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Any sexual behaviour is permitted, that does not violate the principle of mutual consideration between those involved. Involved are the ones that make love to each other, but also any other regular sexual partners of any of them. As an example, this implies that married people are allowed to have sexual relations outside of their marriage, but only if this is possible without hurting the feelings of the marriage partner.


The increased value of the metal, that has now turned into coins, is at the left of the balance sheet, being belongings. The yield of striking the coins, the minting benefit, is at the right (credit item) of the profit and loss statement.

Minting is clearly a lucrative business.

Seigniorage (1)

A vinte e sete dias do mes Doutubro vespora de Sam-Simam e Judas que hera sesta feira achamos mujtas baleas, e hũas que se chamam quoquas , e lobos marinhos.

Eu houve? Doesn't exist!

But man, through the intelligence he inherited from God, endangers the balance. People destroy nature, expand unrestrained, root out whole animal species, oust peoples, try to exterminate peoples. All this man does, because he fails to adapt his vital urge, his natural proclivity to violence, to the power that God gave to him.

Fundamentals of ethics

Campingtor, Metz, Frankreich Campingtor, Metz, Frankreich

Above are two photos of the entry gate of the camp site at the Allée de Metz Plage in the French city of Metz.

Adjectives in front

Some Latin words with initial pl produced two Portuguese words, with related meanings; in one case even three:

Pranto and llanto, but not chanto

So if the local language were written (which it isn’t), and in the Latin alphabet, Brega wouldn’t be a bad spelling choice at all!

In Arabic script, the existing بريقة , applying local pronunciation conventions, wouldn’t be wrong either, because short vowels are unwritten anyway, so if that first short [u] is missing, it makes no difference.



There was never a need to write this article in the first place. It isn't about anything relevant, because things are OK the way they are!

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Brega cannot be Arabic!

While writing this, I get this triviality feeling again. It’s not the first time, look here and here for example. But it seems I really must explain, because many people these days think barter trading is fun and propose to re-introduce it.

Representing all value?

If more money automatically meant more products, 3% interest (money supply increasing interest, that is) would require an annual economic growth of 3%, possibly resulting in 3% more harm to the environment.

This too is untrue, for the reasons already outlined above.

Representing all value?

If banks can, why can’t we?

2 July 2013

Because of the definition

People often wonder: if banks can create money, why can’t we? Isn’t that unfair?

If banks can, why can't we?

In brief

The basic misunderstanding of MPE-people and others is they think money can only be exchanged for goods and services.

They fail to see that money can also be exchanged for money. That makes sense if the mutual conditions are different.

It’s what happens in a bank loan and it warrants interest.

Mutual agreement

So in practice, if both situations actually occurred (they don’t in the eurozone, because A is prohibited), net interest costs of scenario C would probably be the same as those of scenario A. In this example: 3%.

Central bank funding government?

Anything that happens inside the bank doesn’t count towards M1. So the net effect of the borrower paying debit interest for his loan is: money destruction (which in this case makes the borrower poorer and the bank richer).

Creating interest

I don’t know how that is in the USA, but here in Europe, many governments do not only borrow from Arabs and Chinese, but also from their own population. Lower taxes means they can save more money and put more money in pension schemes, so the government can borrow more money to overspend and keep taxes down.

Everybody happy? Or everybody fooling themselves?

Interest back into circulation

Videos also have the disadvantage that I have to make transcriptions of what is said in order to quote bits from it. I don’t like that, it’s an unnecessary waste of valuable time. And I can’t listen to music at the same time.

Promissory obligations to each other (a)

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