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FreeBSD, yes please

The file attribute ‘birth date’ I’m sure is specific to FreeBSD, or rather, to the type of file system that this OS comes with by default. For me, this feature is the prime reason to prefer FreeBSD over Linux: with it, I can sort sitemap.xml by modified date, so its order reflects even minor changes like typo corrections or short later additions to articles, while my RSS feeds are sorted by birth date, so only articles that were really freshly written are on top.

Fixing a hole where the rain gets in

It is this elimination of cash, that makes the funding of the loan invisible. The loan is still funded, that is, the money that the bank uses to issue the credit is still coming from somewhere. It comes from the borrower himself, who doesn’t yet use his credit, but only later.

We could say that the credit is self-funded. Hence the title of this article.


‘So you came across Hross, my carrier-horse,’ he explained, slightly amused.

So he went – Chapter 2

In French, nobody is ne ... personne. Example: Il n’y a personne, there’s nobody there. But at the same time, personne does also mean person! This seems contradictory.

Why any next message in a thread is really nothing

He looked through his eyes, attempted to look back into himself, but saw only a face with no eyes, and nothing behind them, except for skulking sadness deep inside the skull. He endured it for only forty seconds, and fled this desperate spot for another, lying under a tree, staring at the branches, trying to sleep. But he couldn’t, because of the morning chill, and a banging headache. He tried his usual sedative, a self-aroused moment of ecstasy, but it didn’t help. It was after all a bit unbecoming so soon after a friend’s death and burial, but Ladethe was now so far gone from what he had ever ideally wanted himself to be, that it didn’t make the least difference.

So he went – Chapter 3

So if the local language were written (which it isn’t), and in the Latin alphabet, Brega wouldn’t be a bad spelling choice at all!

In Arabic script, the existing بريقة , applying local pronunciation conventions, wouldn’t be wrong either, because short vowels are unwritten anyway, so if that first short [u] is missing, it makes no difference.



There was never a need to write this article in the first place. It isn't about anything relevant, because things are OK the way they are!

FTP: send!

Brega cannot be Arabic!

OK, so I can do business, be paid by promises, which is money, save that money before the promise to pay is fulfilled, and use that to pay in the supermarket.

Sounds good, I like it! And the supermarket can do the same:

Much clearer now!

Verbs in -ar

Verbs that have an infinitive that ends in -ar, and which have an e or o in the penultimate syllable have the open sound (as if written or ) whenever that syllable is stressed.
Example: emprego /e~prEgu/ (I use /AI ju:z/), emprega /e~prEg3/ (he/she/it uses), etc.
See also verb vs. noun.

Regular alternations of half-open sounds

In the second section I made detailed calculations about how money creation can happen repeatedly, and eventually results in a much greater money supply than the amount of cash originally available.

Unlimited money creation?

Empty seats

The idea I had that night, between 31 August and 1 September 2010, was simple:

Let us give non-voters empty seats in parliament. Seats that do have a vote in parliament, but which are not occupied by live people. The voting behaviour of the parliamentary group, the fraction, of the empty seats, is automatic and defined in advance.

A more effective democracy

So, an “effective,” just circulation must at all times equal as close as possible the remaining value of all production (“products”).

No. That is never the case, nor is it ever desirable or necessary. The value of products and the value of money are two different things. Confusing the two only leads to, well, ehm, confusion. :)

Representing all value?

Why so paranoid? All I ever do is try to find out and understand how things really work, and then tell other people about it. I never deceive anyone. Why should I?

Interest back into circulation

The rules that I propose for the automatic voting of the empty seats in parliament, are the following:

A more effective democracy

In addition to coins, we now have banknotes. The paper they are made of is essentially worthless (although the production costs of banknotes are not negligible). Banknotes derive their value from what they symbolically represent: a claim to an issuing central bank.

Representing all value?

I don’t want Apache’s log file to keep growing and growing. So once every night I have superuser root reduce it to say 5000 lines.

Fixing a hole where the rain gets in

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