzas are free and so is running a shop. Promises, promises.

Much clearer now!

Probably to avoid excessive use of accent marks, these words are spelled with -am: falam, not fálão.

The pronunciation of the Portuguese of Portugal - Stress rules and accents

So entities are ideal for me: I use them to escape occasionally from the normally acceptable limitations of ISO-8859-1. Therefore I don’t need &aacute (á), &agrave (à), &acirc (â) and &atilde (ã): those I type directly using the US International keyboard layout.

Exotic entities

In fact it’s quite similar to my own cow story. Not surprising, because anybody can easily imagine such a situation and tell the story about it.

So Mike and I agree about the difficulties of barter, we both rediscovered what William Stanley Jevons (1835–1882) called the Double coincidence of wants.

Promissory obligations to each other (d)

Curiously, in Esperanto his name (nick-name?) has a meaning: "being good in an objectionable and ugly way". That's because Fibonachi (spelled Fibonacxi or Fibonaĉi depending on preferred convention) in Esperanto can be decomposed into:


Portuguese puxar, although contrary in meaning, shares its origin with English push: via Anglo-French and Old-French (pousser/poulser), it too can be traced back to Latin pulsare.
Source: Oxford Concise English Dictionary

Puxar, but don't push

When he finally looked up again, he looked into the greenish brown eyes of a girl sitting at his table, hand in hand with her boy friend. God knows why they talked to him, disregarding his shame. A subjectless conversation developed, without any exchange of information. Some conversations suffer from the unspoken law, that some information has to be exchanged, even if everybody knows, sees and hears exactly the same. So whatever could be exchanged would be no information. The result is either meaningless twaddling, if anybody is present who has a talent for that, or an uneasy atmosphere of mutual attempts to keep the silence out. But now no uneasiness was felt, leaving room for feelings, colours, and unhampered smiles and looks into one another’s eyes. The girl had a pure feminine grace about her, which didn’t need clothes nor their absence to be apparent. The boy seemed charming, quiet, without any need to show his manhood in his behaviour.

So he went – Chapter 1

  • If there is an acute accent ('), a circumflex accent (^) over a letter, the stress is on that syllable. Examples: último, útil (useful), país (country), baía (bay), zere (name of a river), a (grandmother), a (grandfather).

  • Else, if the word ends in a letter a, o or e (after first removing any final s, ns or m), the stress falls on the penultimate (one but last) syllable. Examples: falo, falamos, dia, dias, baia, falam, falaram, margem, margens.

  • All other words bear the stress on the last syllable.

    The pronunciation of the Portuguese of Portugal - Stress rules and accents

    For each account holder, there should be records of what others promised to them: the nature of the promised product or service, its quantity, its scheduled time of delivery. Also it must be known who promised it: the holder of one of the other accounts in the CMI database.

    CMI, and then?

    Money, first in the form of coins, is a smart way to overcome the difficulties of barter. Money is divisible and combinable to create any amount. Money can be exchanged for goods and services, and goods and services can be exchanged for money.

    That makes money highly suitable to bridge the mismatches that make barter impractical, mismatches between potential sellers’ and buyers’ needs in terms of product size, product quantity, product quality.

    Trade money

    To cover its significantly higher costs, the new CMI would have to charge more than traditional banks (either as interest, and/or as other types of charges or commissions), AND it interferes more with people’s lives. Exactly the opposite of what MPE believers hoped to achieve.

    CMI, and then?

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